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The transcript describes a series of narratives and references various events and people. One narrator describes a woman named Jana who had a severe headache and a severe fever, as well as the use of drugs to reduce symptoms. A group of individuals recites a message of Islam while in crisis, and a woman recites a song while in crisis. A character named Fathima dies by a beast and is killed by a beast called the beast of man, while her daughter, Amara, later dies by a beast called the beast of man. The importance of the god's message and community are also highlighted.

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Data timbira, Bakula, big data and data, we'll call $1.10. For now,

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Allah subhanho wa taala. He says in Surah, two Doohan, firmer Berkut. And Amos

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will do, can move already in when the people that surround were destroyed. He said that the the skies and the earth did not weep for them, nor were they given any respite.

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And so we've been advised to line him out he was asked a question for health abciximab without the one that I had,

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does the sky and the earth do they weep for anyone? And he said that yes, there is no one who Allah has created except that they have a gate in the skies through which their their good deeds ascend, and through which there is this sense.

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And so he says that

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when the believer dies, this gate is closed.

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For falcoda, who back alley and it begins to miss the good deeds that would go through it and so begins to cry for the believer.

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And he says what either for the homeless salam ala T kami was Sunday, he However, Allah azza wa jal, Lufia, back at Ali, and the earth, the place where he used to worship Allah and pray to Allah subhanho wa taala. When it no longer is having that prayer performed upon it, it also begins to cry, missing the good deeds that were done.

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And so what then can be said, of the greatest and most noble creation of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And when he passed away sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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on the TOEFL, there'll be a low one, which corresponds to tomorrow's Islamic dates.

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Soon before his death, a few days a few weeks before his death, the Messenger of Allah says Saddam called his freed slave Abu Musa Heba. And he told him in the academy to enter Saudi Arabia handle Bertie Fontographer Mary I have been commanded to make to ask for forgiveness for the people of those who have been buried in Bucky, the graveyard of Medina, so come with me. And so he goes to Bucky in the middle of the nights

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and he greets them with what's said um, and then he says something he says Lea Honeycomb, mouse button female Minnie Mouse for HANA Sophie, lo talamona Mana jakim Allah hoomin He says that may the morning that dawns upon you be more relieving than that which will dawn upon the living if you only knew what Allah has saved you from a better till fita newcath character turn lane in Muslim you have to bow AF Iroha Alaska to shut Roman Mina Lulu he says that afflictions and trials are approaching like cloudy lumps in the dark nights, the last of which follows the first. The last one is more evil or difficult than the first. And then he turned to upper Moy Heba but Allahu Anhu. And he says to

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him, that I have been given a choice between

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the treasures of this world and to stay here in forever.

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And then I go to Jana,

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or that I may meet my Lord

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and Jana and so oh boy, he told the Messenger of Allah he says, The Abbey unto me for what Matthew had dunya well hold their feet high thermal Jana, he says, O Messenger of Allah, then take the keys to this world. May my father and my mother ransom for you. And stay here in forever and then you will go to Jana. And so the Messenger of Allah has said them, he told him love Allah hear about more Heba Nakata, Robbie familia Jana, no, by the by Allah.

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I have chose to meet my Lord and then go to Jana. And it was soon after this, the narration says that the morning after this, he they weren't in the nighttime, the last illness of the prophets I send them began.

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And the first symptom he had was a severe headache, a severe headache.

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when he was coming back from Sofia,

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I Isha says that she had tied a band around her head because of how severe she had a headache as well. And she said, Wow,

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that my head is hurting so much.

