The Generous Qur’an A Clear Guidance for the People of Taqwa

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The titlealeale " War Rooms" in the Quran highlights the importance of being kind and being harsh in a situation, as well as the shaping of the world and the importance of avoiding false accusations and staying true to political beliefs. The importance of practicing Islam, particularly in the context of upcoming months, is emphasized, along with the need for people to be prepared for events. The Sharia is the path to spiritual transformation and learning to control one's behavior. The importance of practicing and learning to overcome hesitation and become more confident is emphasized.

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Madonna Stein who want to stop Pharaoh who went early to build him in shuru fusina One say yet yeah Marina. When he left for that model Allah woman yield the little fella had the Allah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah. Allah Allah Sadie and what have you been Rasulullah

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li he was a happy woman to be around BSN and it had been a hamdulillah we'll see. We'll see and FCB Taqwa Allah He has cerebral Ania in a taco Allah. Alright, so color share the hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala says in his book, shahada Ramadan, Allah the NZD fear Quran who dealt in se will begin at him in at who they were forbidden from and show him in coma Ashara Furioso Allah subhanaw taala says that the month of Ramadan was sent down as a guidance

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for humanity and also as a clarification the unit in Minnesota in other words, not only the guidance, but also the clarification of what the guidance is. So the purpose of Ramadan

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really, there are many reasons for Ramadan, but the two fundamental purposes are clear. In the Quran, Allah subhana wa cerasus quotevalet camassia mocha Kamakoti Valentina min publikum radical Takane that fasting was prescribed for you. It was made obligatory for you, just as it was made obligatory for the people before you that perhaps you might or happily you might become people of Taqwa. So that's the primary reason because if you look at the beginning of the Quran, the very first command in the Quran is the Yohannes. It's to all of humanity. A Topo Rob McComb, like have Taqwa of your Lord. That's the first command in the Quran. If you take it from the sequence from Al

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Fatiha to NAS, the very first command is to humanity not just to the Muslims. Yeah, you have NAS Takotsubo come, Allah the ACARA calm, He created you so that's a reason why you should be conscientious of him aware of him and then also want to please Him like the son wants to please the source of his material existence, which is the parent. The child wants to please the parents.

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The created beings should want to please his or her Creator. So Allah subhanaw taala says to have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa taala. But then we ask what is Taqwa? And that's where the bayonet comes, because Allah subhanaw taala begins his book.

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Or if mean Valley can Kitab larive He who de Lille Mata pin. So in it is guidance for the people of Taqwa. So, the book begins by telling you, it has Hooda but for whom the hookah is for the people of Taqwa. So the Quran is very very self explanatory. The best Tafseer is tafsir or Quran banal Quran because the Quran will explain itself it doesn't leave you in the dark it's it's Kitab muy bien. It's a clear manifest Book. So though that is the primary reason why we have been given fat but the second reason is a reminder of this Hooda which is in the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and obviously in the Sunnah of the Prophet Elijah said, and but the Prophet sunnah, is being at 10

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minute Huda it's just a clarification of the essential meaning of the Quran. This is what the prophets Eliza was come he was He came as the nor that you read the book with because there's come to you a light and a clear book, the light is the is what enables you to read the book, you can be in pitch black, dark, and if you have a book, you can't read it, you have to have light. So the light that enables us to read the book is the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He is the light that enables us to read the book. But what is the book the book is the lens that you put on to see the world clearly. Because without the Quran, the world is a blurry place. And that's why there's so

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much confusion, people are in confusion. They're in hierarchy, you know, hierarchy.

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They're in confusion about where they came from, what they should be doing while they're here, and where they're going after they leave this place. They're in confusion.

