Habib Bobat – Love For The Poor

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of treating people in the poor community, showing respect and value for their assets, and not partnering with people who need financial assistance. They stress the need to treat people differently, such as showing respect and value for their assets, and emphasize the importance of education and clothing for family members and the need for financial aid for education. They also mention a former leader who had a message to bring people back to their home and emphasize the need to treat people differently, such as showing respect and value for their assets.
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Alhamdulillah in Africa who when a star you know who and so Pharaoh when are all the winner him in shuru fusina woman say Dr. Medina Maja Hello fellow mobile Allah.

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Allah hi Deanna when a shadow in a Hi Lo shadow la sharika wanna shadow Mohammed Abu rasuluh I'm about to pull out a

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module for recording heavy, all the winner him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem was Bill nurse Second Lady in Arizona Rob boom Bill valachi redo and

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so the

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honorable Oliver respected elders and brothers

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the kindness, the courtesy the law of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam extended to the rich and the poor alike.

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He treated both classes of society with dignity.

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He looked after the rich, and he looked after the poor also.

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he respected and showed courtesy to the rich as well as the poor.

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His gatherings made up of the rich and the poor.

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On one side, we had been out of naraba Salma alpha allphotossee su haber rooming hubub raviolo ta learn from

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the poor companions. At the same time in the same gathering, he would have up drachmas mouth. The wealthy companions of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was man and avani Roby alone. And the other sahabas

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the leaders of Qureshi came to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and they said, Oh, Mohammed, we wish to engage you. We want to discuss with you with regards to Islam.

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But we've got one problem.

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We cannot sit in the same gathering, together with the poor companions of yours.

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We'll talk about Islam, but remove the poor companions. Remove these poor people from your gatherings, and we'll talk to you

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Allah sing down revelation, when I talk to the lady in a rock don't belong to Allah she.

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O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do not disperse. Do not chase away, do not drive away the poor companions from your gatherings.

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Who are these companions? Allah praises him so highly. You're the owner of beloved to Allah Sheikh,

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Mohammed Salah, these people cannot be chased from your gathering. They call my name day in and day out. They remember me during the morning and they remember me at night, you cannot chase them for me.

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And so it was told to the leaders of Croatia, if you want to engage, then sit in the same gathering otherwise there is no other gathering for you.

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This is the respect the dignity and the honor of law afforded the poor people

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of Lahore but if you peep into the life of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam his conduct towards the poor was phenomenal, outstanding.

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He won over the hearts of the poor, that every Sahabi felt that he was the closest to Rasulullah sallallahu

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every Sahaba he felt that the Prophet of Allah loved him the most of Lahore.

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There was a Sahabi by the name of za Hill, bin Hara do low tala Han who a poor companion, not good looking also, he stayed on the outskirts of Medina in the villages.

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But the prophet of Allah loves them to a great deal.

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Very often he would bring gifts for Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and he would visit Medina and likewise the Prophet of Allah would give him something in return when he was leaving, he would say to the Sahaba za, here is our village, and we are city dwellers, meaning Zion would bring to the profit of a lot of things which you would not find in the city. And likewise the Prophet of Allah would give him things which you will not find in the village.

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One day this very same zahavi came to marry through munawwara.

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And he wanted to visit the Prophet of Allah but he was not alone. He took his merchandise and he went to the marketplace and he was standing under the scorching

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Son in selling his goods.

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The Prophet of Allah got news that the Sahaba came to visit him, immediately left for the marketplace in search for Zara to vote on.

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When it comes to the Sahabi is full of perspiration. He's sweating profusely.

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The Prophet of Allah wanted to display his kindness

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and his affection towards the Sahabi. He blindfolded it from the back.

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And the Sahaba became uneasy. That Who is this?

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Suddenly he realizes it's the Prophet of Allah sallallahu sallam, and it becomes calm.

