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and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala the most majestic and the Most High. We worship Him alone and turned to him and upon Him do we rely. He saved the Ark of Noah on Mount Judy, and he spoke to Musa on Mount Sinai. He commanded Ibrahim to build the caliber, and he raised up Risa from being crucified. He hears the plea of the one in distress and he responds to the silent cry. So Glory be to Him revealed the Quran, whose recitation with our voices we beautify, and ultimate majesty belongs to him who blessed us with the Shetty up that we strive to live by. And Praise be to Him who sent us a prophet who sunnah we tried to exemplify For it is by

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following the Sunnah, that our hearts and our manners we purify may Salatu Salam be upon the one who is prophethood no sincere person can deny as to what follows Dear brothers and sisters ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada reminds us to be conscious of him in the Quran. When he says you hunted Adina Amanita Allahu Akbar to call to Walter Mouton. Illa, Juan Tomas, new moon, or you who believe be conscious of Allah, the way that it is befitting that you are conscious of him, and do not die except in a state of submission. Dear Muslims, one of the realities of life. And this reality is both a blessing and a potential curse is that people have differences of opinion about every single issue. Allah azza wa

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jal created us differently, our minds think differently. We look at the world differently, we analyze things differently. In fact, there is hardly anything any aspect, except that you will find human beings looking at that, and analyzing it in different ways. This applies to politics, it applies to history, it applies to economics, it applies to science. And it also applies to religion. Just like we have diverse backgrounds, diverse religions, diverse civilizations, so too, we have diverse religious beliefs. This is once again the reality of humanity. And even within the same religion, we have a diversity of interpretation about that religion. Our Prophet sallallahu, I they

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he was sending them predicted that his own mother would split up into even more groups than the previous one was. And we see this reality in our times. So what is to be done, in light of what we see this confusion and chaos? What is to be done about all of these differences of opinion? What makes the matter even more confusing for many of us, is that within the lands that we live in, the diversity of thought that we encounter is unparalleled. I think I speak for most of you and us when I say when you were back home, you knew a small spectrum of differences of opinion, but coming to America, and seeing Muslims from across the world, and being introduced to such a diversity of

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cultures and scholars. And on top of this here in America, we have independent movements, thinkers that are living here, trends that are not found in the Middle East and in Pakistan in India. So we have the entire spectrum of the Muslim world here. And we also have local spectrums that don't exist back in the Muslim world. And in one community, you will find people of many diverse backgrounds, many different interpretations. And every single Muslim who begins to practice the faith is introduced to an entire myriad of interpretations. Which method to follow which chef to look up to which sect should they study Islam from? What is to be done in light of all of this confusion?

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In today's hutzpah, which will be the first of a series will be multiple hot buzz next week and inshallah even next month will continue. I wanted to shed some academic light, some real RAW Talk about what an average Muslim is expected to do in light of all of these differences of opinion. And I'm going to begin by

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By mentioning a number of points the first point, the first points, not every T laugh should lead to a T laugh. I'll clarify these words, but memorize the principle. Not every empty laugh at laugh means differences of opinion, should lead to a pilaf of a laugh means an argument. Okay? Laugh means taking somebody as an opponent. Not every empty laugh should lead to an actual division. Many of the differences of opinion are within the tolerable spectrum of Islam. Not every difference is evil. Not every alternative opinion is inherently wrong. There's a spectrum. And we see this from the time of the Sahaba themselves. Even the Companions differed over many issues of Islam, even in the lifetime

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of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah created minds differently. We have number of episodes in this era, when the Prophet system said x do this, and in his lifetime, the Sahaba understood it in different ways. And I have given other talks about this in his own lifetime. The Companions disagreed after the death of the Prophet system, the differences increased many manifold, but those differences never divided the community, their hearts were united, even though they had different methods, different fits and our schools of Islamic law, they are based upon the differences of the sahaba. very simplistically, it is true to say for example, that the Hanafi

