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AI: Summary © The success of Islam's " handy" campaign during the month of year one of the Islamist movement is attributed to the use of " handy" messages, with a promise to encourage fasting, a focus on self discipline, and a desire to control one's anger and thoughts. The winners are described as winners of the past, those who have made promises and performed well, and those who have lost their minds and faith. The "monster" in Islam is essential to managing one's behavior, and sharing experiences and creating a atmosphere of joy and happiness for families is crucial. The segment also touches on issues faced by Muslims in China, such as the loss of their religion and the struggles of their Muslim counterparts.
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Allah Akbar

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar rolling in Hamed Al Hamdulillah in Al Hamdulillah Hina Hamid who want to serene who want to steal Pharaoh who want to really when are we learning Shruti and fusino Amis are Marina May the Learn for them will be Lella Homer Euclid Fela heard yella Washington

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law who are the hula Cherie Keller Why should one know Mohammed Abu Rasool?

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Yeah, you are Lavina Amyl Tapachula haka to party Hola. Hola. And to Muslim moon. Yeah, you handle so Takakura Bakula? The halacha. Committee FC Wahida. Ohana caminhadas of Jehovah thymine homage L and Kathina when he says what Tapachula Levita set Aluna he will or ham in the law who can add equal more upheaval and equality Alhamdulillah hymnody team will be nearby to the Saudi heart of pecan Allah subhanho wa Taala Alicia hurry Lissoni Shari a cm Shari Ramadan chahatein Cam it will help me to fit in. As usual. We'll focus on LMT fairly Emery, and I'm gonna wear it Vicki Toby as usual fee Surah Al Baqarah you will arena amo cootie Valley cu cm. Kim equity Valentina mean publikum La La

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Quinta tahune a yam and MA do that.

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So dear brothers, it is a great name. It is a great bounty from Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah made it easy for us to fast during the the whole month of Ramadan. We we obeyed the Command of Allah subhanho wa Taala but without his help, without his support, we wouldn't be able to fulfill this duty. And we fulfill this duty following his command in Surah Al Baqarah when he said in a 183 Yeah, you will Edina Mn O you who have believed, fasting is prescribed upon you as it was prescribed upon those before you learn the content tekun So that you may become attain taco or will become people of taco and when he said a yam and MA do that for a limited number of days.

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For a limited number of days Allah Subhana Allah is saying emphasizing here these concepts, they are a few days and Allah subhanaw taala emphasized this meaning to make it easy for people to fast had to show you a nurse Allah cm for most Hartlepool, a yam and Madhu that it's a very short period of time. It was a very short journey.

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Them corvina hamara Lavon couldn't mental TV he could look them up on Barbie Suraj Eva Kuhlman Delta TV LGMA huge May Allah has a shore and they have a charmer Robbie Sarathi and as Shiva. Everyone is saying that Ramadan, we did not actually feel it. The passing of Ramadan was very quick.

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And yet here one in this very short journey, people were divided into two groups.

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Winners and Losers. Alpha is una will house the room.

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And for Zune I will house your own annual fellows you

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run. They were divided into two groups who are the winners. They are the one who fasted they are the one who pray during night time they perform night prayer and He gave us other cards and he recited the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala during the month of Ramadan with faith and counting on Allah's generosity to reward them

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anticipating Allah's rewards on the day of judgment

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and the losers made excuses and therefore they lost a golden opportunity that will never be recovered. Why? Because the Ramadan of 2021 will not come back. We never come back.

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across the room Cassie Ramadan elfin what you actually do on Amazon alpha and fin where they're actually linearity,

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alarm Academy eco Ramadan and Fein Athena actually lacking heavy influence of the heavy eater. Delphine watershed inland 30 Hubbardton. Talking about the winners, when I mentioned here the success and talking about the story of the winners. This is a hello reward. That Masha Allah all those who made the effort will get it beat me later, Anna, because this was a promise made by Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam in different Hadith

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but there are some other level of success. There are other lessons great lessons that we can learn from Ramadan.

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Allah subhanaw taala said that the end of a 183 Landa contractor code, so that you might, some of them translate it as that you may learn self restraint. And I really like this translation with other along with other translations. Because this here this translation is talking about self restraint and it is part of Taqwa self control, self discipline, moderate behavior.

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And these, these, these are the character traits of a sub rune, the people have suburb and that's why in a pool as a CMS has to CMS sub s as a CMS summer.

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The essence of fasting is server.

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And here we're talking about Yahoo and a different level of success.

