Omar Suleiman – The Reward For Refuting Israeli Propaganda

Omar Suleiman
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chiroptical silica Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam to see him and Kafeel.

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So it's a really interesting thought that came to my mind. And it is, of course, related to the current situation. But you know, we've been speaking about the importance of intentions with everything that we do. And the way that we refine our intentions is we connect them to specific sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu. And he has some specific traditions of the prophets lie salah. And those traditions become most impactful when we can look at specific episodes of the seed of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And of course, all of that is a manifestation of the Quran. And so we've talked about boycotts, we've talked about protests, we've talked about, you know, speaking

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out against evil, if you can't change something with your hand, I'm in Cameroon, Carter, the very famous Hadith, whoever amongst the season evil, let them change it with their hand, if they can't do so, then let them change it with their tongue. And if they can't do so then hate it in their heart. And that is the least of emaan. We've talked about the importance of your app, as the weapon of the believer supplicating for our brothers and sisters, but there's something that a lot of us have been doing. And there's a very specific question that I wanted to ask about this deed. Is there any reward for refuting Israeli propaganda? Simple as that? Is there a reward? Is there actually a

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reward that can be sought? Is there anything specific from the Sunnah of the Prophet sly Salam about refuting the propaganda of an oppressor about refuting the propaganda of a liar? And there's this very specific Hadith that I wanted to look at, in regards to this? Why? Because obviously, you know, we live in a world of echo chambers and algorithms, and social media companies that are fueled by all sorts of interests and money to make sure that true narratives don't get out. And if the true narrative wasn't important than obviously there wouldn't be so much money that was out there, to shut down. What is the truth. And what we're seeing is this constant battle, this constant strife,

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in the war of public narrative and public opinion between people like you and everyone that's got the power of a cell phone, and the power of a laptop, that are showing things that legacy media intentionally does not want to be shown. And then the power of those social media platforms trying to shut those down without being too obvious. So you know, you're doing with your cell phone, something that's very interesting, because this is unprecedented in history. Is there anything from our Dean about the very particular act of that of trying to shed light on the truth and trying to dispel the propaganda of an oppressor in the public space? And so I come back to this hadith that

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I'll reflect on a bit today because it has a very specific line here. And then a very specific roared and actually give a whole twist Pamela, in November of 2021, called Do Not aid the oppressor about this very Hadith but I talked about one other line of this hadith the hadith is the Hadith from karabiner origina. What are the Allahu Taala and

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it's not authentic hadith. Cabin original says that, couldn't Tessa we were nine people with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day, five of us were Arabs, four of us were non Arabs. Now, what's the significance of that line? The significance of that line is twofold. Number one, it indicates the universality of the message that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was going to share, meaning the Prophet slice and M is not going to share a message that is specific to Kabbalah and a lot of to the tribes of the Arabs. That's number one. So it suggests the universality of the message. Number two, it suggests the timing within the Sierra, when would the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa salam have a broader audience? What do you think? When would the prophets lie? Some have a broader audience? At what time period of the Sierra

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I know you all know. So it's okay. The maddening period, and particularly the last part of right, if he's speaking to five arrows for non Arabs, that means that the religion has spread now you have people that have now come and settled into Medina. And the prophets lie Selim is towards the end of his own Prophetic Mission on this earth, and he's telling them about things that are to come. So Catherine original says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, nine of us he said it's mental health Samaritan and who is such a cool nobody O'Meara manda La La him for sadaqa home because they be him? Well, Anna, whom Allah told me him, Felisa mini Wallace, two men who were a

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cure to animal health. Woman Lebua Tolyatti him well, I'm your Sadiq Khan, because he be him. Well, um, you're in Humana hold me him for who I'm in need one. I mean, Hope was sorry, do I

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Allen help. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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listen to me and listen closely.

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Verily, after me, there will come leaders and whoever enters upon these leaders. And this is a very important thing because it's mistranslated on many of the Hadith websites. All right, if you read many of the Hadith websites, it'll say, and believes their lives. But tell us Do you saw Dick use a depot home means to affirm their lies. So whoever enters upon an oppressor a leader, and then affirms their lies, not just believes their lies, affirms their lies, and aids them in their oppression, then they are not for me, and I am not from them. And they will have no place from drinking from the health from the fountain of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam, on the Day

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of Judgment, very specific. And he said, salallahu Salam, and whoever does not enter upon them, and does not affirm their lives, and does not aid them in their oppression, then that person is from me, and I am from them, and they will drink from my health on the Day of Judgment, they will drink from my fountain, on the Day of Judgment, may Allah make us amongst those who drink from the hand of our beloved messenger, salallahu alayhi wa salam, it's an interesting Hadith. And I want to break it down, because there's obviously the line here. That is that is very pertinent to the idea of dispelling propaganda as a specific deed here, number one, the Hadith gets complicated in regards to

