Abdullah Hakim Quick – Resilient Hour – The Real Good Friday

Abdullah Hakim Quick
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine welcome everyone to the resilient hour from the Islamic State of Toronto. My name is Muhammad Hassan and I will be your host for today. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you on this blessed day. I asked Allah subhanaw taala one who has gathered us here today inshallah together is in Jana, who will you daddy called Quadra Ali, we have a very beautiful program for you in sha Allah Tala CO, we are going to be discussing the Friday hook, but that was delivered by Chef Dr. Abdullah Hakim quack,

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one of our leading scholars at the Islamic Center of Toronto. The resilient hour is a program that was born during the times of the pandemic Subhanallah at the times when we couldn't gather together and hamdulillah ballerine there was such a, a good love for the program itself that we decided to continue on bringing it during the month of Ramadan as well, even after the pandemic is gone, and at times when people can actually join us live. But this is still a program for you to be able to actually comment to talk to us something that you can engage with us through our social media accounts that we're live streaming on, we're live streaming right now. So if I just take a look here

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on almost six or seven

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channels Subhanallah from some of the scholars of the Islamic State of Toronto and also our personal page and so on. So it's a place for you to communicate with us I want you to go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel I want you to go ahead and to like our Facebook channels I want you to go ahead and check out all of the content that we have been given out for you here inshallah and I want you to share that as well because that's actually sharing the thread of something that's really really important within Islamic context as well inshallah All right, we are stepping into the last 10 days of Ramadan very soon inshallah dialogue and before I begin the program here and bring

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Ceccato Hakeem quick inshallah I do want to begin with a recitation of the Quran be the light Allah.

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Oh, Allah him, you know, show you on your Raji.

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V boite. in Edina Allahu

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tufan. When you've got off he has small u sub behold our home fee has been a little dude we will all reach out to him teacher or to one day on

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victory. He will calm you sila E

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Tata kala bofi Hill Kulu Abbas all

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Lea Jizya whom Allah Who us and Emma AMI loom wires, Ido home

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fuddling Finally, one long who Yara Zuko mania

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so now after this shallow today what we're gonna do is we're gonna

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ask Chabela logging crew to join us with the latest if you guys have the show, join us on the show a lot.

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So I wanted

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to hop

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on I've got a cat, mashallah, cuz I can look at Tshabalala Welcome to the resilient hour. This is your first time actually, during this month of Ramadan, So may Allah subhanaw taala bless you. But today, Sheikh Abdullah, you had the opportunity to I think address the biggest crowd of at least a month because it is a day off. It's good Friday in Canada, and it's a day off for a lot of people.

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Tell me a little bit about the motivation share of choosing a topic for today Inshallah, similar Rahim, Al Hamdulillah was sort of semi similar roba.

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Good Friday, is a special time, you know, for me,

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in two senses, one in the fact that

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I was originally a Christian. And it's over 60 years ago,

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that I can faintly recall being involved in the Easter weekend, the Good Friday, and the Easter Sunday and whatnot. So the symbols and signs that are around

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mean a lot to me, because I actually live this. Eventually, however, I rejected this, because I realized that it was not right historically. And it was not right in terms of religion. So therefore, to to get this across, especially to the young people to explain to them to to an Unwrap, like the confusion surrounding the surrounding this time. You know, that that's part of the reason. The second reason, of course, is that this is Friday in Joomla. No, and you know, this is as a proposal and said, you know, the best day that the sun has ever risen upon is your module. So these are the two motivations.

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obviously, like,

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Muslims recognize the fact that Friday is our holiday and it's the day that is the greatest day, but you've even gotten like even even even more of a stuff in that we know that Friday is even more significant than even we think of it's almost eight for us, and you've mentioned this as well. I want you to talk to us

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Literally like the value of what Friday's means for us as a community, when we actually gather as as, as, as a group of Muslims, right, but also to pray together and to kind of talk about the actual issues that are going on in the world, right.

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Yes, Juma, of course, is, you know, blessed and his auspicious occasion right from the beginning historically, you know, with Adam Alayhis Salam and entering Jana and leaving yet and you know, it's going to be important for the day of judgment, but also the process, others call it and say that I am, that is the master of the days. And it's actually greater than eidl. fitter and he loved her. And a lot of people don't realize that, because that once or twice a year, big occasion, people want to come up. But Islam is a regular lifestyle. So in other words, if the importance of Eid was placed on every Friday, then then we would get a lot done collectively. Because not only would we be

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getting the blessings of being together, we would hear about taqwa and here important lessons, what we will also have a chance to meet each other and share information. And that would continue the collective

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consciousness so so Joomla is critical to Ummah consciousness, that is the nation, one nation that we are supposed to be.

