Allah Loves Those who Are Patient

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The speaker discusses the importance of patient in Islam, as it is the cornerstone of Islam. They stress the need for patient in general, especially in times of adversity and fear. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of practice patient, especially in times of fear and fearless behavior.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen today we're going to look at another virtue that Allah subhanaw taala loves, that will

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make me loved by Allah subhanaw taala and that's the virtue of Sobor being patient in Allahu Akbar Cybrary Voila, law for your humble slavery, Allah Verily, Allah loves those who are in constant in constant virtue or habit of character, of being patient. And what is patient.

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Patient in general, originally support comes from a plant called salvar, which is basically cactus, a plant that looks very tough from the outside, very bitter when you first bite, but then becomes very sweet. So what is it? It's basically I am linguistically I am control, I am withholding Islamically I am withholding my reactions, my words, my tongue, my heart, my body, I am withholding it. In when I am faced with a state of adversity. Something happened around me that I don't like it. It's painful. It's not pleasant, I don't want to do that. I need to practice patient. It's a very highly virtuous act. And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned it in the Quran more than 90 times in many

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forms and ways and the one we are talking about is one Wahiba slavery, Allah loves those who are always in a state of sober being patient. So what is it what what what, where do I need to be patient. So here I am. Ramadan itself is the number one month I need to be patient, because I am putting myself willingly in a state that it is not used to it. I am usually used to eat and drink whenever I want, or at least for two or three times a day. Ramadan comes in and I am holding my self that I'm not going to eat from this time to this time this needs. This needs to be patient and I am doing it that's why they say a sub or a solace for sub fasting is half patient. So Al hamdu Lillahi

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Rabbil Alameen, we all can say we are already practicing, being patient, then comes into the patience in my life. Other than fasting, there is patient and that's how actually scholar is divided. There is patience to be obedient to Allah. And there is patients to stay away from the disobedience of Allah and there is patient when I am exposed or when I am facing calamity or I'm facing adversity. These are three so in practicality today, I need to be patient and I'm actually patient because I'm fasting I'm withholding I want to go and drink water. I want to go and eat but I am holding it because as please Allah subhanaw taala then I normally or maybe I'm faced with

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something I like to look at it but that something is not pleasing to Allah. I am holding. I'm going to say I'm not going to do this. I'm going to lower my gaze. I am practicing patient and then I am faced with something I don't like simple I am cooking preparing a for and then Subhanallah it get burned. I need to say Candela Allah Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah decree, and whatever Allah decree will happen, and I'm not going to complain. I don't like it. But I'm not going to complain. And I'm if I don't, I can do it. I'm going to say your Allah, please help me to do this. Or for example, I'm spending my private time with Allah I have this 1015 minutes and then someone in the house comes and

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mom gives me this on can you answer this? And then I get unhappy, I get upset. I want my time with Allah subhanaw taala. Now remember, I need to practice patient, my response will be can we do this later on? Can it wait without being upset? Easy said not easy done. What helps me to do that? Couple of things. Number one, remember Allah is a sub or one of the names of Allah subhanaw taala Azabu the patient. So when I want to practice patient, I'm going to turn to Him in my supplication. And I'm going to say yes or more somebody, your Allah you are the one who is the patient. Give me this virtue. Show me, teach me and help me to practice it. Number two, I remember a verse in the Quran in

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my wasabi Runa I drunk the

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behavior if he sub worldly, those who practice patient they will be rewarded with our reward that is not counted on accountable everything in our day is one time Stan I'll hustler garage. Alrighty, I'm sorry. I do a good deed I'll get done except patient. Except patient is on

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accounted for. And also it's said that patient is half of faith. It's a hadith of Francois de Soto's half of iman, half of faith is being patient, I need to be patient, meaning I'm going to turn to Allah says your Allah make me go through this difficult time without complaint with looking and remind reminding myself that you are the wise al Hakim, you are a Rama and you are the merciful. And Tarzan you are the one who gives sustenance helped me to go through this. The more I practice this by teaching myself the more natural, I will become patient and have a soiree salatu salam said in numerous sobre with the sambar becoming patient is by practicing it, let's practice it, I'll feel

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but remember what we learned so far, doing good, Allah loves those I'm watching, then I'm going to think of probably than Allah who would to lobby he loves those who repent and goes back to him. And Allah loves him attacking those who are Allah conscious all the time, these three will help me to be patient because I'm with Allah subhanaw taala if I am not patient, I remember those and this will help me look at to three things in your day to day that you were tested. As an individual, you're tested with the people around you, you're you were tested with the act of obedience to Allah, what do you were tested with an act of this obedience to Allah. And let's see how much you can practice

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patient. Remember, in America wasabia Gerakan, the hierarchy sub worldly, those who practice patient who are in a constant state of patient they will be rewarded and accounted for think of the reward. Think of the Day of Judgment think of your book in the Hereafter. And then when it is open, you will find all these rewards patient becomes easy, your biani Zack MOBA