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The speakers discuss the need to entertain positive thoughts when it comes to Islam, including finding their true values and finding their true values. They stress the importance of learning from past experiences and finding one's true values. The conversation also touches on the negative impact of the Iranian war and anxiety leading to feelings of loss of handle data. The speakers emphasize the need to entertain positive thoughts and not just negative ones, and emphasize the importance of learning from past experiences and avoiding letting things happen.

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Al Hamdulillah Hinata who wanna stir Idaho and esto Pharaoh when all the villa Himanshu reenforcing oh

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my god Hello Farah moving data from a little further Haryana. When I showed you the logo was Sherry kala, Vanessa Mohammedan aku or sudo abajo por la Katara. Mojito, Hamid Rosa we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wakulla Naka soiree coming to the man who said b2b he for

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what geography has he and hapu were more able to decode meaning

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he akula along with the verb putana.

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and are in the one yard DB in higher and higher insurance.

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So the Cold War

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was set up on the Wii U will carry

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under bed all Mr respected lsmw Brothers,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in a hadith they could see mentioned.

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And I'm the one niobe Db

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I treat my servants according to their expectations from me,

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in higher and higher,

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if they entertain good thoughts about me,

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can I treat them accordingly?

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Or in short run for sure.

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And if they have negative thoughts about me,

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then that's how I react towards them also.

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This is a very fundamental principle that Allah subhanaw taala has outlined in this hadith

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that I treat each of you according to your expectation from me.

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If you have good thoughts about me, if you have hope in me, then I will treat you with hope also. I will respond accordingly.

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And on the flip side of the coin, if you have negative thoughts about me, then that's how I will treat you.

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Let's try to understand this in our lives.

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Alhamdulillah when things are going our way,

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when things come to fruition, when things materialize according to how we want them to materialize, we are happy.

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we entertain good thoughts about Allah. Al Hamdulillah was kind to me, Allah is gracious to me. Allah has blessed me with so much he has given me a car. He has given me a home he has given me a wife. He has given me children and handed in our life came to me. I couldn't ask for anything better.

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But the challenge comes

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the test comes when things don't go the way you want them to go.

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When our planes fail,

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when things occur unexpected, then it is at that time.

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A lot destice that what kind of thoughts are you going to entertain with regards to me?

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Suppose a loss of habitat or takes away a beautiful child from your life in his or her infancy? What kind of thoughts are you going to entertain with regards to Allah? Are you going to say to biller here up there or bill Islam Idina? Are you going to say that I submit to the will of Allah? What are you going to say? Why my son?

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Why did I choose my son?

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I mean, after all, what I've been through Why did Allah find me only?

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Are these the thoughts that you are going to entertain with regards to Allah? Or are you going to say, or think to be the hero of the I accept a lie and I'm happy with his decree? What kind of thoughts use you've studied?

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You've got your majors, you've got your degree, you've got your honors, you've did everything what you have to do.

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And now you're waiting without a job?

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What kind of thoughts are you going to entertain with regards to a law?

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That life is so unfair?

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I'm doing whatever I have to do and yet nothing is coming to fruition.

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What kind of thoughts are you going to entertain with regards to Allah

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was going to test you in your marriage? I was going to test you in your business. I was going to test you in your social circle. I was going to test you in every sphere of life areas.

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That juncture, you need to ask yourself, How am I responding to the situation? So brothers, we need to entertain good thoughts with regards to a law, even when things fail us.

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And let's look at the mpra salat wa salam o Kula na casa la come in Busan, sub p2p for Allah since we share with you examples, and we share with you stories of the pious and the people of the past and the MBR mo Salatu was salam to strengthen your Eman so that you may also pick up from their lives. And you may also understand that just as you are going through these struggles in life, you also need to learn from their lives.

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You have busara salatu salam, Allah tells musala salat wa salam.

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Take myself and the buddy Israel and leave misurata Egypt.

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Phenomenal follow you.

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For us three very bad elated

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take my servants and take him out of Egypt. Pharaoh will follow you. So musala salat wa salam leaves Egypt.

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Freetown gets the news that moosari salat wa salam has escaped, and Mousavi salat wa salam has fled it was beneath him, he becomes angry.

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He is furious.

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And so he gives chase.

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They reach a point and I want you to understand the Subhana Allah, they reach a point where the ocean is in front of them. And behind them is the army of Iran.

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There's two scenarios here. The first scenario is of debt of the Venezuelan look at their response. And then the second scenario of musala salatu salam and how he responds in a situation like this. Or the US how boosa in Alberta, raccoon,

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buddies trial, they respond to settle Moosa,

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you brought us into destruction.

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In front of us is the ocean and behind us is around

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you have destroyed us.

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You have destroyed so Moosa

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This is the response of bunnies oiliness difficult situation.

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And look at the response of Musashi salatu salam, he said

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in Mario bisa de never a wise with me a wise with me and you will never let me down He will guide me.

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Allah open the ocean. Let Bani Israel pass and destroy it all.

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Here is a catch 22 situation. And this is where we will be tested in life where everything around us apparently will fail us. But it is at that moment allow we'll see which response you will choose the response of bunnies around him in Allah Buddha food, or you going to say Canada in the mayor of BC Dean is going to guide me

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which response you're going to give an A B of A war always entertains good hopes. He always entertains good thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Taala This is his fifth, this is his quality is in heaven nature.

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The ocean on one side for all the one side and the army is behind them and they are trapped in the middle.

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We will also be trapped in the middle surrounded by all difficult situations in our lives.