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Because the people who were able to develop this inner powers

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I'm talking about inner powers will be able to control the desires, they will be able to control their anger, they will be able to control their thoughts. And these are major components of Taqwa.

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major components of taco definitely is usually translated as fear of Allah subhanaw taala but it includes all these beautiful meanings. He said it had caffeine FC, it had confy machinery, it had confusion harati Have you called me to do Rasul Allah? Allah to Allah Muhammad in Sami Madras Sati Ramadan, madrasa, Avi Majid footlocker sera working with Druce, Avi Majeed, these qualities yet one these qualities beautiful qualities that I mentioned now, are highly needed nowadays.

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When we deal with marital conflicts,

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when we deal with the issues of tarbiyah, raising our children

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or even dealing with other events in our life, like losing a job, having to deal with a rebellious child, having to deal with the rebellious spouse

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or having to deal with a business partner who is misbehaving or a community member who doesn't feel Allah subhanho wa taala.

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We need these qualities. That's why there is a saying that wisdom I like the wisdom of the saying that says the patient can have apples, apple juice, applesauce and, and so forth. And better than this is the saying of Allah subhanaw taala in Surah Al Baqarah Yeah, you have Lavina is studying over slavery was solar in the Lahoma slavery

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fair one had he see fertility MacKinnon? Netta. Allah Muhammad Ramadan, Natasha if you hire Tina Leonean give you the URL it is purely incidental as OJT will just be resocialize of Shiva waste whisper is led by Peter bol Abner who is going to be admitted

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to severe endemic will index sherek fatigue era where could you see what homiletic altars were? Why men are fragile jelly Allah half Allah subhanaw taala only MK Wahaca that will have a southern NEC for other emergency Fantine Ambia or civetta Salim.

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So we have word, Allah subhanaw taala said in this area, you will have to administer in OB somebody was salah, in the MaHA Savini Oh you have believed seek aid seek how see see care for it.

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In patience and prayers or through patients and prayers. Allah is truly with those who are patient. There are people who when they face issues in life, they face hardship. They turn to what to alcohol, drinking alcohol, using drugs, substance abuse, or even committing suicide or turning to depression. A true believer will never think about these choices.

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Never a true believer always knows his path Sobor patients and prayers will fully placing his trust in Allah subhana wa Tala and movement and happy PRF Torito sobre wa salatu wa mitoku will come in Allah azza wa jal

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and yet when we know we know the virtues, we Muslims are familiar with the virtues of patience, patience with suburb we know that Allah Subhana Allah mentioned a suburb in 9090, maybe more than 90 verses of the Quran. We know that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a famous Hadith Mustafa Ali Marathi hadoo Napa and who were hired what oh settlement server

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that new one has been given

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have something better than or more ample gift, then endurance,

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then suburb and yet many of us associate suburb with what? With weakness, lack of capacity, retirement, resignation, or maybe even once acceptance of intimidation

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and the meaning of someone has nothing to do with this negative meanings can determine a nasty lemon Kilimo enough called a mama who Kalamata summer. Arabic have a VAF that for Shazia

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the little healer

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Adam in Qudra, Allah tesoros Adam Qudra, Anna Yanni Mohammed a nurse, where the hopper

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Hopper Kabir, a summer lay and he had in mind is here.

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Summer means the power, I want you to pay attention this to this summer means the power to manage your affairs and the issues that you face in life in the best possible way.

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To you solve your problems with a minimum damage. Dealing with a rebellious child, how can you solve your problems with a minimum damage? How can you help him get out from that zone of disobedience into the zone of obedience with a minimum damage? How to manage this issue? It doesn't mean lack of capacity.

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It doesn't mean you're an inability not being able to do things.

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And yeah, what if we mastered the skills during the month of Ramadan? That would be one of the greatest lessons that we learn from the school of Ramadan? Is Allah subhanaw taala and he will say canaliculi fail a cornucopia there was suffering.

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100 amino salatu salam ala COVID Mursaleen Sina Muhammad Lila early he was sacked me he is right.

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The religion they are brothers, we need to share the happiness of read with our children.

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We need to share the happiness of aid with our children. This is our eat and we need to make it a special occasion for them. So their hearts grow fonder of this occasion of the celebration, and they don't seek for an alternative.