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I'm Maya to sat alone, and then up LLVM. What are they asking about? Never allow theme. What is this place? is a really an afterlife. Are these things true? Those are the people that are thinking even atheists have to think about this. And some of the atheists are the most obsessed people with this question because they spent a great deal of time and effort on this question. But the prophet

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Who came, they came to give the Houda to the people to give Taqwa to the people. And so that primary reason of Taqwa and then Houda and clarification of that Houda is to take us back to the book of Allah Subhana Allah to Anna because the prophets Allah Allah it is said he was the Quran walking. The Prophet SAW Isom was the embodiment of the book of Allah Cana Hueco Al Quran. They asked the prophets Allah s&m, who are the closest people to Allah. And he said, the people that are have the most taqwa and the people that have the best character, the people that have the best character, so what is character character is an awareness of how you should be human in the world. Character is

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doing the right thing in the right circumstances. Sometimes it's to be kind other times it's to be cruel. You know, they have this slogan here in the Arpita of Halle, Berkeley, they put these Arpita on their front doors, and they say kindness is everything. Kindness is not everything. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is be harsh in a situation. And that's why there are things in the shadows that are actually harsh, because that's the best thing in that situation. hikma is distinguishing between that situation, and when you should be kind when you should be harsh, because there's a time that prophesy Sam was a gentle person, but there are times when he executed very

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severe orders.

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Because it was necessary. Allah Subhana Allah says Allah comfortably saucy HYAH you have in the lex talionis. In the law of retribution, you have life because you can't live in a world where criminals run free and do what they want and don't have any fear of authority. They have to have fear of authority and Allah has that oh, the Sorbonne. My layers are over Quran. Allah will prevent with political authority, what he will not prevent with the Quran itself. And that's why Mary when the angel came and she didn't know who the angel was, she said, I wouldn't be coming around in Quinta Tapia

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This is Carl in the Tafseer. But I to me, it's very clear.

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she's reminding that person. Are you a person of Taqwa because this is what people of Taqwa do. She didn't know it was an angel. She thought it was a strange man and she became frightened of the situation. In Quinta, Pia Taqwa people of Taqwa so that what is taqwa? Taqwa is clarified throughout the Quran. tapa is what has to do Taco is still empty. Third, Filipino have often been behind to.

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The like, even as your says that Taqwa the meaning of Taqwa is to obey Allah as commandments, and to avoid his prohibitions, God's prohibitions inwardly and outwardly. Because there's a prohibition against Cuba. Cuba is an inward state, it's not an outward act. There's a prohibition of Cuba. There's a prohibition of hazard, la Hasakah Illa. Fifth and attain, you shouldn't have a hazard in your heart. So how do you get rid of these things? Well, there's the outward path, which is called the Shediac. And then there's the inward path was traditionally they called the Vita, the inward path to God, you have the outward path, which is the Sharia, that is going to take care of all your

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outward problems. If you obey the Sharia, you will not get into trouble if you're not with the opposite sex alone with somebody that you do not have any Mamiya or any rights over you're not gonna get into trouble you get the elevator there's somebody in there from the opposite sex you just wait for the next elevator with as two people or three people

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that's Sharia. So that will protect you

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the Sharia is basically if you reduce it down to the fundamental it's it's it's the Baghdad which are basically doing those our things the five pillars, the prophets, Allah I sent him said Salah Hamza Khan, was so Moshe Hara calm What does a cat unwary come he didn't mention hygiene this hadith but in another Hadith he mentions it. What what?

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We're up to that I'm an admin come and obey political authority over you.

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To total gender Tara become right you will enter the paradise of your Lord. If you do those things. That's the outward thing. Like the Bedouin, who came to the Prophet saw so many he said, let me let me do if I heard I only have to pray on fast Ramadan. Paisa cod, make the Hajj, you know, say Shahada. Is that all I have to do? He said, that's all you have to do. He said, Well, I won't do anything else except that and he left the process of color, but have the wherewithal inside up. He'll be successful. If he if he's truthful in what he said. He'll be

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Be successful low him, but it'll get you through. Right woman Zazie Heartland know what kind of agenda pocket fairs all it is, is to just be removed from the hellfire. So the Prophet SAW I sent him, let people do a very minimum amount.