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madhhab is more based upon urban myths road and the Shaeffer image hub is more based upon Ibn Abbas very simplistic, but there's a kernel of truth to this, these differences that exist they go back to the time of the sahaba. So, not every LT laugh should lead to a pilaf, we need to understand there is a spectrum of differences of opinion. Sometimes a difference of opinion is within the mainstream and both are considered to be valid even if they are not the same. Our profit system is reported to have said some of the scholars said the idea is weak but the concept is authentic. It is found in sunnah netted me and others he said or it is reported that he said, the afterlife of my ummah is a

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mercy from Allah if dinar for Almighty Rama. Many of our earlier scholars commented on this, that we thank Allah that even Mr. Buddha had a different fatwa from Ibn Abbas that Abu Hurayrah gave something different than our mother our Isha. Within this diversity, certain font was appealed to a certain situation and other photos apply in other situations. Not every laugh is something that is cursed know if dinar for Almighty Rama, some of the life of my ummah, is a mercy from Allah subhanho wa taala. So much of the difference of opinion that we find within a community is actually within this spectrum of mercy. Beyond this, again, we said it's a spectrum. Beyond this, there are opinions

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and disagreements that we would consider to be eccentric, odd, a typical, but if a person holds them, they are still within the mainstream of Islam. Anybody who studies Islamic history realizes that every single major figure of Islam held one or two views that we're different from other people. This applies to your mama, no, we have been Tamia, Allah zali. For her dinner. Rosie, any scholar you mentioned, if you really study his biography, you study his views. The reason why they had an impact is that they did something unique, they presented something new. And when they did that one or two or three views might have been different from the others. So what we look at

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overall, their positive contributions, no major scholar of Islam existed, except that you'll find an opinion or two or three or four that are in the minority. Still, it doesn't make them anyhow, evil. So this is the broader spectrum that sometimes in opinion, is atypical, but it is still acceptable. Beyond this even is another spectrum. That spectrum is we don't like that opinion. But what can we do about it? We will have to tolerate it for the sake of civic society. Not every laugh is good. Not every laugh is bad. Sometimes the difference of opinion is not good. And we wish it didn't exist. We wish all the Muslims follow the Quran and Sunnah. But there are Muslims who say we don't have to

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follow the Sunnah. That's their interpretation. We don't like it, we will speak against it. But what are you going to do about it? So we will tolerate and toleration does not mean approval. Toleration does not mean I agree, but I'm going to give you an example in the second half, but that demonstrates this. Beyond this, even our interpretations that we cannot tolerate. What are those interpretations? The only interpretations that we cannot tolerate are those that bring violence to the community. Those that shed innocent blood

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We cannot just sit back and be quiet. Those opinions we have to unite together and make sure they do not exist as much as possible. That's where we cannot tolerate anything less than this. Allah azza wa jal allows non Muslims to live in Muslim lands to worship other gods in Muslim lands. Are you not going to tolerate your fellow Muslim holding another opinion? Allah, Allah was Christians and Jews to worship according to their rituals endowed with Islam. This is according to the Quran. No two scholars disagree about this. So do you think you will enforce your interpretation of Islam on other Muslims? No. And I'll give you an example, as we said later on, so this is the spectrum of opinion.

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Now the question arises, you come across another opinion, you haven't heard it? Where does this opinion go on this spectrum? Is it within the acceptable? Is it the atypical and acceptable but we don't like it? Is it beyond this? We really don't like it we have to tolerate or is it something that is completely intolerable? Well, to classify an opinion actually requires quite a lot of knowledge. And I will tell you something very, frankly,

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the more knowledge one has, the more broad minded and tolerant one becomes, and the less knowledge one has, then the more sectarian and narrow minded one becomes. Let me give you an example that will help clarify this point. Imagine maybe 500 years ago, medical practitioners, not the real doctors of today, but you know, just herbal medicine, whatnot, somebody in a village trains to be a medical practitioner with the medical practitioner of that village. And he's only exposed to a certain amount of medication, certain amount of diseases, he comes across a new disease, and he says, Oh, this is strange, it is unheard of. But it might exist in another city, another town, he hasn't seen