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We need to entertain good thoughts with regards to Allah subhanaw taala if my surgeon has good thoughts about me, I will respond accordingly. Then in your troubles also Allah will help you then in your problems also Allah will assist you

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look at the mother of musala salat wa salam, another great lady in Islam Subhana Allah we know that fear out decreed that every child in bunnies right is to be slaughtered. And Allah subhanaw taala tells the mother of masala salat wa salam for either 50 or Li for a

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while at the hoffy

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mother of Moosa Don't worry, when you fear when you fear with regards to your baby, put him in the river, put him in the flowing stream

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and put your trust in

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you have a mother.

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How do you entrust your baby to the stream to the river to the flowing water? How?

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This is the test of a man.

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But look at her a man in Allah subhanho wa Taala she entertains good thoughts about the law. She did not say Allah sent one Angel take my baby and put him in a safe place. And the taining good thoughts about the loss of handle dollar. She complied. rate on this baby was given shelter and protection in the enemy's home. And Allah subhanaw taala gave him an upbringing in the home of your own immediate manabi. This is the result of entertaining thoughts with regards to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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look at Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He along with his companion Abu Bakar Casa de oro de la la who they are in the cave.

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They are making Ichiro to Medina to munawwara.

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And the announcement is made in Makkah, whoever finds Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Dead or Alive 100 camels for him.

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And so the enemies became greedy. And they went out to search for Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, they reach the cane. Yama, Abubakar becomes anxious. And he says, Oh no, we have a law if this enemy of law has to look down, we are gone.

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Here is a difficult situation. There is no other tour of the cave. There's no other mouse. There's no other opening besides the front entrance.

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Oh Rasulullah if this enemy of law has to look down, he will see us and we are finished.

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Look at the bar of the Navy and entertaining good thoughts about Allah subhanaw taala he said

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in mind,

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Oh, don't worry, a wise with us.

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A war is with us.

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And how did the law help or sort of offset aloha de Silla, a spider

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spider web on the mouth of the cave and a pigeon laid an egg.

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The enemy looked inside also you said no. I don't think anybody's is in Syria.

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Brothers, we need to entertain thoughts about the loss of handle data. When we are in a difficult situation, when we are trapped in difficulty. It is at that juncture that we need to entertain good thoughts about the loss of Hannah Montana, just as busara salatu salam said Ghana in Maria bisa Deen and just as Mohammed sallallahu Sallam said la doesn't in Nevada, likewise, you and I in our problems in our lives, we need to also say your problems you are not great my advice greater than you.

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And I was customers law will help you.

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The problem will not go away. But the law will give you the strength to get through the difficult period

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of law will become your umbrella in the rain, the rain will continue.

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But what will become your shelter, a wall will become your umbrella. A wall will give you shelter and a load give you protection. We will all go through problems in life. We will all see difficulty at some stage or the other rich or poor.

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And no matter which race you belong to, we will all go through some sort of difficulty in our life. But it is at that juncture that we need to entertain good thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Taala

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come in for a gin bar the years in the data will come through in a bar the menu button the visa lottery Jenna, the poet says

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it is on so many occasions. When you see yourself tract and when you see yourself surrounded by problems all over you. It is a juncture when you lift your hands and you employ and beseech Allah subhanaw taala Allah comes to the rescue and ally helps you in mysterious ways. Which people cannot think about also.

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Rubin Emery he you saw him in Haifa.

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So at the bottom nav dB, I treat every servant according to his expectation from me in higher and higher, or in short run for sure. If he entertains good thoughts about me, I will respond to him accordingly also, and if he has negative thoughts about me, that that's how I would respond to

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many people in any given situation, the first thing they think is, how will it go wrong?

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He wants to start a business. What if it comes down

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to loss? What if things don't work out? No, a believer is not pessimistic. A believer always has hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala. He understands that Allah is in charge of his affairs, he entrusts his affairs to a loss of handle data. And so we should live our life with good thoughts.

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What what are we taught when you go to see a sick person?

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Even when you see it and visiting a sick person, you are told to look at the brighter side, the positive side, and not the negative side.

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Ninja la, la la, la la la hora de la la. Don't worry. Don't worry, Ally's wiping off your sense. Don't worry about give you a lower give you Shiva. Even in a difficult situation, we are taught to look at the positive and not the negative shaytaan threatens you a shaytani r into Komal fakra where

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he always gives you the wrong side of things. You start in a business, what if it goes wrong? So maybe I was to take those deals, you know off the top deals.

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Getting married wife doesn't work out.

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She thought will always show you the negative side of everything in life.

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Well, while we are in the

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and Allah will show you the brighter side

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you are sick shaitaan will say you finish a vowel say Don't worry. It's a means of curing you. It's a means of purifying your soul. It's a means of elevating your status in the after. So as a believer, we always have good hopes in our last panel data. No matter what the circumstance and no matter what the situation may be in our life. We always entertain good hopes with regards to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I promise you if this is our outlook in life, then in the most difficult situation also you'll see light

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and study the zero of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And you'll see how much how much of solace and comfort you'll find and the seal of the MDR in so that was set up. I ended up with the words of the Quran. Bakula? Na Casa La Russa the man who's happy to be here for the watch. If you haven't hopped over to Vic karate, meaning we have narrated to you the stories of the past, so that you can also take comfort in your life. And you may also understand that people before you also went through similar situations like you and you need to respond, like how the people of the past responded and reacted. May the Almighty Allah subhanaw taala give us an understanding, really the temporary loss of income. If Allah takes away some bounty

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out of our life, if Allah subhanaw taala diskless to anything in our life. Let us be strong and let us entertain good thoughts about the loss of Hannah tada Omar Ali.