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whether you're talking about a Muslim leader, or an open enemy, right, an opposition, someone who's Muslim or someone who's from the opposition, right? Because if it's a Muslim leader, and it's within the OMA, if it's a Halifa, or someone who has been, who has, you know, allegiance from the Muslims, then there are going to be some differences in the outcome and the rulings of the scholars of Hadith will decipher here. So for one, obviously, of the three things, the prophet slice, and I mentioned, whoever enters upon them, whoever affirms their lives, or whoever aids them in their oppression.

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The second two of those three are haram no matter what the second two of those three are haram no matter what meaning what. And this is, of course, what we see that happens today, you have a Muslim leader, who is obviously committing all sorts of atrocities that is supporting and oppression and enabling oppression. And you have those that will unfortunately appear with them and actually repeat their propaganda, repeat their lies, and it comes with a very particular type of legitimacy when it has the cloak of a shift the cloak of Anna, right to affirm their lies, right? And by doing so giving a religious authority or religious veneer to the oppression that they are committing. All

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right. So this is not permissible. Regardless, however, is it permissible to enter upon a leader to enter upon a person who's a Khalifa or a ruler to be in the presence absolutely to be with them is not absolutely prohibited? Especially if there's Manasa, half there's some sort of advising towards them or something of that sort. It's not prohibited in and of itself. The question becomes, how much of your behavior towards them? Is it crowd or income? Is it you know, insinuating support for what they're doing? Or insinuating? At least the distancing from their evil, even if it's by a shot, if it's by your your deeds, your actions, right? So singing in a sheet to to an oppressor is probably,

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you know, not something that would fall into this right? Or praising them, while overlooking their deeds doesn't fall into this. But you know, you give a do, or you're present and the same gathering or there's something that takes place, you're in the same space, and you're giving them advice. That's not enough to disqualify someone. And that's important in this day and age where it's very easy to just take a picture out of context and then completely delegitimize, you know, a person who's the head of like,

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a group of scholars in some Muslim country and to say, this person has no legitimacy anymore. That's not fair either. Right? So there are extremes in this. And there's important nuance here. That is to be derived when it comes to the first one. This obviously does not apply when you're talking about someone who's an open enemy. To the Muslims. This is not talking about Benjamin Netanyahu, or someone who shamelessly would take what they call faith washing trip to Israel, and pose with the president or pose with the Prime Minister and say, you know, I was just building a relationship. I was giving Netanyahu mostly a hand and yeah, who doesn't need your and I'll see you trust me, or I

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was giving him advice. Talking about how we can build peace doesn't count and that is absolutely disqualifying and disgraceful. But what about the second two things are Anna Homer and alumium to aid them in their oppression? So I'm going to leave

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The middle one for last because it's the one that's most pertinent to this discussion. I know how mad alumium goes back to the boycott discussion that we were having and the madman model with the behemoth Allah he says, When email Rahim Allah was in prison the prison guard came to him and he said yeah, about Abdullah and Hadith Allah the ruya fee for the volume with the volume where I want him. He said the Hadith its narrative about a volume about the oppressors who are wanting and those that support them. He says so he is authentic Muhammad Rahim. Allah said yes, imagine him I'm Muhammad is in prison. The prison guard is asking him is the Hadith about those who aid the

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oppressor authentic or not? He said yes. So the Sudan, the prison, the prison guard asked the enemy in Atlanta Halima. So am I from the people that aid the oppressor? So you might Muhammad responded to him and he said Atlanta walima man yet Hulu Shahrukh while UFC Roebuck while you're sleeping or alimak While your Biru were steady MC? He said no the aid of an oppressor the one who aids an oppressor in your situation. Is your barber. The one who makes your food, the one who buys and sells from you. He says for unmanned for Anta Minho, as for you, you are actually an oppressor.

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Your your your way worse in this hadith than you think the one who actually deals with you. And just support you in your day to day is from Atlanta. What am I that the prophets lies I'm just talking about from those who ate an oppressor. There's another famous story about Savannah photo Mala which is also noted that the Hujjat, the Taylor came to him. And he mentioned that, you know, I tailored garments for the Sultan, who's clearly an oppressor. So do I count amongst the Lama do I count amongst the oppressors, and he says, Well, antamina balama, and foresee him rather you are one of the oppressors. And this shows you this idea, again, of not participating in any way. So it goes

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back to the discussion we were having about boycotts about the religiosity of this affair, of not purchasing, of not partaking, when we can prevent ourselves from anything that can be used towards the oppression of our brothers and sisters or strengthen the case or the position of those that oppress our brothers and sisters.