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And that's the path of just salvation. But then there's a higher path which is the path of sanctification people that want to get close to Allah, to want to know Allah to have Madiba of Allah subhanaw taala in this world, that inward path is an arduous path. It's a difficult path. It's a path filled with pitfalls, but if you follow it, you will get the results because all science has to be reputable, replicable. All science has to be falsifiable. You if you do it, you and keep doing it, you get the same result if if not if you falsify that result one time. First, you have to check your instruments and everything but if you get more than 123, you realize that's not accurate. The

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spiritual path is the same.

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We have centuries of people Imam Al Ghazali. Is Hutchison Islam, why he proved Islam himself in his own self. He's a proof. People who knew him as the arrogant, brilliant scholar that could win every debate. And then they saw his spiritual transformation, ending ending up being somebody who was completely humbled.

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People went to see him they couldn't believe that he changed.

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But he took the path and he took it seriously. He couldn't talk he went into a spiritual crisis. He couldn't even talk. He was so worried because he saw all the faults in himself. The prophets Elijah said um, said that you had to be Muhammad, Al Muhammad Al, an awesome member, Muhammad, Al, you're rasool Allah. He said, a tepee and Knuckey

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attacchi and Knuckey lab over the lb Willa Hasakah. It's a pure it's a Tukey it's a person of Taqwa. So outwardly he's most happy, but inwardly his Knuckey so it's Tukey when Naki he's done the outward work and he's done the inward work. Moom the Arabs, they say, Come to El beit knesset to elbaite I swept the house out Muhammad Carl Bismack gnosall palp the heart has been swept one of them he said that we Nick nice will unfortunately be Ottawa Hina we sweep ourselves with our souls.

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Because you have the higher self and you have the lower self and Ramadan is a time to do this work. Because what are the two fundamental things in the Muhammad at the two biggest problems you have outwardly? Not inwardly the two big problems you have outwardly what are the two biggest problems you have outwardly? The Prophet sallallahu sallam said

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manhwa isn't isn't attained its name the halal Walla Walla, JAL, Jana, whoever protects himself from two things, one Wella JAL Jana, he will enter Paradise will Lodz hide on moulage when you come into your bed, you ask for her moulage. So he said, Well edge, he will enter paradise. And then they asked him what were those two things and he was silent.

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And then he they asked him again, he was silent.

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And he waited a time, because this is this is a way that a teacher will

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put into the hearts of desire to find something it's like a you know that it's like these, these these things they write to get you to read the article.

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What is it? What are those two things?

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You get even more curious if they're if they're gonna tell you right away? What are those two things they want? What are they asked him again? What are those two things and then he said, Whoever protects what's between his two jobs for K, what is Les while a little Jana, whoever protects his tongue and his genitals he will enter paradise. What is what is fasting? Let him sack the sack in the Quran. That Zecharia that he swore was to not speak. That was his song.

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We don't have that song in our tradition.

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But the point of that is that is him sack him sack on and muharram the Prophet SAW I sent him says who whoever fast and doesn't leave, telling lies and backbiting Allah has no need of his fast. Allah has no need of his fans. So what's the point of the fast guarding the tongue?

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And that's why it's very easy because most people don't back bite in Ramadan unless they're really pathetic.

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Yeah, but most most

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And they suddenly get aware they're fasting and they stop. Right? And there's a there's spiritual age chiffons. The Masada are locked up. So there's spiritual aid in that. But why is that today? What is the madrasa? What's the school that we're in in Ramadan? It's the school of learning to control yourself. And then what is the shower? The shower comes from food without food, there's no shadow. Starving, people aren't thinking about, you know, they're not thinking about appetites. They're thinking about food. That's all they want. starving people are thinking about food. They're not thinking about anything else.

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The prophets Allah is sent said that Allah subhanaw taala says a CR mo li y, z b. Allah is the only one that doesn't need food. He's Samad he has no need.

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We need food. So breaking the nafs it's called Kusha Kasota shall attain a hammer that Azadi has a whole book in the Yeah, about breaking the two desires.