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I know we are very limited these days with the local restrictions, but we need to be creative and try to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness within a with our families. For this new read an attention

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deficit. We have the lead we're Lucia Falana the other material aid who Farhatullah eat Mr. Ito Medallia we need to buy gifts for them and make them happy because there are other alternatives Luffy better and further Mustafa fees are covered motel if if he if

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there are other celebrations, so you don't want them to look for alternative you need to make eat a special occasion for them. Yanni definitely we have an easy way to show him the Farhatullah eat. I tell you for killer macrobenthic To * your famous Alasania. It will look like Christmas abdominal eight hour Halloween abdominal eight or so on and so forth. Further Kadima Himeji causing insomnia when it will eat good Alec may Amina Murphy Manor and Nicola ma at financial AXA, measured Luxor one Hamid Philistine Well, I noticed that you only had one on a few Philistine who had the fibula to see in Myanmar. With the Kashmir look at Ellicottville Yemen Luffy. Libya will fill Iraq Kofi Surya

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Villa to share for cooler heavy Hill kava Embree and Kelvin pm I will add in any we need to we may need to talk to our children about Al Aqsa. And the issue of the Palestinian issue. You don't have to be a Palestinian to talk to your children about in Masjid Al Aqsa, and the status of a masjid and xi in Islam. It is the third sacred place.

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Third sacred place in Islam 34 people attain fairly Philharmonie shuifeng

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and it belongs it doesn't belong to Palestinians only Al Aqsa belongs to the entire Muslim Ummah. Every Muslim has a share. In that place, it's a sacred place. Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah out of the desert. It was made as a sacred place where Allah subhanaw taala so we talked to them about the crimes of the Zionist and what are they doing there so they don't forget. We don't want them to forget the sacred place this forget the third sacred place in Islam. Okay, very cool.

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I have a column where we're talking about Alexa we need to awkward Okay. Also talk about the other issues that Muslims are facing Muslims in China, Muslims in India in Kashmir, in Syria below the Shem in Iraq, below the Yemen,

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Libya and the Muslims are suffering in these places and it's Allah subhanaw taala and encouraged to convert him without the ruler who are dedicated to anti Muslim either we can Erica we need to talk to them remember some of our mache 100 We should have been Muslim, some of our Muslim scholars and some of our youth who are jailed and detained without any valid reason in many Muslim countries. This Allah Subhana Allah differenti corbetta When you focus on Allah, Allah fitna and our have no to Paulina in the country to Abu Rahim Allah we're learning much about Allah. Allahu Morphett manometric aborto Allah learning much better off and I wish Bakasana yesterday Umrah Taco Bell Mina

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cm 1pm a relatively nominal Roman Allahu Akbar Mina sia Maratea Mona Shi nominal Moromi Allahu Akbar Mina cm Oh pm

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Allahu Allah if you heard the shahada, curry Meenal fettucine Allah Masha Allah Chanda Mina otoko eco Amina na are going to have learned as well as you know the reality in

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which you deal with Tokina imam or have been it Nephi dunya Hassan

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Hassan walking in there I've ever not Aloha, my name is Uncle Ginetta Anna older becoming a now Allahumma Eman is a local gym meta whenever you become even more Allahumma in nearness. Alkyl Ginetta when you become even more Allahumma selenia Tina was the Hanged Man and it was known as OSHA Tina was letting overreacting I wasn't gonna comment and if he had he'd be let alone my Nana who became a sharing economy if you have Ebola, Allah manana only becoming shadow economy if you have Ebola Allahumma Inanna older becoming shadow your comment if he had Ebola? Or bananas you know what I mean? Anyway, I'm in the current al Aziz Rahim from banana Shinagawa and Lena and in May I'm alone

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in the current tell us he's a heap of bananas Janeiro in me may I minored in accounting disease or Rahim, Allah Houma in Nana's medical field those are liminal Jana. Allah may Manas mo for those Alleman agenda for each property when in and Muslimeen if you are the visitor for the steed, Allah Allah furnish corbetta home for high school better when in a Muslim Nina Phoebe daddy Sham, if you are the Idlib of Ebola in Iraq fulfill Yemen, with the Libya with the belated Hindu Kashmir will fibula the same with equally out of the nuth Qaddafi has mukha Allah Myanmar furnish corbetta also Romana how to recover do we him Allahumma amo monitoring I know him well so when when and

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where he'd been a spoofing emoji Masha Allah hum, whacking demand dramatic a Hammond Rahim Allah Muhammad Allah they can also have enough equally mocha that they can also happiness equally material and then they can also have enough equally McCann, also Dina Kawakita McCrary Veronica Saad he will hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen to come the lovely no Nico, were coolamon to him before you were either