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Now, the middle one is the interesting one, which is to affirm their lies or to deny their lies in public. The prophets lie Selim mentioned to us the virtue of Kadima to hack and the salon and judge

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to speak a word of truth in the face of an oppressor. The connection between speaking a word of truth in the face of the oppressor and this is that here you are not talking to the oppressor directly. You're talking outside of the oppressor, you're facing outward, and you are dispelling their lies. So speaking a truth to their face, or dispelling a falsehood to their audience, to those that are on the other side. This is a powerful connection to what the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam is predicting about the times that come because we know that as time goes on the standards of truth and the standards of truth bearers both go down, so has the element mentioned, in Jack

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confessing from being Abba and for to begin both the level of forsook you know, Allah says in the Quran, if a wicked person comes to you, with news, then verify it, both the wickedness, the standard of wickedness, and the standard of verification, wither away over time. Right. So what would have made you a fast back then who's not trustworthy? Right? You'd be considered one of the odd out today, one of the greatest friends of Allah today. And the levels of verification have also gone down. So it takes one person how many times by the way, and I'm just being real here, because I see it in our community to shift Did you hear what happens? What happened? And then like some ridiculous

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outlandish News, I'm not gonna say I heard it tonight before a shot but you get the point. All right, not tonight. Before I shall, by the way, just so no one feels targeted here. Right? Where do you hear it from? I saw it on WhatsApp. Someone passed it on. And why do you think it's real? Well, because the person that forwarded it, right is a good Muslim is someone who seems to be trustworthy. And that person, of course, forwarded it from someone else who forwarded him someone else and then forwarded from someone else. And the next thing you know, you had, you know, like someone speaking out to be on American Idol, you know, saying Free Palestine and just all sorts of things. It's like,

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where did this even come from, but the standards of both the truth bearer as well as what we consider to be verified and true, have gone down so much.

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So it takes one person to say something for a lie to spread, especially if you're considered somewhat reliable in

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in your community now to dispel propaganda,

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to actually do the opposite of what the prophet slice on the saying here, that I will not affirm the lie of an oppressor, I will not affirm the lie of a propagandist, even if that means I'm going to speak to my 1015 5500 people.

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But when the oppressor lies, I will be there to dispel that lie. And subhanAllah what you have happening right now in the world is a chorus of that. You have a bunch of people that don't have the power of the machine, but have the power of their numbers that immediately point out the ridiculousness of the propaganda that's coming out of Israel. I'm just let's talk about how silly and ridiculous their propaganda is. Right? They have lied so many times at this point. But I want you to imagine a world where social media didn't exist. Right, the lies would have been run with and there would have been no counter voice, no counterbalance. But here's Subhanallah, we have a

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connection to this very particular line, to not affirm a liar, either actively or passively. And to instead, say that this is Kevin, this is a lie, and to respond with the truth. Now here's the interesting thing about this hadith and how it all comes together at the end, messenger of Allah salaam salaam says, I am from that person, and they are from me.

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And that is a person that will drink from my hand at the help at the fountain May Allah Subhana. Allah make us amongst those people who drink from the health of the Prophet sallallahu. And he was right. What's the connection here? There are a few things that the scholar has mentioned number one, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said it will only philosopher find me amongst the weak and of the downtrodden. The lowest category, rather the highest category, right? Of the thought of the weak ones and the downtrodden ones are unlovable mean, there are a much kinder Pokhara, there are people that are poor, there are people that are destitute, there are people that are orphans, the lowest in

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terms of class, the highest in terms of rank, would be a mumble Rumi would be those who are oppressed. The prophets like Selim, when he was alive, is saying to the Sahaba find me amongst the downtrodden in Bologna philosopher, you're going to look for me, you will find me amongst them * tours Akona Whetstone Sorona Illa with lava eco, are you supported or given victory, except by the way that you treat your downtrodden ones, except by the way that you treat, especially your oppressed students? Are you going to be given victory and help from Allah's pants? I accepted that measure. And so one of the connections of the scholars mentioned is that those who would have found

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themselves in closest proximity to the prophets lie someone he was alive, will find themselves in closest proximity to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hereafter. And that's a powerful connection. So when he mentioned Salallahu, Alaihe Salam, the closest people to him are the people of the bus flock, the best character were in Nicola hook, and Arlene, the prophets, like some had the best character. So if you wanted to be with him, then you wanted to emulate his character as much as possible. So you would naturally be in close proximity to him SallAllahu Sallam in this life, and therefore in the Hereafter, as well. So that's one of the connections that their intimate

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mentioned here is that the prophets lie some himself would have been amongst the oppressed. The second one is that those who are in proximity to the prophets lie Selim, in this life will be closest to him at his Salatu was Salam in the next life. And the third one is in regards to the difficulty of shinda.

