A Linguistic Wonder The Inimitable Quran – Proofs of Prophethood Shorts

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I can totally understand how it could be really difficult for anyone to grasp in our day and age how any work of literature could ever be miraculous. And that's why it's useful to consider the reaction of the morons first audience. They spent fortunes trying to smear his name and prevent a single verse from reaching the ears or the hearts of anyone who was visiting their hometown Mecca, they disavowed their codes of chivalry and tribal honor, which were massive undertakings for early Arabs. They starved his followers murdered and tortured his supporters, many of which were their own family members, and they ultimately waged war after war against their fellow Klansmen. This is of the

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greatest testimonies to the fact that they were truly failed by their words, and so they felt compelled to reach for their swords.