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And now the Prophet of Allah starts calling out me yesterday has allowed me who will buy this Ghulam, this servant from me who will buy him from me. And he said on a BA from LA I'm such a poor Sahabi I'm such a poor person. And on top of it, I'm not even good looking. I am not marketable. I've got no value. Nobody's going to buy me from you on a Viva La. He said, lucky. The VA he lists the because in a lot. He said oza here but in the eyes of a VA your precious

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oza. Here in the eyes of a VA you are precious, your valuable.

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Law. Look at the words of Rasulullah sallallahu. How did Sahaba must have felt?

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just reflect on this incident. You have a man who's the leader of the universe Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam occupying the highest office in the world. The pedestal of Booyah. And on one side we got an ordinary man. He's smelling.

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He's sweating. This perspiration on his body. His clothes are not even up to standard and the profit of a lot chose him.

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I mean, there were so many other rich people in the marketplace. The profit of a lot chose to show his kindness to a poor Sahabi tells us the love of Rasulullah sallallahu listen for the poor people come in a shelter. borrow the Tim rain.

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Lower lo Oksana Allah wa abara

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Allah, the prophet of Allah said there's so many people in our community, who wear old clothes torn tested, the shovel condition, if you look at them, you won't give a second look. But the prophet of Allah said low up some Allah wa the above law, if that person has to take a custom in the name of a law, a law will fulfill his request.

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If that man has to lift his hands,

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if that man is to call into a law, the prophet of Allah says Allah will fulfill these wishes.

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The love the Sahaba had for the poor people was phenomenal.

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There was a lady an African lady who used to clean Masjid in Nebo. He sort of walked on, he said them in the books of Hadith popularly known as improtant. So the the African lady, when she passed away, she passed away at night.

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And so the Sahaba thought, we are going to inconvenience Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam if we wake him up in the darkness of the night. Let's let him rest. And let's continue the funeral procession.

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They gave the whistle the janaza Salah was performed and they bereaved and they return. In the morning the prophet of a war came to learn about this incident.

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And he asked the Sahaba Why did you not inform me?

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Why did you not inform me of this lady passing away? He said take me to her grave. Authentic narration recorded in Buhari take me to her grave.

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He took the Sahaba and he went to the grave and he read Salatu janaza. And he made to offer her a lot

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look at the lack of Rasulullah sallallahu sort of towards the poor people. Look how he treated them. Look at the kindness and generosity display towards the new class of society of love. But it's a lesson for us all. He said to eyeshadow the Aloha aloha yoshua hipbelt Misaki in what country be him for Innova how you can reboot Yeoman to

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keep the poor people close to your heart

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and love them.

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A law will bring you closer on the theory of karma. It is through the poor people our asset is also made. It is through the poor people that our journey to the year after is also made easy. We cannot look at them with contempt. We cannot look down on the poor people of our community. We cannot mock the poor people in our community. They are important people in our lives. A was Nabi sallallahu Sallam was instructed in the Quran was Bill nafsa. C'mon Lavina Robin boom, Villa de la she.

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Keep yourself for the poor people. Keep yourself with the poor people. Those people who call unto Allah, those people who make suffer under poverty, those people who don't have much but they don't complain, and they are content with what Allah has given them, keep yourself with them or be

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held to sorrow in our

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the words of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that you are held to. the aid of a wall comes down to the rich and the upper class through the presence of the lower class. Allahu Allah says we give you Baraka in your rosy through the poor and the weak ones in your community. We need to show them courtesy. We need to look at them with the eye of affection. We need to show them respect. We need to afford them the dignity that Allah has given them.

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So in conclusion, how do we treat the poor?

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Number one we need to change our outlook. We need to see that differently. The Prophet of Allah May Allah de Myskina. Well, immediately Myskina Why shouldn't the Yeoman Theosophy zoom Ratan Misaki? In our WA, chiefly, for in this world? poverty was by choice. The Prophet of Allah remain poor by choice not by force. He said oh what keep me poor

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Myskina and give me death in a state of poverty. Why should the Yeoman Theosophy zoom rattle Masaki under the tail tail mama raised me up with the poor people.

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The V of a law asking a law to be raised in a day of kiama was who with the poor people,

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Allah raise building punitive criada with the poor people of the community. Look at the love. Look at the affection. Look at how much of respect the Prophet of Allah had for them.