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The button and the forge.

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So the tongue, the button and the forge, this is Ramadan. It's learning to discipline your soul. But the other thing is returning back to the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna, because the guidance is in the book and one of the things that's very clear in the Muslim OMA for anybody that looks at our conditions now, in Palmetto hada Khurana Majora My people have abandoned this book, the practice of the book of Allah, the spiritual insights that the book gives you the understanding of the book of Allah, the our community has lost it because they become divorced from the Quranic worldview. And the Quranic worldview is in the Quran, but it takes time it takes work to actually learn it. It's

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learned in the copy that the prophets Allah Assam said to Abiathar Lian, Lian, Tong dua for tal nama I attend Minkee tabula, to wake up in the morning and learn one idea from the book of Allah, how you will look him in Muti raka it's better than 100 rocket

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because your devotion without knowledge is not it's just not it doesn't have a lot of traction. He said to learn one idea is better than to learn to pray 1000 100 records and then he said Leon talked to a Fatah lemma Babban min a Weber in your a little Viola, your movie highroller comin Elfi raka to wake up and learn one section of knowledge is better for you than to pray 1000 rockets, whether that knowledge is theoretical, or whether it's practical, in other words, what like our P, the you, you practice our P than your understanding, but it's not it's it's not my movie, it's not something you do. So you learn fic you learn how to pray properly, you learn how to worship Allah properly, you

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learn how to understand what Allah subhanaw taala is asking of us. And then you learn to understand how to perceive the world. So the Quran is the lens with which you look at the world through without it, your blind, or your your, your it's all opaque. It's your blurry read.

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So they're spectacles that you have to put on and see the world through the Quranic worldview. And this is what the Prophet SAW ISON was teaching us. He said, it can be tabula.

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Take this book of Allah COVID kitab Jacoba. Take this book seriously. It needs study, that you have to study it, the Muslims, they keep it on the top shelf, almost out of reach.

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But take it down, open it read it, that's what the Quran it's coming back to the book of Allah, coming back to the book of Allah, and then wondering why you left it during the rest of the year.

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Because people experience the difference, the qualitative difference between this month and the rest of the 11 month. If you don't, then you that you have to work on your email, because it's very evident. It's very evident for any serious Muslim. The qualitative difference between the day before Ramadan and the day of Ramadan is very striking. Time even the dilation of time the experience of of time dilation, you're getting more done, you need less sleep, things are different. Experience is different. So this is really really,

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you know, a month to get back to Allah Subhana Allah and get closer to Allah subhanaw taala to bring us also the hearts you know, Muhammad CALB you know, a swept heart, because there's just a lot of hepat in our community. There's a lot of has said, you know, the end people won't admit has said they'll never admit hesed just human nature, they will not admit hazard. But there's a lot of hazards in our community. There's hazard for people

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that are successful. There's hesed for

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people that have things that you don't have that you want. I mean Imams, they told me that when he lived in one of the Muslim countries, he said people used to sneak new furniture into their house after midnight, because they were so worried about the aim.

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I'm not making that up.

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I had a there was a brother from Syria, he worked at one of the

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internet company, and he did something which was huge. He, he invented something, he got a patent. And he said, he said, what struck him he told me this, he said, What really struck him was he said, all the people that were here, you know, they were all like high fiving him and saying where to go and they were really, he said, the Muslims in the group. He said none of that. He said the he could see the envy in their faces. That's a disease hazard and the prophesy, Sam said that, that he said the disease of Omen will creep up on you.

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It will creep up on you that will omen that by Ed condyloma.

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Allah has to do with Barack Obama, like envy and just animosity towards other people. Because the believer has a pure heart. He goes out to people with a pure heart. He doesn't have those diseases in his heart. And if he does, he works on them. He struggles with them. There's a Matata club that's why he wrote that book. Yeah, oh no, Medina is filled with these meanings in my metaphors. It filled his book with how to work on yourself, how to purify yourself. We have a whole tradition, but you have to practice it. You can read all day long. You can become a great scholar, quote, all these other scholars. You can do that. But if you don't work on your heart,

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on yomo piano what is what is the benefit elimin Atala your Calvin Celene that's the Calvin mama. The sound heart. Yo, Madame Farrell, madam. Whatever, Nona. Illuminata lucha de Calvin, Sally.

