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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah U ala alihi wa sahbihi edge marine Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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So inshallah continuing with our series here during salata, tarawih titled illuminated where we are taking a look at the mention of a new the concept of light in illumination within the Quran. Today we're going to be looking at it number 46 from Sultan Makita. In a previous session, we looked at an idea that comes just a couple of before I in number 44. And this is following that i i number 44. And I number 46. At first glance, at first look seems very similar to what was stated in number 44. But there's something very unique and very powerful That is stated here. And that also factors into the historical understanding of what is being stated here. So in IE number 46, Allah subhanaw taala

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says, well, cafe now Allah 30 Hindi or a 70 Medea.

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So in I number 44, Allah subhanaw taala told us about the Prophet Musa alayhis salam, the revelation of the total the Old Testament and talked about the message that came to Israel in

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in IE number 46. Allah says, and then we made closely follow after Musa alayhis salam

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is Alehissalaam he says no margam Isa, Jesus, the son of Mary, came shortly thereafter.

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When he came, what was his mission? What was his message? Musa the Alim Albania, the human a total. Number one, he came to affirm what was stated previously in the total. So the Old Testament was affirmed by a solid kisana. Well, I think that will in G. But then we also added to that we gave him new revelation, what we call the in G fee, who doesn't want to rule. And once again, the hallmark of all revelation that contained there in there was guidance, and there was light illumination.

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One Sunday, Sunday Mulvaney, the Emunah Turati. And the Injeel itself was also confirming what was said previously in the total. So the Prophet Isa Alayhis Salam affirmed the message of the prophets that came before him. And the subsequent Revelation, the Injeel also confirmed the revelation that came before it was done. And there was guidance in this revelation. And here comes the crux of today's discussion. Well, no worries, I attended mata ki. And there was a mower Eva, the word mower comes from wive. And the word wild in the Arabic language it means there's many ways to describe it. And it's a very comprehensive word. Love Loon, Jami denwa. Jamia?

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It's a core word of the Arabic language. And it is also a very comprehensive word of the Arabic language. So the word wild has many different elements components to it. One of them is that it is a reminder, it is a reminder, number two, is that it is also as needed an admonition

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warning, letting you know that this is the outcome of this, these are the consequences of mistakes and errors that are made.

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Another level or another component of the word wild is that it also is a realization. It results in an awakening, a realization that a person has of how to change their ways. And another component of the word is that it actually impacts behavior. It changes a person's conduct and behavior. So all of this is packed into the word Wow. And therefore the message itself that contains all these things, is called malware evil. All right. And so Allah says that revelation is a light.

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What does the light do the light allows you to see.

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And once you can see you have a responsibility. What is the intended outcome of this light? The intended outcome of this light is that you are able to wake up, right? That's a very basic understanding that we have. If the light turns on in the room, you wake up.

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So when the light is given to you, you have to wake up and in waking up, you have your ideas change, your thoughts change, your behavior changes.

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And that's what the light requires of us. That's what the light should

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result in is this awakening. Now, Allah subhanaw taala here in the Quran,

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he tells us a lot about what this awakening should look like. But Allah subhanaw taala also tells us there are some people that the light turns on, and they keep on sleeping.

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And what does that look like? So, in so little Bukhara is filled 65 and 66 and this is talked about elsewhere in the Quran as well, but I'll use this place of reference. So, in certain Bukhara is 65 and 66. Allah says Welaka Alim to mu Levina todo min confess Sabbath for Punahou Kulu para de tanhaji. In

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that, indeed, we know those amongst you who transgressed on the Sabbath who sinned on the Sabbath. There's some history to this, and that is, but he is so he were given a rule. And that rule that law was that on Saturday, you are not to engage in any kind of earning any kind of worldly activity. And that whole day has to be dedicated only and solely to the remembrance of God in the worship and of Allah and reflection, and you know, somewhat of solitude.

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So they were given this. Now, Allah tested them, right. The Quran talks about this way almost up to him should run Waitomo like us, we do not attack tea. There on the Sabbath on Saturday, the fish would rise up which could be seen on the surface of the water, so they would feel enticed. And then the next day sat Sunday, all the way through Friday. They could barely catch any fish. And Allah tested them in this way. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says he attended Winco Some of y'all ended up breaking the rule for Punahou Kulu Peridot and kasi in and God cursed them and doomed them to where they became monkeys and humiliated Allah subhanaw taala you know, destroyed them. For Jana, Hannah,

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Karla, Lima veining they have

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and they were made an example for the people that would come later. And also for those who came before them on my alpha, one mower either tell him a tepee. And this is a wake up call for those who are conscious of God. See, once again, we have an example here of people that were given the light, they were given the total, they were given the message, but they didn't wake up. And when you don't wake up and this is what you do, you do exactly what Allah is telling you not to do.

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And you don't do what Allah is telling you to do. As opposed to that, in Surah Nisa I number 58. Allah subhanaw taala says in Allah yet Morocco,

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God commands you unto adult a manatee Illa Africa, that you fulfill the rights of the people. Whatever someone is owed to from you, fulfill it, take care of it. We that have come to mean and nasty and trackmobile Adena, if you ever find yourself in a position of authority. If you ever find yourself in a position to be able to, you know, manage a situation between people then do something justice and do so with fairness.

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In the law, when you're in my year I couldn't be here. This is what God advises you to do. This is what Allah is waking you up to realize and understand in Allah kindness me embassy, da God is all hearing and I'll see. And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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telling us what this Quran what this light, the purpose that it should serve in our life, the outcome, the outcome of having this light in our lives, what it should be in sort of two nakida is number 57. Allah says, Yeah, you and NASA got the job at Kuhmo Kumar ADA to Mira beacon, this is a wake up call from your Lord. What she thought when the math is subdued, and if you allow it, it will cure what ails your heart.

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It will cure you of all your feelings. Well, who doesn't want to limit meaning? And this is guidance and this is a mercy for the believers for those who believe.

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it will take him Ramallah Huhtala and Madonna Joel Salatin, he quotes the famous Tabby the students of the Sahaba McCartan

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who while commenting on the verse into little for con, eye number 73 where Allah says when Davina Eva Zuki Ruby, I gotta be him. Let me hit who Allah has some more Amina, this whole idea, this theme of waking up and seeing the light.

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Right? That Allah says that those the believers are those people, the slaves of the Merciful, the beloved people of Allah are those people that when they are reminded by the

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verses and designs have their Lord. It does not fall on deaf ears, and it does not fall on blind eyes.

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And he commented on this and he said, either war either will Quran when they are reminded with the Quran when the Quran is presented to them. Lamb, or alayhi salam someone, let me smell Oh, who am Yana lamb, lamb Ube siru they don't act as if they never heard it. They don't act as if they didn't see anything. Well, I can know him somehow. Oh, what other subtle, but they listened very carefully. They look very closely what a movie and the result of that is they did develop that conviction and that firmness that belief within their hearts that then has the ability to guide them. May Allah subhanaw taala make make us all people have conviction and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the

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ability to be able to see the light and to be able to wake up and be able to change our lives. Zakouma located on vertical African Muslim Allah