Ramadan is just a few days

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The speaker discusses the idea that the recent "monster sale" is a short sale that will finish soon, and that people should not be lazy. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of following Islam's guidance and not being lazy. The sale is not a complete waste of time, and people should not be afraid of leaving their social media accounts.

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model that just a few days even always remind yourself from Amman is just a few days. These few days make up what the next day or shall Ramadan, these few days make up a month. But look at the attitude when I say a month,

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a month at all of the big but if I see a Yemen might do that just a few days. It sounds really quick. The the sense of panic and urgency is created within the heart once again, and he's just a few days and it's gone. It's like a short sale and it finishes Hurry up before the sale ends that that kind of idea Yemen might do that. So it's simple, it's easy. We start all of a sudden, 10 days over, all of a sudden, we're in the last 10 Nights all of a sudden, well, whoever did the most that hamdulillah and who didn't cut that Allah Who Michelle follow in that Allah What was your own it would be a calamity. For Don't be lazy. Push yourself the doors of the Paradise open Allah he's

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freeing people from the fire and a few days and all this is over. spend the nights with the Quran without relying on social withdrawal or charity during the day will avoid the Haram and it's only a few days show Allah azza wa jal that you really appreciate that He has given your life until you witness Ramadan, show gratitude to Allah How are you going to thank Allah? If he was to give you a life to Ramadan? How do you intend to thank Allah? Do you have a plan in how you're going to think Allah Sasha? Wala? Is it just the usual come back from work and sit on the couch lazy hand in the phone all day, carelessly strolling away from post to post, from reel to reel, something music,

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something, something Darwin something a woman, so give her a hug, you're going to spend it on mobile like this.

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Whether this is the Ramadan of the foolish people, Ramadan of the ignorant Ramadan of those who did not see and acknowledge Allah's blessing upon them, for under my advice, shut down your social media, except to that which will benefit you and keep you motivated and inspired, at least for this month, at least for this month, shut it down altogether. There is nothing on it. Trust me, there's nothing on it one lucky there's nothing. It's just the height that the wall has made that everyone's on it. Otherwise, in reality, what benefit hasn't brought in your life. If anything, it's wasted your time. When they if you sit with yourself and hold yourself accountable. If you're humble

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enough, you will acknowledge that it is only wasted your time. Go and sit with people that have never opened a social media account in their life. See what they do see you then what you're missing out on. That's the real life is away from all this, at least at least follow my will and keep away except as I said then if you need it, because there's something beneficial or there's an episode and you know that it's planned to be aired in Ramadan. Then Hollis go in for that and come out. Because that's only from the goodness that you can do in Ramadan. Other than that, turn away from all these things.