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And the messenger of Allah says that I'm told her Belen our PSA, or I shall know my head is hurting even more. And subhanAllah when it first began, the Messenger of Allah says send them was in the house of Maimunah his wife,

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and every day he would move between the wife, his wives, and so every day he would have to stress the body and change from one place to living to the next to the next to the next. And I Isha says about the Messenger of Allah

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She says Maota A to A hadn't ushered in wotja mean Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I never saw someone suffering so much from sickness as I did the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam. And so the movement became difficult upon the prophesy setting them going from room to room and so he began to say Aina and Aladdin Aina and Aladdin, where which room which home Am I staying in tomorrow? Where will I be staying tomorrow? Hilson Allah Beatty, Aisha and Adam hope and waiting for the night it would be the turn of eyeshadow Ilana. And so in berhadiah says, I Isha said that fella McKenna yo me second. And when my turn came when it was my night to stay with me, he has heart found

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some some peace. And he stopped saying Aina and other than Aina and other than where will I be tomorrow. And so then

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because the illness became more severe and be persistent, it began to have a high fever. Now of course we have Tylenol and Motrin, and the like we could take to reduce the fever and reduce the pain. They had no such thing.

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So when the fever gets out of control, it causes severe pain, severe pain. And so the Messenger of Allah says send them he sought permission from it. And this is the beauty of the character, the messenger last time I sent him, that he could do whatever he wants, but he sought permission from his wives, even in this severe illness, that will you give me permission to stay in the room of Aisha and not continue to go between the rooms, because it is too difficult for me. And of course they they gave him the permission.

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And so the narrations are many of what happens in the coming days in the final days of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In one narration, even Mr. Wood, he came to the Messenger of Allah and he says, I touched him with my hand and he says, Yeah, so what Allah in in Nicola tuaca. What, why can Shalida O Messenger of Allah, you are suffering from a very, very high fever intense. And the messenger of Allah said, as I've said, in response that, yes, I suffer what the two of you would suffer the pain in the feet and the illness that I will go through with the equivalent of two of you and another generation, the equivalent of 10 of you. And so he's he even Massoud then asked

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the Messenger of Allah there will you have doubled the reward? And he said, Yes, this is Anna. Mr. panela. Even in this state, he's still teaching. He says mommy Muslim and you'll see what whoever mean, muddled. informasi wha hoo. ILAHA Allahu taala. He say he came out to help to shut down or to what he says no believer tastes any form of pain or difficulty, except that through that pain, Allah subhanho wa Taala shakes him free of his sins, just like a STEM is shaken free of its leaves.

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Now I should have left alone.

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She learned from the prophesy Selim that he would recite Surah, Philip and Surah NAS when he would be in pain.

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And so she began to do so and blow on him and take his own hand because his hand was more about AKA, and wipe over his body out of trying to relieve the prophets I send them of pain. And the symptoms only continued to worsen until about five days before his death.

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He came out for the final prayer out loud that he will lead the Ummah in Salah to the mothership.

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And he came out to the Companions and by this point,

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news had spread that the illness of the person had gotten to a concerning level. And so companions were staying in the message of the prophesied sentiment they weren't leaving.

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They were camping out in the in the in the messenger that the prophesy said limb and so he comes out for Salah to the mother and he recites what more Salah to your aura

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that was a final surah he recite it out loud.

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And then he immediately goes back to his wife's home how Isha which is connected to the masjid. And he lays down again. And when the time for a shout comes beat out of Allah hello and who comes to the Messenger of Allah to tell him to time for a Shah has come. But the Messenger of Allah was so weak and in so much pain, he wasn't able to stand up.

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And so he was kind of in a state of, of of consciousness and unconsciousness and when he would regain consciousness, he would ask a sudden numbness have the people prayed, sold out to a shop and they will tell him now hold on to their own account rasool Allah no messenger of Allah, they're waiting for you to come out to lead them in prayer. So he says the only man I'm gonna miss love then pour for me water in the tub. So I can wash myself and go out and so he washes himself as they help him up. And he says, and then the narration says, After after he washed himself the Hibernia know

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he he very difficult, difficult and with great difficulty tried to get up for over meoli But then he passed out unconscious

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and only say passed out unconsciousness. Imagine the scene, literally losing consciousness in the Sahara. The eyes wife is around him and the companion seeing him around him and they're feel so helpless. They don't know what's going to happen.