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And so then let's talk a little bit about and guess what are some of the

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some of the things that maybe us as Muslims should kind of observe for the Friday itself?

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Well, of course, you know, preparing ourselves for Friday properly with the harder the purification, but you know, I emphasize the reading of Serato calf, because or at least the 10 is at the end or the front Serato calf, that you know, this is very significant, because the prophets of salaam said it will actually create a type of light for you between the two jewels, and also its protection from the the antichrist that job. And I believe, and you'll see emphasis in my classes, that we are actually close to the time of the massive confusion of the gel, who is the Great Deceiver. And so this is so important for us to have protection from the lies and the deceptions that's out there in

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the world. And Joomla is, is the best occasion for this.

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I think you've also emphasizes but this is also the part of like discussing our community news as as the actual group itself, like where the whole team itself actually talks about what's happening in the actual OMA itself and during the community. Talk to me a little bit about the importance of being able to discuss, I guess, really our issues together as a community on a Friday. Yes, so there's a misunderstanding about Joomla that that is sort of a ritualistic occasion where, you know, the Imam reads, you know, from a text and everybody puts their head down and goes to sleep or meditation, you know, and then leaves no Joomla was actually a living gathering of the people. And

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it said that the province of Salem would sometimes, you know, speak as though there was an Army right and back of them, this is even get read, you know, like he was dealing with a walker, he was dealing with reality. And so that's what Juma is supposed to be. It's supposed to, you know, invigorate the Muslim so that when you leave Juma, you will actually pumped up with taqwa, you know, and you have some perspective as to how to use this taqwa, you know, in your daily life. So this is the crucial thing of the Juma

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and your hot water, Asia, you gave out some clear call to actions, which I really love about your home was a Hamdulillah. He's not just something that's placed in the abstract, it's something we're talking about real issues, and we talk about what we can do about the issues that we're actually facing themselves. So one of the things that you actually focus on, I think, is the aspect of worship during the month of Ramadan. Talk to me a little bit share about the rationale behind what you were thinking there in sha Allah, Allah just kind of you can expand a little bit on what you said in a hadith as well. Yes, Ramadan is a special occasion. The promises on them told us Sophie

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that to share our team, that the evil Jen are locked up to spiritual areas clear during this time. And so it is easy for us to be involved in our worship. So we need to maximize that this year. And I mentioned maximizing the forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala really sincerely asking Allah to forgive us for the mistakes that we have made in the past, and especially in the past year, and also October, and that is repentance. And you know, I described Toba as self analysis and reconstruction. So so this is an important aspect of not only do we repent

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from the wrongs that we have done, but we analyze ourselves. We make the intention not

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To return to the sin, we compensate people what we analyze, you know what we are doing wrong, and we reconstruct ourselves. And so this is a chance for us to reconstruct and Muslims are in need not of our reconstruction individually and goal and Nation of Islam throughout the world. I also emphasize sadaqa, this is a chance to give of ourselves, we give over time we give up our wealth. And the Prophet Salam gave the best example of sadaqa during this time, and I also I'm sorry, I forgive me, I don't mean to interrupt you forgive so so. But I do want to stick to the reconstruction part of it. I know that the sadaqa part, I actually want to talk about this for a little bit longer, because

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I know that's an actual important portion of what your heart rates of a struggle. But when you talk about reconstructing ourselves, yeah, can you give us like, like examples of what

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Muslims as individuals themselves can actually do to go through the self analysis? Like what kind of exercises are you actually practically thinking about when you're saying this? Well, people's minds and lives are very complex. And every day we are committing sins and doing wrong and the process of them said, We all make mistakes, but the best those who repent. And so we are very complex. And sometimes we just push aside the wrong things in our life, or we don't forgive ourselves, or we have this depression and this clue, but reconstruction can mean that you can actually do like what they call in the spring house cleaning. You can clean up all the cobwebs and the things that are wrong, I

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hurt this person's feelings, you know, my mouth, heal my hands. You know, I did wrong I stole from somebody I lied, you know, confront these things that have happened, and actually repent to Allah, and make the intention not to return. This is a type of housecleaning. So by the end of the month, you know, we're like a new individual. Not just new in the sense of forgiveness of sins, but we're new in our life. So so so this is a cleaning, you know, they would say now a spring cleaning, although Ramadan, it can be, you know, in other seasons other than the spring, let's call it the Ramadan cleaning, oh, the Ramadan cleaning, cleaning house and all the wrong and evil in ourselves.