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it. He makes a big deal. It might be a mainstream disease or a mainstream issue, but he hasn't been exposed to it because his worldview is limited. Can you compare this with a trained doctor who has decades of experience and has traveled the globe? Can you compare the two with utmost respect, and I speak as a person of that class, the clergy class, our Allah ma, there are disparities even more than this example, with utmost respect. There are certain scholars and preachers, they have never experienced other trends, other groups, other opinions, their whole lives, they live amongst their own group. They're surrounded by like minded people, and they are inshallah sincere, they come

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across an opinion, they haven't heard. And they make a very big deal about this. And they interpret it worse than it needs to be. And this goes back to their own lack of knowledge and lack of experience. And there are other scholars who have interacted with many groups that have studied with many aroma of different persuasions, and you will find their talk very different than the first person's talk. So it is your job and your responsibility to separate the one who has no experience from the one who has experience. That's your job. You can't blame the first person, he's sincere, but he doesn't know any better. He's never really seen or interacted with this other entity, this

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other trend. So we have to understand your brothers and sisters, that with knowledge when you study, the more you study, the more you understand this religion has been diverse from the very beginning. We've had thinkers, we have trends, we've had movements that have shown this religion as a very vast religion doesn't mean every opinion is right. But it means there is precedence for many of the viewers out there. So rule number one, not every active laugh should lead to agree laugh. And the more knowledge you have, the more you understand this point. Rule number two, and again, this is multipart football. So we're going to continue all of these rules in other code buzz, rule number

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two, and this is a very important rule. Islam is not a sect. The religion of Islam is not a trend. The OMA of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not a small group in somebody's basement. The religion of Islam is not a small sect. It is a massive conglomeration of people. It is a blessing OMA, Allah praises this ummah, the prophet system has said Allah's hand is upon this ummah, he said, my alma mater, Houma blessing Alma.

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So anybody who comes and tells you, only me and my followers are saved, and everybody else is going to jahannam Allah says good to

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us. You are the best Amma created for mankind. The Prophet says Adam said that the Jamara the conglomeration is saved. The Prophet system said I saw my own mom the Day of Judgment. It was more than the eye can see. The Prophet system said that I hope my one Ummah shall be more than one

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after people have Jannah all the other must combine shall be less than half we one OMA will be more than half. This OMA is a blessing Amma, the followers of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are blessed followers. They are the most blessed OMA, the believers in the Quran or the OMA that Allah has chosen. Mainstream Islam is protected and saved. Anyone who comes and tells you, me and my five followers are correct, and the rest of the Ummah is going to jahannam that person has contradicted the Quran, the Sunnah, and even common sense, why common sense? Listen to this point carefully. Why did Allah send other prophets? Why did our prophets have some come? Because the real religions that

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were previously revealed were misguided. There were no righteous Christians they all misguided the Trinity misguided them, the theologically they were misguided. So Allah had to send another prophet to correct the previous guidance. Will there be another prophet after our prophets have said them? No, he is hot and when Ambia he is the end and the seal. So since there will be no prophet after the Prophet system, Allah had to protect his book the Quran, it is protected, and Allah has to protect the religion of Islam. The religion of Islam as a majority faith shall never be misguided. Otherwise, we would have to send a new prophet and there is no other prophet to come. Understand

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this point. No small sect and trend can claim everybody's going to jahannam except me. Anybody who says so has contradicted the Quran and the Sunnah and common sense, the bulk of the ummah of the Prophet Muhammad Salim is upon sale upon Baraka upon good the mainstream Muslims theologically have a sound belief they believe in Allah, they believe in the messenger, they want to follow the Quran and Sunnah they love Allah subhana wa Tada. They believe the process is a role model. This is mainstream Islam. As for the finer differences, so be it. These are within the purview of mainstream. Now somebody's gonna say, didn't the Prophet system say that 72 sects will be misguided