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Then he wakes up after some time and he says the first words he says are some numbness did they pray soften a shot now Humi until the Roanoke era suit Allah, no messenger of Allah, they're waiting for you. So the same thing happens. They bring him water and he tries to get up and out of difficulty and he passes out again. And this happens in iterations say between three and seven times until he says modal, whatever Beckett value suddenly bananas, then command Abubaker to lead the people in prayer. So I Isha says a messenger of Allah aboubaker is a man who's not you don't see his he's a very soft hearted man. If he were to stand in your place, when he begins reciting he would begin

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crying and that people won't be able to hear the recitation. So ask Amara, and he says, No Tell aboubaker.

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And so Abubaker leads the companions in prayer. And then

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and then

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the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam

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prays at home,

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and he doesn't come out to the companions for the next few days.

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And finally, he says salam, he, he asks his wives to pour on him some water, seven containers of unopened water, he says, so that maybe I can get some strength and lower my fever so I can go out to address my companions. So they do so until he points to them he's so weak he could barely even speak He's saving his energy. He just indicates to them that you've done enough and so then he comes out and I Isha says his arms are around the the shoulders of ibis, an ideal below on Houma. And he says what she says what God the man who took banya had a lot of

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you had been a doula and he he's kind of swaying between the two of them. His feet aren't even able to carry him his feet are dragging on the ground behind him as he's being carried between them and Abu Bakr lon, who was leading the companions of Salah to the hood, they just began the prayer. And whenever Belkin realizes the person is coming out, he he steps he begins to step back. And the process that I'm tells them no Stay where you are. And they sit him next to the Abubaker for the Allah Allahu Anhu. And he leads Abu Bakr and prayer in Abu Bakr leads the people in prayer, the people are seeing Abu Bakar while Abubaker is following the prayer of the Prophet sallallahu Ana he

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was setting them and then he climbs them in modern Ivanova anastomotic. He sees Poseidon remember while I'm your site that radical yom, he ascended the member for the final time of his life.

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And he begins to address the companions and there are different narrations about what he said each one giving you a glimpse of what was said in the first narration. There is a difference of opinion whether it was set on this day or whether it was set a few days before, right before his illness began. He's on Sunday

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when I'm at he says that the Messenger of Allah he came out and he prayed for the shahada of a hood.

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And he says

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he says, Tell me what the hell you will um what and it was as if he was bidding farewell to those who are alive and those who had passed away.

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And then he says to the companions in the Boehner ad Confederate when they come Shaheed when Mr. Yocum will help he says I will precede you on the Day of judgments and I will be a witness for you and I will be waiting for you at the hold the pond of the Messenger of Allah cinema which he will give a drink to the believers after which you'll never feel thirsty again. And he says, and he says that it's as if I see my place on beheld right now. And he says when needless to ask Shani comin to Chico and I don't fear upon you oh my companions that you will begin to associate partners with Allah after me. He's he's been rather he sees what I can eat up chatty como dunya antenna for Su ha.

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So what I fear that you will compete with one another, and gaining from this dunya.

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Another narration he says.

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He says that the people before you used to take the graves of their prophets as masajid. He says, so don't do that. I forbid you explicitly from doing that. He says they will take the graves of the prophets and the righteous. And then he says to take care of the Ansara because they are those who the Protestantism was intimately close to and he confided with them. And he says that take care of them overlook their faults, and he says and accept the good that they do. And there are other things that he says amongst the things that he said one of the last things he said at his narrated, he says to the believers of Salah Salah it's up Allah female Monica Eman will come. He tells them hold on to

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their prayer hold on to their prayer and fear Allah with what your right hand possesses those who have responsibility over

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and after that. And so pneumonic he says lemmya hood II

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Danann Viola he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he never came out of his home after that day.

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And so

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the day before he died on Sunday, the 11th of Robbie Irwin, the 11th, which is corresponds to today, the 11th It would be oh, well, he made sure to get rid of any belongings he had. He only had seven did him seven silver coins in his home. And he told her how Isha to donate it to give it away. But he says, of course, busy taking care of him. And so he passes out again, he's in and out of consciousness. His illness is so severe, some lot, even Salem, he's not able to even maintain his awareness and when he wakes up the first thing he asked Aisha, did you donate the seventh day at home? She says, no messenger Allah, not yet. I'm busy taking care of you. He says donate it and he

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passes out again, this happens multiple times until she realizes this is very important to him. And so she donates it.

