Are you Building your Spiritual Credit when Tests Come

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He wants Allah to protect you to say the right thing, the right time to act the right thing in the right time specially when test comes in, you need to have I call it credit with Allah.

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This is how I call it, what credit you have with Allah. That's when the test comes in. What are the test again in saying an acting, in responding in not doing and holding, what credit you have with Allah, that that credit comes in, protect you. So when you make that dua in that moment, and you have not been with Allah all that time, Allah sometimes do it because he is cutting, he's generous, but if I am saying the use of what I have built credits and credits and credits when the real test comes in, a young man, a woman of power, a woman of beauty, and she beautified herself, and everything was ready for him, if he disobeyed Allah, you know, I was forced, but then Allah subhanaw

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taala. Immediately as I said last week, put his father in his face, they say Allahu Allah, or he heard the voice, meaning it doesn't matter to you.

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How many of us have this credit with Allah this is one of the main stories you get words from the story of sales news of that he has this relationship with Allah, that when he needed them, Allah who was dead before even he said something.

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And when Allah tested him, he built the credit. Like see today