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The severity of taking this type of a stance, now here's where I really want us to take a moment in sha Allah to Allah and relate the moment that we're in right now.

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Everything that's going to come our way, as a community here in the United States, especially look, they just passed a resolution in Congress today, that anti Zionism is anti Zionism is anti semitism. So congratulations, I assume all of you are not anti semitic. All right, because I assume everyone in here is anti Zionist. And if you're not, then Marcella, please go to another Masjid. All right. Anti Zionism Zionism is anti semitism. What's next? Losing your job, you're an anti Semite. Your organization's your institutions. There is a there's a risk here. And we can't be silly, and think that this isn't moving in a certain direction. Where we have to have hikma we have to be wise, we

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also have to be steadfast. Right? We have to be wise, but we have to be steadfast.

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And I want you to think in the mind of a young companion who hears from the prophets of Allah when he was Saddam.

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That the way that you act in

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In regards to the suppressor

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is going to determine your being from me or my being from you, and your proximity to me at the help at the fountain of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that the way that you act when you see an oppressor, who by necessity, according to this hadith is someone who's trying to get people to affirm their lies, and is trying to get people to aid them in their oppression, oppressors rarely act if ever act alone, right? So they're naturally looking for people to affirm their lies, their media, and they're looking for people to support them in insidious ways. If you're a hobby of the prophets, I summon you here, by the way, do you want to be at my health?

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You want to be at my fountain on the Day of Judgment, you want to be drinking from my hand, this is what you do, or you want to not be near me on the day of judgment, this is how you act, then your ears are perking and your heart is fully inclined to everything the messenger of allah sallallahu Islam is about to say. You understand the severity of it, when the prophets lie, some says that so clearly, the greatness of the reward is in accordance with the severity of the trial. And yes, yes, Pamela, you know, the most difficult lava that the Muslims ever faced, wants you to think about this. The most difficult a little bit the most difficult estrangement and disillusionment the

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Muslims ever faced. A tequila Toluna, Rosalyn and Jacobi Allah,

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that you would kill a man just because he says, My Lord is Allah. And because he refuses to affirm the greatest Kedem the greatest lie, which is that the prophets of Allah Azza wa Salam is not a messenger of Allah, that he is all of the names that they were calling him, that was the hardest time. Right? We're affirming ally, Matt, literally saying things about the prophets lie. Some are saying things about Allah. And speaking the most simple truth of that Allah, Allah Allah was enough to earn you persecution.

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And as we go to times of estrangement,

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Subhan Allah, you're living in a time we're speaking the most basic truths about fitrah. About what people know about the humanity of children, women, innocent civilians, where, you know, the eyes are very clear as to what they're seeing, could put you at risk with your job could put our Islamic organizations at risk, as the laws become more draconian and more McCarthy's and it's going to take us to have a certain type of attitude, as a community. So what I'm saying is, Be wise, but read yourself into the Hadith,

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that Alhamdulillah you have the ability

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to call out the lies when you see them. And whatever capacity and I know we're already seeing the fatigue Subhanallah in regards to this two months, and we're already getting tired, renew it by reading these Hadith sometimes, and saying to yourself, I want to be that person who does not affirm the lies that are coming out from this propaganda machine. And I will speak these truths. And I will seek the daylights out of with that. Allah azza wa jal is pleasure, I will seek that position with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because of the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam was amongst us, in his physical proximity in this dunya we know that the prophets lie, some would be

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with our brothers and sisters who are being oppressed right now. You know, they're very few things Pantalon and I'll end with this very few things that you can say if the prophets lie, some was here, then I know he would be here.

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Right. And it's, it's honestly not something that's praiseworthy. It's something that should usually be avoided, like if he was here, he would certainly be doing this. That's a very dangerous line to say.

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But I don't think there's any doubt in our minds where the prophets lie, some would be in regards to the people of Gaza right now. Right, and so our hearts, our tongues, our efforts continue in that direction, even if it is refusing to affirm the lies of this machine. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to join us with our brothers and sisters, around our beloved prophet Sallallahu Sallam and is held on the Day of Judgment. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for the oppressed wherever they are. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to grant them and us strength to continue in ways that are pleasing to Him and to overcome those who oppress them a llama. I mean, it was like a

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little fight. I was saying I want to come on

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