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And then comes the total there'll be a one

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and above Bakr, the lion who is leading the companions of Salatin Fajr and so the prophets of mycelium

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and it's emblematic, he says that

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our hero never wrote a novel to her either. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Kesh, have a set out when NASA fufen Khalifa Abu Bakr lawan who

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furtiva Some of y'all back he says the last look we had at the prophesy Salam is when the believers were behind the Abu Bakr in lines and lines and lines and solids and Fajr he lifted up the curtain from his home, and he began just looking at the Companions, the Masjid full Axolotl phygital. And he smiled out of pleasure.

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And so mnemonic he sees that when we saw the face of the prophesy send them he says, well, Hamilton was Simona and EF Tetsu, V Salatin, Farah Hanby, Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, we almost like broke our prayer out of overwhelming joy and seeing the face of the promise that suddenly says there was nothing more beautiful to us than seeing his face can no can know what occurred to me, as if it was a page of of Quran.

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And I will go here again, realizing the commotion that maybe the person was about to come out and he's about to step back to the person who can lead them in prayer and process them he says, No, stay where you are, and he lowers the curtain. And he was never seen alive again by the Companions as a whole. He went back and he laid down.

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And there are few narrations about what happens Fathima his daughter comes in the Messenger of Allah his tradition was that he would stand up and kiss her and sit her wherever he was sitting. But he wasn't able to do so. But she drew close to him and he still kissed her.

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And he and she says why I call Baba TA. Oh how much pain my father is in. In the Messenger of Allah sigh sudden tells her that laka Allah Allah ABI ki baat de Lyon, that today there will be no more after today there will be no more pain upon your father. Now, Amanda, Becker, the brother of Aisha comes in. And he's here holding a miswak. And so I shall see the messenger of allah how how close she is. She sees his eyes, and she realizes he wants to miswak so she takes it from the ramen and she softens it in her mouth. She softens it first in her mouth, and she gives it to the prophesied send them in the restaurant and then cleans his teeth with a vigor that she had never seen before.

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And then the Seawalk fell from his hand

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and then he raised his hand up to the sky.

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And he says Aloma fiddly, or how many? Well how can you be rafiqul Allah?

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Oh Allah forgive me and have mercy on me and join me in the highest companionship. It just says that I knew the process Adam had told us that there is no prophet who is when the time of death comes except that he has shown

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his place and Jana, and then given the choice of death or not.

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And so she says his voice was very Husky was very weak. And I heard him say malady in Anaheim, Allahu Allah, him in an OBE and it was so deeply no Shahada. It was Saudi hain, what has occurred, I feel that I want to be in the companionship of the righteous and the martyrs and the truthful and the prophets. And so she says, I realized that he was just given the choice, and he chose to be with Allah. And then his last words, were Allah humbug Fini, what what how many will help me better rafiqul Allah, Allah forgive me and have mercy on me and join me in the highest companionship. Allahumma rafiqul Allah Allah Houma. rafiqul Allah Allah humma rafiqul Allah O Allah, the highest

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companion, the highest companion, until his hand fell down. And the teacher says his head she was holding him closely cradling him. His head was next to her shoulder between her chin and her chest, and his head fell to the side

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and she says that a very cold saliva came out of his mouth onto her chest that caused her skin to have goosebumps.

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And in the overwhelming kind of emotions she didn't realize what happened until she says, Fela Mahara Jad Neff suhu legendary Han Tata appear by minha. But when his soul came out, I never smelled something more beautiful than that smell. And she realized that the Prophet SAW Selim had died. Some Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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could recall the hair that was so fidelity when it comes to hula for right

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now, hi my name hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam, ala Rasulillah Hawala, and he was so happy to remain.

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The Companions were at a loss, no one knew what to do.

