Alaa Elsayed – If you want Allah to listen to you

Alaa Elsayed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the conversation with Allah and how some people may procrastinate and not pray. They also mention the struggles people face in their lives and how they may be able to become worse. The speaker suggests that if people do not want to admit to their true feelings, they may be able to become worse.
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So let us talk about the second type of conversation

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with Allah Subhana Allah Viola

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indeed, some of the scholars would tell you if you want olanzapine Allah tala to listen to you if you want to speak to Allah pray if you want to listen to Allah, listen to the Quran

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so now at the end of the day

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we already know the answer if you pray what happens if you don't pray what happens?

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So some of us will procrastinate self tube, after which 40 after perform Hajj after I get married.

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That Mahabharata many

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you're writing the waves of false hopes.

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Imagine yourself

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standing in front of Allah subhana wa Jalla. Viola when he asked you questions, you limit them to suddenly my slave Why did you not pray? What excuse will you do? What will you say? Where will you run? Where will you hide?

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I was rich. I was poor. I was good looking places to go things to do.

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people to see.

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Love La La he

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that some of us are worse than shaytaan sapan en la.

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How could you be worse than shaytaan?

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Is it possible for you actually to be called worse than Jay Todd.

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I'm sure you know who I'm talking about nguni through introduction.

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You knew who was worse than shaytaan.

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The one that does not.

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Because O'Meara shape on yesterday, Adam.

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Adam Lee st Lila Eva value Houma.

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la de Amara Yes, Judy Adam forever. Melody Omar is de la Eva. Which one is worse. Shaytan was commanded to bow down in respect to Adam. And the children of Adam

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was commanded to bow down to Allah love Yoda and they refused which one is worse, the one that was commanded to bow down to Adam and he refused, or the one that was commanded to bow down to Allah and refused so paronella

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imagine yourself on Jasmine d s e n o t, where everyone

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will prostrate to Allah Subhana. Allah, Allah. When Allah Subhana Allah, Allah comes Zhu start judgment in a way befitting His Majesty, yo Moksha Kwanzaa without notice to Jude Fela your stuffy own.

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When Allah comes visiting his majesty,

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they will prostrate, they will be asked to prostrate and they will not be able to.

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So if you prostrated to allow supine agenda in this dunya you would be able to prostrate to Allah on the in the hereafter. If he did not prostrate to Allah here you will not be given that glory or the chance to prostrate to a loss why now gelato. So what's holding you back

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