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and one will be correctly guided 73 There was a famous Hadith by the way that our Prophet system said that my own Masha split into 73 one will be correct and 72 will be wrong. Firstly, there's a lot of issue about whether it's authentic or not. Secondly, even if the hadith is authentic, the interpretation that our great Aruna ma like Imam Hassan Rouhani, like Imam Ashok Ghani have said, is very logical. Their interpretation is very simple, and that is 72 out of 73 does not mean the majority is misguided. That would only be the case is if every group is equally present. No, the one that is correctly guided, they said is mainstream Islam, that is Islam and all of the 72 combined

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will be a small fraction of the Ummah, this is their interpretation, and it is the correct interpretation. The bulk of the OMA is rightly guided, that is the default of what we believe there is no minority trend that is absolutely correct, and everybody else is misguided. You want to know what is theology go to the hadith of Djibouti, and the Muslim who affirms the hadith of Gibreel, the six out of can the five pillars of Islam, any Muslim who believes in these basic concepts has believed in the religion of the Prophet sallallahu. Either he was send them our Prophet system said when God came and asked those questions, what are the Archon? What is Islam? He answered, then he

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said, This is God and he came to teach you your deen your religion. This is your rubric. This is the default theology. Anybody who affirms it is upon mainstream Islam what Allah Hill hummed. As for what follows after that, these are the differences in the details, the differences in the footnotes, it should not make it to the level of excommunication to the level of thinking the other person is wrong going to jahannam No, the default is your fellow Muslim might have a different interpretation, and they're still good, they're still upon the aroma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhanallah dear Muslims study history, from the time of the Sahaba there were major differences. As

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for fic, there was hardly any two companions except that they had different views of film. And as for issues of theology, certain minor issues of theology minor relatively but yes, they had disagreements even upon minor issues of theology. And as for how to revive the Ummah, and politics Subhanallah let's be real here. Even the Companions strongly disagreed to the point of even civil wars took place over politics over who was the best candidate, and yet still, they understood that were a part of the same OMA even though the disagreement led to physical fighting. That disagreement did not lead to excommunication. No side said the other side's going to jahannam they disagreed they

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Only disagreed. They even went to war. But this was a worldly matter. They didn't bring religion and say, Oh, you're going to jahannam because you disagree with me? No. If they had that much common sense, then how about us? Dear brothers and sisters, let me be very explicit here. The bulk of the differences that exist within any community like ours, they are relatively trivial in the grand scale of things, and they do not mean that your opponent belongs to a different sect out of the 73 Wallahi. It has narrow mindedness to believe this, I have heard and seen many such examples of intolerance. Oh, if he does refer you then he is a person a bit out of here then is raising of that.

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If he doesn't do it off here, then he is going to jahannam No, I was a biller. The majority of the OMA is upon good and let us again be realistic here. Where is most of the difference of opinion over when it comes to modern Islam? It is over the best way to revive the OMA some people say we should do Dawa and to Bill. Others say we should emphasize leadership and make sure we have good Islamic governance. Others say we need to teach our kids and Tauheed others say we need to make sure we follow Islamic law. Others say we need to have our Sulu contest gear and have a purification of the heart. Guess what? Every one of them has taken a correct aspect of Islam, have they not? And they

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prioritized? It. It's not as if the one group is saying we don't care about this gear. We don't care about politics, we don't care about W. It's rather what do you prioritize these T laugh should be considered complimentary. Let one group emphasize Dawa and W let one group emphasize to eight. Let one group emphasize Islamic law. Let one group emphasize this gear. And guess what brothers and sisters, Allah created us differently. Not everybody is attracted to the same cause. Some people like academic Islam, more other people, they like purification of the soul more other people, they like other things more, Allah didn't create all of us the same, even amongst the sahaba. Some of the

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Sahaba had certain talents. Others had other talents. When the civil war broke out. It wasn't just two groups. It was a whole spectrum of groups, some of the Sahaba, like even Abbas and others, they broke away from all of it. They said, we're just going to do our Ibadah we're just going to teach the people they didn't get involved at all. This is basically your Darwin to believe type of stuff, others of the Sahaba they got involved in academics, others of the Sahaba, they got deeply involved in either side of the politics, and others were not so deeply involved and yet still partially involved. Point is, if during the time of the whole of Russia don't There was one Khalifa if during