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The Prophet of Allah was taught by Allah subhanaw taala to make to our

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perfection fell for your hot water.

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Bill Masaki

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was totally in the draw. They only make this draw or look give us the ability to do good and abstain from evil and give us the love for the poor people.

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So the first thing is to look at them differently. They are also humans, we need to treat them with respect. We need to show them that honor that Allah has given them. Our children need to learn this from us they need to learn how to respect the poor people and those who are below them.

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Number two,

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understand that Allah is giving you blessings in your life through the poor people.

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We are enjoying the blessings of Allah in this world because of the poor people in the community.

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Number three spin on them.

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And spin of what is good weather to normal hobby semi neutral, una wellness to me afifi in to me, oh, Allah says when you spend on them, spend the good data who has given you not the leftovers, not the scum. Allah says spin

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that which if you were given, you will not take offense to that. Spend what you would like to receive from others, not your torn old clothes, not the leftover food of last week or yesterday. Give them the good that you have in your life. For Allah will give you blessings

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a lot.

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And another point to keep in mind.

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If they are our family members then they have a bigger impact on us.

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If our family members are poor, they have a bigger right on us

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Matata room

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weaponless, Sabine, if they are poor, and if they are family members, we need to spend on them, see to the education, see to the clothing, see to their needs. They are our family members.

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Let's look only spends a carton, let's spend more than that. Let's see how we can help them. If there's someone in our family that are better. Maybe they do require financial assistance for education, or for medical assistance, or maybe the daughter needs to get married and they don't have the assistance. Help them. Alaska semitone help you on the day of piano, the drama that comes from the heart of law, you can attach value to that you can attach money to that. It's priceless. The drama that comes from the heart of a poor person low. It comes from the depth of the heart of who are married follow through the best of action, the prophet of Allah said, is to put a smile on a

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poor person on a needy person.

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And we need to understand

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what a foreigner bargain, bargain.

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bargain bargain, Supriya we're on the topic of marriage mound, Allah says we have kept certain people in the world for and certain people rich, and certain people in certain fields of life, and certain people in other fields of life, because this is the system of the world. Because if every person was reached in who would be working, and if every person was a doctor in who'd be a patient, and if every person was poor, then where would the money be coming from. And so Allah for the smooth running of this world of law said, we make some people rich, and we made some people poor, the rich require the neighbor of the poor, and the poor require the income from the rich, and we are

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interdependent. And Allah has not kept us divided, to look at each other with contempt alive, not get this divide to exploit one another. But rather, it's just a as a system of this world. And at the same time a law enjoined upon the rich people to be kind to the poor people.

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Look at this gathering sitting here today. This is the fruits of a man that the Prophet of Allah treated his companions without any discrimination. And today we are sitting in one machine

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from so many backgrounds, all because of the fruits of Eman. This is what's in our life, to revere and to respect the poor people. It's part and parcel of our life. It's part and parcel of our morals. It's part and parcel of our upbringing to look at the poor people with a different eye. We need to respect them. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to revere the poor people. May we always assist them whenever we can. And remember the blessings of law are with you. Don't you want the blessings of a law in your life?

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Don't you want the mercy of a law in your life?

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Don't you want the Baraka live your life? Don't you want a lot to be on your side?

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Then there is the solution. Look after the poor and the needy and Allah Fusco Moroccan Kava, you'll be successful in this world in the after World War houfy already loved America and a lot too few only see a law will continue assisting you. Allah will continue helping you so long as we help the next fellow human being. Help them.

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This is a plea for today. I ended up with the words of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and again I'm going to repeat those words. A lot. My name is kena what admittedly Myskina Why should Neo welfare defeat zoom Ratan Misaki will work cheaply in a state of poverty? Keep me as a poor person in this world.

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And all law give me a man in a state of poverty. And over on the day of clear mama raised me with a poor people raised me with a poor people. This is the lack of Rasulullah he urged every person to love the poor people. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the understanding of Allah Allah

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