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And if Muslims did this, it would make a major difference.

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So you see, you're talking about Toba, making Toba, committing ash or Toba? And returning back to Allah Allah subhanho wa taala.

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this is what Toba is. People think that Toba just means you did something wrong is to say tilba tilba tilba. You know, Oh Allah, forgive me, it's more than that. It's an actual process. It's a process of recognition of the sin, sincerely turning to Allah and asking for forgiveness, and then make an intention not to return. And compensation. Another part of Tober is called Ruddle mythology. And that is compensation. If you have done wrong to somebody, or an institution, you need to repay it. And this is an important thing, because in the in the general world itself, you find people making repentance, for instance, the Canadian government, the British government, say to the

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indigenous, or they say to African people, I'm sorry for slavery. I'm sorry for what happened to the native people. And that's it. But there's something called

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reparations is where you compensate the people. And so if you just say you're sorry, and you don't make reparations, you have not really made a proper repentance. And so Islamically this is what we're talking about the whole process.

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Baraka fixture, that's actually a very wonderful point that you've made.

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I want to now move on to the next step that you spoke about. And you spent some time on this here and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has also spoken about this, this this concept of generosity in Ramadan, specifically, I'm the Prophet of Islam kind of edge where the NASA Allahu alayhi wa sallam and he was most like generous during the actual month of Ramadan. Sheikh Abdullah, talk to me a little bit more about spending for the sake of Allah subhana relationship between spending of the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and getting closer to Allah or getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala through spending for a sake of Allah azza wa jal.

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Yes, this is a very important part of submission to the Creator. Because Allah has blessed us or cursed us with wealth, we have a certain amount of material possessions that are under our command. So what do we do with this? That's the reason why is the cat when you are you're paying us a cat. It's not just like charity, it's purification. So you're actually purifying your wealth when you pay your second. And sadaqa is a type of constant purification that is happening where we're actually, you know, leaving off sins where

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righting the wrongs by giving back in the path of Allah. And Ramadan is one of the best occasions to do this because we are more aware of, you know these things we're not so tied up to the dunya you know, during the year we have to eat food, you know, we're thinking about material things, but Ramadan lightens us up. So now you can actually think higher. You can think in terms of what can I do with the materials instead of just eating them you know, and buying things like we do during the regular year

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or during the month of Ramadan as well like this saying of the prophets Allah Allah Allah loves a fair sadaqa the best sadaqa sadaqa is giving in during the month of Ramadan.

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I know people who save money, and wait I guess really until the the month of Ramadan is soft to

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spend for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala during the actual month of Ramadan itself. So I guess that's a really positive thing that you're encouraging everyone to do it for.

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The final part of your hotbar and this, I guess, really is were the one that hit a lot of people most than any other thing, which is a part of being a Muslim is for you to stand up against oppression. And you've mentioned the names of so many of our brothers and sisters around the world. The Uighur Muslims. And you've spoken about

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the Rohingya Muslims. And finally, you spoken about the issues that are happening on oxide it seems every year after year, the month of Ramadan is a time for the Muslim oxide itself to be under attack. Talk to me a little bit more about the about the situation share what you actually were in touch as well by bringing it up. Well, I just wanted to bring awareness to the community that the situation in martial arts saw the attack on Muslims in the month of Ramadan you know, the the defiling you know of the area. This is not just a political move. Some people think it's just Israelis versus Palace Palestinians. No, this is more than this, because Marshall Aqsa is sacred.

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And Marshall Aqsa is was our original Qibla the Prophet SAW Salem his companions were praying toward Aqsa before Mecca. And so this is the third major house of worship, you know, Ibrahim alayhi salam developing it, you know, at this time. And so I wanted to emphasize the the the the sacredness of this land. And at the same time, I wanted to clear up some of the history of muscle Aqsa, because if you think back with Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, you know, you know, who is, you know, developing this area, and, you know, in from his time, some of his descendants on the side of his son is Hawk, you know, they prayed, you know, in this area, but we know that historically, the children of Israel

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got caught up in Egypt, they migrated over to Egypt, and they spent like a good few 100 years in Egypt. What happened to the sacred territory, the sacred territory, the followers of Ibrahim, with the indigenous people. And so it was the Palestinians that people have Philistine. They are the ones who took care of that house during that period of time. And then with all of the confusions that went on the the attacks that went on, back and forth, the indigenous people, the Palestinian people, you know, were there in this blessed land, holding the fort, so to speak with all of these attacks that happen. But above all, Allah subhanaw taala willed to send the prophets of salaam they're in

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Israel and Mirage, and so it is there, they prayed with the Prophets there, it was clear that this was a sacred for this mosque, you know, for all of the ummah. And eventually, when the Muslims were attacked by the Romans, whom are gonna have taobh led the Muslims and they opened up Jerusalem. So the Christians gave the key to Omar Abdullah Qatar.