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his time we had this spectrum. What do you think in our times, there is no enough, there is no Islamic government, there is no unified body, we are all left to find our own ways each person amongst us looks to see what is the best way to revive the OMA, of course, there's going to be a difference of opinion. So what find the group that you are attracted to be involved with them. Don't take the other groups as your enemies Simple as that. And you know what? Most of you and me, most of us, the group we are involved with, just so happens to be the group that first introduced us to practicing Islam, go back to your own lives. Look at it, which group are you involved with right

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now? Why are you involved with that group, either your parents were involved with it, hence, you are still involved with it. Or when you were a young man or young woman, this was the group that first introduced you to real religion. It made you feel empowered in introduced you to Islam that made sense to you. And ever since then you've been involved with them. Good for you. Hamdulillah. But realize other people have had different experiences. Other people have gone through different life cycles. Other people were born to different parents, other people were exposed to different groups, and they got involved in those groups. Let every person find the group, the passion that they're

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involved with. And as long as it is mainstream Islam and I repeat, it is impossible for large masses of the Ummah to all be misguided. I say this bluntly. And clearly, it is impossible for millions and millions of mainstream Muslims who love Allah who loved the messenger to all be misguided to the point of going to jahannam No, it could be difference of priority. It could be you know, they might not be fully as much as I liked them to be, but still they have good in them and the good far outweighs the bad. So, bottom line when it comes to point number two, Islam is broader than a sect, a trend, a GEMA, a movement, the religion of Islam, the owner of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam is a blessing on me. And anybody who tries to tell you other than this, anybody who says my group and my little group is the only one going to Jannah and all of you other mainstream Muslims are going to jahannam that person, frankly, has contradicted the spirit of this faith. To summarize both of these points, I can conclude and state the differences that we have with

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In the mainstream OMA, do not exclude your other opponent, the person who holds the other view do not exclude that person from being a good Muslim. In fact, rather, most of these differences are complementary and not contradictory. And before you begin by looking at the differences, look at what you have in common before you highlight what is at laugh between you see what unites you the Kanima the Quran, love of Allah, love of the Prophet system, we all pray facing the same Qibla we all read the same book we all do we do before we pray. So what if somebody puts his hand here or here so what if somebody wants to prioritize Teskey another one, everybody is created differently.

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We all have as long as we have one goal in mind, and that is to achieve the pleasure of Allah through the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. This is mainstream Islam and anybody who believes in this as an hamdulillah upon hit and good May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless me and you with through the Quran, and may make us of those whose verses they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness, you as well ask him for his love of food and the ramen.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique. It is he whom we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He hears the cry of the oppressed, and he answers the prayer of the week as to what follows Sharla will continue this whole but later on. But I want to finish the second hotbar with one of the most important episodes in early Islam that demonstrates exactly what I'm talking about. The first time in Islamic history, then an actual physical or sect was created. Was the holidays. The highlights this happened in the reign of Ali Radi Allahu Ali, and where are we at? They had a war between them that was political. It was not religious. Each side did not consider the

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other side to be comfortable and will do much better there. No, it was politics and they understood that they're both good religiously, but they're each one said the other is wrong from a worldly perspective. A third group came this was the cottage as they're called the cottage. And this group had different beliefs. They said many things which is beyond the scope of this talk today, but they broke away. That's why they're called hydrogens they broke away and they separated themselves and they lived in a place outside of Kufa by the name of no one they they started a city and they lived over there. This was the first time a new Philipa was created. It was during the time of the Hooda I

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lead the Allah one is the Khalifa more Alia is in Damascus. This is the time when many ASABE are still alive.