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And that's what this month is about. It's about reorient ourselves. Getting back to our orientation. We're facing Mecca.

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The House of Allah. That's the the physical house that you make a journey to but there's a spiritual house. It's called Donald Ashira is the abode of the afterlife, or that little motor pin. It was made for the people of Taqwa

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because amatola was had color che but he said, October Hala Lavinia Tarpon. In the people of Taqwa the people who pray the people fast, the people who pay those icon, the people that make the pilgrimage if they're able to, these are the people that they get close to Allah put Oconee How do I stop for Allah Libra come when he sat in a must mean to stop futile, you know before Rahim.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala see then what have you been our Rasulullah wanna early he was happy he Woman Well Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah for this blessed month, May Allah subhanaw taala make it a month of openings for us, in our inner worlds and in our outer worlds May Allah subhanaw taala give us a piece of this month.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that the hearts are only made tranquil with the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala Anna, this is a month when we should increase our dhikr but hopefully try to maintain it after the month closes. But the Quran Allah is what's necessary to be aligned with Allah subhanaw taala Syria Iraq says that if the true believer is content with whatever Allah sends him or her, and we're living in a very strange time, a lot of disruptions, a lot of instability,

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a lot of also distraction, immense amount of distraction. And, and so it's very important that people just align with their Lord, be aligned with Allah subhanaw taala and then come what may, that you'll be prepared for whatever comes because we don't know what's coming. But there are very ominous clouds. They're very ominous clouds and we don't have wise people running the world. They're not they're not wise people. They're venal people, they're very corrupt people.

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And they don't really have a lot of concern for the vast majority of people. But we have nobody to blame and not individually but as our own MA We have nobody to blame but ourselves because the prophesy Sam said there's the ship of humanity is is we're all on it. And he said that the people who who are people of Shetty out who they should be on top, governing the ship and Muslims once were they were and it was it was a much better situation. But the prophesy said the people below there will want instead of having water given to them by the people above

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So, let's just drill a hole in the hole so we can get water for ourselves. We don't have to have them give us the water right? And so they drill the hole and then the Prophet said they all drown.

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So so this is the crisis we don't we don't have sovereignty as people of God as people have Allah subhanaw taala. And, and in that case, we're just most of that theme, you know where people that are weak, but there's a strength in weakness because when you're weak, you know that how lower upper what I love Allah when you're powerful, you can become deluded thinking that the power is yours, but when you're weak, you know that however appointed a biller, and that's a great power, so that's how Allah subhanaw taala and you will feel the MOU we are the winners and how the Shahar Mo Farah Telenor where it phenomena nor the salah has 100 and you have animosity mean you have a fun headed

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torchia shallow sell as low span with that you have a funny one you know what enough you Feldstein cashmere roofie for the Iraq Libya Ophelia Manuel fickling. McHale, hydrea unknown and then Messiah what well I wanna sell Allah subhanaw taala Anuradha era Dena Mara den Jimmy Jumeirah region in a minute hell of Quran which Anna Mina Linnaeus demure on an account of the center, and Allah wa Muda, to your saloon and in Libya, you will live in a silo and he was selling with a steamer Allahumma salli wa Salam wa barakaatuh see, you know, Muhammad Salatin tangina be humming Jim, Allahu Allah, what I've heard, what type of deal and we had Jimmy and hijacked what total Halona we have and Jimmy

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is a Twitter founder via Antica anadolujet, who took the load on a heavier episode of at Gmail harati for hire to Abaddon Matt. While he was Sam you will send him to see him and get era with Corolla is quote calm. oshikoto hora tech furono working on solid