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And so he was the leader, the protector of martial art, so he made walk off, which is a trust. So it is a trust on the Ummah, to protect this place until the day of judgment. And so this is not just something for Arabs or just Palestinians. It is African, it is Bosnian, it is Indonesian, it is Indian, it is all the nations of the world that are Muslim, have to see this, you know, as our responsibility to be involved some way in order to deal with Masha lochsa.

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So Shahidullah

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I guess really the difficult question to ask is here because many times there's just not really much you can actually do as as a Muslim as we're seeing this end

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which is coming from a much the lochsa where

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elderly women are being attacked. And just just people who are just just literally in a state of Salah themselves are being pushed around and being pushed out of the way and so on. What can I do as a Muslim who's living in a West, I'm so far away, there's not really much I can do.

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You know, subhanAllah, not even not to the point where, if you even mentioned these kinds of issues on your social media, and so on, right? Sometimes the social media, they banned you from them, right? So there's, like so much censorship over how you speak over this oppression? What can I do as a Muslim, Shia, who's just a regular living here, and this, these, these scenes are hurting me on a personal level? Yes, of course, we have to not underestimate the power of prayer of law. And we have to really turn to Allah subhanaw taala, to empower us to empower the people around us and AXA, you know, and to bring about justice. So this is something which can, you know, really, you know, be

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important for us. But secondly, what we don't realize is that as Muslims, you know, even though social media might try to block us, we do have a type of collective power in these countries, we are a voting bloc, and the people in the government and the political parties, they depend upon Muslims, you know, at the time of the elections, and what it is. And so, what I'm saying is that we can put pressure, you know, upon, you know, our local representatives, even to write letters to the foreign affairs, you know, we can put pressure, you know, in that sense, and we can also be involved with the local advocacy groups, and I mentioned the NCC, em, you know, as the leading group that is

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supporting Muslims and standing up for Muslims. And so we can support them, we can support them financially, we can support them morally, you know, and by doing this, they are the tip of the spear. And so they're not worried about social media, you know, banning them or whatever, because they are an advocacy group, that's what their job is. And so if we can't do it ourselves, we can support those who are able to do it, and those who speak out, and when somebody is under attack, who speaks out, you know, we need to support that person, or these people, when they fall under attack, instead of running away from them. And so this is what we can do on the ground. And really, I

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believe in the power of prayer, I believe in the power of dua

00:27:40 --> 00:27:46

Baraka law fixture from Allah subhanaw taala bless you in sha Allah Allah. So, before I actually move on to my next question, I do have

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everybody who's actually joining us from so far away, somehow I'm seeing the numbers who are really big on all of the channels. And so if you have a question for Sheikh Abdullah, that you actually want him to address or do you want to speak about, go ahead, type that up in one of our any of our social media commentary, portions, and or even you could eventually send to us to us as the messages be in the light Allah on our Facebook or an Instagram or even on our YouTube channel, insha, Allah Allah, so we can ask the chef inshallah for any of these questions that you have. And if you want to have any sort of clarification, also, make sure you actually watched the whole board that we are

00:28:23 --> 00:28:31

talking about right now, what we're doing right now is just basically providing a little bit of context for the whole base off, and we're just expounding a little bit on

00:28:33 --> 00:28:52

the meaning behind it. Inshallah metallic is kind of reflecting a little bit on what the chef himself has actually said here, I'm going to ask my producer here to go ahead and just put a link for the actual Friday hook bytes off. So if you could just do that in sha Allah, he just put it in one of the charts. And then anyone else can actually say it shall belong.

00:28:53 --> 00:29:04

There is I think about 12 more days before the end of Ramadan. Insha Allah give us an advice you have the life to get the benefit out of the rest of Ramadan.