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The position of ideal world the Allahu Allah is one that all of us should learn from he was the Khalifa, what did he do? Force his views on them, excommunicate them kill all of them know, when he heard that this group had a different belief they broke away. He sent the greatest alum alive, even Abbas and had been Abbas visited their camp. Ibn Abbas had a beautiful, very etiquette based at the base dialogue with them. He said, What are your arguments bring them, he greeted them. He said salaam to them, he praised them for the good things that they had. And then he had a theological debate with etiquette with manners. We don't have time to go into the details. I've given other

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lectures about this, and you'll find many lectures referenced this, he answered every one of their arguments with manners. Because of this, a large group came back to it, you know, the Allahu ans camp and they went back main to mainstream Islam. But one group remained, maybe 1/3 of them remained. And they said we're not convinced by your arguments. So even IBISWorld will not return to it. It'll be Alana said to him, still we have a few 1000 of them, they are not changing their minds. I needed the Allah who was the Khalifa. During the time of the color Farage, you don't this is ideal Islam. What did he do? Listen to this carefully. He said to the people around him, Go and tell them,

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we have no right to force them to believe other than what they believe. And as long as they don't harm other people. We shall not interfere with them. Subhanallah Can you imagine this tolerance for many of our clerics of our times? I Lido, the Allah who I understood, I can't force people to believe what I'm believing. They have a different understanding of Islam. They're not cafard they we don't agree with them. But what are we going to do? You're going to kill them because they have a different view, you're going to literally excommunicate them. He said very clearly, and this is well known in the books go read any book of history, we have no right to harm you to hurt you to force

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you as long as you don't harm any of us. Unfortunately, that group did started harming other Muslims killing them, then audio the or the alarm invaded them. That's why I said the only opinion that we cannot tolerate is violence. That's the opinion we cannot tolerate. If people are violent and killing people, we can't just sit back and a

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allow that to happen. Otherwise, what are you going to do? Allah says in the Quran for Anta to carry, who knows? I mean, are you going to force people until they believe? Are you going to force people to follow your point of view? If I lead on the Allah Who and and he was who he was, and he is a figure respected by all groups of Islam 99.9% of the respect of the Allah one if he had the the wisdom and the hikma and the Eman being the khalifa to say, what can we do? That's your right your interpretation you have to answer to Allah in this dunya we disagree but we cannot force you and he was the Khalifa then do you think you as a community leader, you as somebody living in America, you

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as whoever you might be? Do you think you have the right the moral authority to physically force people to make sure a person doesn't exist? Subhanallah try your best you try your best if you are even Abbas type of level to debate with manners and if it doesn't work, leave the rest to Allah subhanho wa Taala this is what we learn from none other than Ali ibn Abi authoritive Radi Allahu Allah, and inshallah we'll continue the same topic and other hoods as well. I'm going to make dua so make say I mean after me Allamani Dynafit aminu Allahu Allah That to me is me you love Africa, when a Hammond Illa for Raja while they they in LA Kadota when I'm ready Ivana Illa Shia feta whether I

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see Ron Illa your servitor Allama fildena with the one in the living sub Hakuna imagine what what I feel Cuban as Linda Linda Dena Amanu Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim, Allah Houma is Islam one Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam one Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allah Humann Aradhana are ordered Islam and Muslim in Episode Fredricka Lubin FC which outed me wrong feet at BT Jaco Yuya Aziz, Roberto Allah in Allah Azza Amara Combi Eminem better behaved NFC within the Medaka decoder say within let's say become a you know an engineer here we're in C for called as an Idema. In nulla. When you go to your Soluna either Nebby Yeah, you have that in common or Salou Allah He was selling

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him with a sliema Allahumma salli was telling him about equal abduct grace will become Mohammed while he was such a big marine rebels Allah in Allah to Allah Yeah. What ehsani Waitara orba wion handle fracture it will Moon carry well belly your ego Camilla Allah consider karoun Oh the Quran Allah Allah Allah email Quran which Kuru Yes. What are the crolla heeta Allah Akbar Wa famous Salah

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me, Ms. Dahiya doll seni one doesn't shine.

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Me what to feed

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the what?

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feels cool, we took my journey Tansa down