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Some weren't able to speak some weren't able to stand. I'm going to hurt Bob. He actually came into the room after asking for permission and saw the process and thought that he was still alive that he had fallen unconscious again. And Malia who came with them, as they're leaving says, Yeah, Amara, Mata rasool Allah. Mohammed, he hasn't passed out he has passed away. And I don't know who thought he just lost it. And he goes out when he says whoever has saved them, homicide Salam has died, that I will kill him with my sword. He has only gone to his door like Mussolini said, I'm one for 40 days and you will come back and you will take care of the hypocrites. A news had spread and the

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Companions realized what happened, hearing the crying and whatnot and a worker who was out of town after seeing the crossing him that morning getting better. He thought he was getting better and he sought permission he wants his wife lives a little further away. He comes rushing back and he goes straight into their own Aisha his daughter, and he sees the problems face covered and he uncovers the face and he kisses him on the forehead and he sees flip the hay and when they eat and you have succeeded and life and death

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and then he sees Allah who will not cause you to die twice. And then he comes out to the Companions and he addresses them as I'm gonna have Bob is standing there he says I'm gonna sit No, I'm just lost his mind. And Abubaker just begins talking. And so the people come around him and he says Am I bad?

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He says the famous speech that he gave mankind Oh yeah, Buddha Mohammed and Ferdinand, Mohammed and Padma shots. Woman county Abdullah in Allah how you Leia Moots. Whoever used to worship Muhammad and know that Mohamed Salah Salem has passed away but whoever used to worship Allah know that Allah is alive and then he never dies and then he recited the verse in Surah Annie Emraan one more hum Mohammad rasool Cody holiday moon colony Reuzel

00:22:50--> 00:23:28

madda Butina kala bun to mA Bobby come uomini Connie Bala PBE Furner funny go wrong hola che was a GZ who share Keating Mohammed is only a messenger Salallahu Salam, and the messengers have passed away before him. If he is killed or dies, will you then turn back on your heels and whoever does so doesn't harm Allah and the least bit but Allah will reward those who are grateful to Allah subhanho wa taala. And it was as if the Companions heard this verse for the first time.

00:23:30--> 00:23:35

And they all began reciting this verse to each other to console one another. And the messenger of Allah had passed away.

00:23:36--> 00:23:41

So tomorrow the top there'll be a low one is a data person and passed away.

00:23:42--> 00:23:44

And so as we remember his death

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we remember that even though he has passed, here we are 1400 years later, his Alma 1.2 billion and growing around the world, his message still stays with us. Allah says, Why no mo and Nephi Quran sunnah Allah and know that amongst you is the messenger of Allah. And even though he's physically not amongst us, his sunnah and his teachings are still still amongst us. And so the message of today's chutzpah and reflecting on the death of the Messenger of Allah sai Sydenham is so that we you and I grow in our attachment to the prophets that I send them and that we grow in our practice of his sunnah and we see what it is that he emphasized before he passed away so that we may

00:24:29--> 00:24:59

implement it in our lives in Allah Allah He could tell you saloon Allah Nebia even at the enamel salon that he was selling with a steamer llama Sanjana, Muhammad Diwan, early Muhammad didn't come so late to Allah Rahim Allah and he Brahim in Mecca Hamidah. Mojito Mubarak Allah Muhammad Juan Ernie Muhammad kimberbell act on Ebrahim Juan de Brahim Fernando Mina indica, hamidou Majeed, Allah monofilament Seminole musty mouths well moving into one minute Allah here in Himalayan words in the Chiara bene semi room Korean Mooji Buddha Allah, Allah humara supernational button honey Minetti heavy become Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam minute held

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sherbets Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah we ask you to bless us to drink from the hand of the Messenger of Allah on the day of judgment from his hotel co author, a drink after which you will never feel thirsty again. Oh Allah we ask you to join us with him even though we have not seen him in this world that we see him in the in paradise so Allah we asked you to make us the neighbors of the Messenger of Allah in paradise whoa Allah we ask you to make us the neighbors of the Sahaba and paradise of Allah we asked you to grant the Messenger of Allah the highest level of Muhammad Muhammad Allah diwata And we asked you to grant us his companionship in the highest levels of

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paradise Allahumma Amin Allahumma Amin Aloma Amin, welcome Masada.