00:29:06 --> 00:29:54

Well, we are coming close now to the last 10 days. And especially from Monday night, you know, we're coming in but from Tuesday, we're actually going into the odd nights in the last 10 days. And these are the times where the Prophet SAW Salem, you know, informed us that you know, Leila to product can come upon these nights. It's not just the 27th night, there is traditionally the people crowd to the masjid and 27. But it could be the 21st to 23rd, the 25th or the 29th, as well as the 27th. And so Tuesday night actually begins it. And so this is a chance for us, you know, to come to the masjid to make prayers at home. And what I want to emphasize, you know, is not quantity, but it's quality. Not

00:29:54 --> 00:29:56

just the amount of prayers that you make,

00:29:57 --> 00:29:59

but it's the sincerity and the prayers.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:48

sincerity into and this is where the Toba comes in the self analysis and reconstruction. This is where feeling compassion for other Muslims, emphasizing with other Muslims. If my father if my brother if my close friend was sick, I'd make a sincere dua for that person. So that sincerity we need to have for the people who are suffering. You know, in Palestine, the Rohingya Muslims, that drought in East Africa, that the earthquake victims in Turkey, yeah. All the places where the Muslims are going through hard times, we need to start to feel some emotion. And I believe that Allah subhanaw taala would bless that emotion, you know, and bring forward you know, a change in the

00:30:48 --> 00:31:18

world and bring comfort, you know, from where we know not. And so this is an opportunity for us to gain you know, that Leila to pother, better than 1000 months, and also to come close to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Allah, Allah bless you in sha Allah it's a pleasure to speak to you as always May Allah subhanaw taala bless you may Allah as well except of University of deeds shall other in this month of Ramadan can and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala gather OC sha Allah and Gen nine Oh will you that are culturally it's been a pleasure as always inshallah

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Baraka Luffy

00:31:21 --> 00:31:21

All right.

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So we're going to move on shall I just want to make a couple of announcements being the Allah He Tada and the first one is the for the Saturday night if thought that happens here at the Islamic is sort of Toronto. It's always always always busy. So I always suggest for everyone to come early inshallah that's happening tomorrow be Nila hate Allah, we have 1000s upon 1000s of people who are actually coming into the house they have thought that it is a real community moment that you when you come in here you you feel love that 100 athletes rallied into the volunteer just embrace you where their generosity where you're just getting your your drinks and your waters and all of these

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things. That's the actual Iftar itself. But before the Iftar we do have an actual lecture that happens tomorrow's lecture but it Nila hit Allah is going to be delivered by shahada, Allah Hakim quick and sha Allah Allah. So you make sure you come ahead of time, it's about 45 minutes before If not, it's it's it's off, inshallah. So look at the start tomorrow, that time is going to be

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I believe, 750 some, some 50 would be the perfect time for it. So please join us here at least an hour before that insha Allah so you actually can beat all of the rush inshallah to Allah make sure you're here on time in sha Allah, Allah.

00:32:37 --> 00:32:43

That's the That's one announcement. The second announcement is really, really important. And I have to actually emphasize over and over and over and over again,

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if you have to pay failure, if you have to pay the failure itself, or fitrah or is a Kata fitrah this money has to be handed to the needy, those who are actually deserving of receiving the money itself by Salaat lead. In order for us to do that any organization that's actually collecting it, they need to have this money ahead of time. I cannot stress this enough time. Don't wait until the last two days to actually pay it. The Vidya and the cattle Fitzroy this year from the Islamic store of Toronto Ayesha Ahmed cookie has actually announced it a couple of weeks ago it's $15 per person. If you if it's a cattle fitrah every single person in your household has to be has to pay $15 And

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you are you have to pay it on their behalf inshallah Allah, but this should be paid as soon as possible. Inshallah, don't wait, don't delay you want it to actually get into the hands of those who are in need for it being the light on. That was my last announcement for the ratio Allah and I'm just looking to see if there's any questions or any commentary from anybody else. Otherwise, the event is going to be called in a couple of minutes in sha Allah, Allah, we are going to stay alive.

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And you can actually hear the time being called here. Just make sure you recognize the fact that we are located in Scarborough Toronto is the east side of Toronto. So if you're in Mississauga, watching us, your event is going to be a little bit later as well and maybe a couple of minutes later the night Sharla

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having said that, may Allah subhanaw taala bless you it's been a real pleasure having you with us here at the Islamic stroke tunnel through this these virtual programs and ask Allah azza wa jal to bless you I ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept of you your your dollars and I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept the view your prayers and ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept the view your CRM and your Pm and every single good deed that you are doing during just the month of Ramadan sha Allah Allah Allah make sure you actually log into our islam.ca backslash donate as well to also to become one of our donors. Insha Allah Allah we are looking for three people donate, looking for 1000 people

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to donate

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$300 Insha Allah data for the year be a part of this community in sha Allah Allah Allah may Allah subhanaw taala bless you. And until next resilient hour in sha Allah, my name is Mahmoud Hassan and I have

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In your host was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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as Heather

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was on

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Muhammad was all

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me on this one

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beyond it

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hang on

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long with all

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