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The speakers discuss the lack of success in life due to the lack of power and fear of retirement, as well as the danger of lazy behavior. They stress the importance of procrastination and staying active to avoiderstand and hopelessness. The speakers also advise parents to pray and make small small prayer to avoid laziness and weight gain. The importance of praying and small small prayer is emphasized, along with the need for motivation and healthy behavior to achieve success.

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In the middle who want to stay in or who want to study he want to stop for one hour the villa him in Cerulean Pacino. Min sejati Melina Maria de la de la wama you will follow her the Allahu wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika wash Adana, Muhammad Abu Rasool Allah Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira and my bad are praised you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, one of the thing that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protection from and he used to pray for this in a regular base. As an Imam Al Bukhari and Muslim reported canon EBU sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yesterday Fairport Allahumma inni eraldo becoming an adze well castle, that he asked Allah Subhana Allah protection from ads and protection from Al Castle ilads when you are unable to do something, you don't have the capability to do something I'll kesar is when you have the ability to do something, but you don't have the termination to do it. You don't have the will. So it is the

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lack of power. But I'll castle is the lack of well.

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And these two things are the reason for people not to accomplish things in their life and not to be able to move forward in their life.

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And today want to focus and they are related and relevant, very connected to each other. But no doubt I'll caisson being lazy

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losing that you don't have the will and the determination to move forward and to achieve what you are capable of achieving.

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And having what you can have is worse than a large because the largest you're able

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simply as it is something not in your capability to do

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but when you have the ability to do something but you don't do it that's where criticism comes. That's where I'll caisson which is something by this is your choice to do. And castle is something so dangerous. In relation to your deen and dunya in relation to your after, and to this life, in relation to your religion. And in relation to your life. You're basically worldly matters. Because your success really depends on take getting rid of laziness, your success in this life and the author. And one of the things that Allah subhanaw taala described the hypocrites with it twice in the Quran, once in Surah Nisa, and once in sort of the Toba that they are lazy

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and laziness when it comes to religion. It's even much much bigger issue and much much dangerous than being lazy when it comes to worldly matters. You know, you might be lazy to go to the gym, you might be lazy to exercise. You might be lazy to take a walk, you might be lazy to you know, Go brush your teeth in the night. You know before you go to sleep. You might be lazy to

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clean you know this or to do that in the house. I understand that. But you know what's worse than that when you became lazy when it comes to your deen when it became lazy to pray, too lazy to stand up and to pray your waiter before you go to sleep. When it becomes so lazy to read so rotten calf, lazy to say Subhana Allah Hamdi 100 times in the morning and in the night, lazy to commit to say Subhana Allah 33 times on hamdulillah 33 times and Allahu Akbar surgery times after salon. just lazy to do that. You think it's so a big deal. I do this exercise a lot with my students. And I said, Let's see how long it takes from us to see some Hanalei behind 100 times.

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The slowest I've been doing this for years. And I'm not exaggerating, if I tell you for at least a decade, I've been doing this with my students.

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Yours maybe am students convert Arab non Arab young old you name it

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and the maximum that so far I found three minutes and maybe 20 seconds something like that

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but the average person will say Subhanallah we have 100 times in two minutes or less

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most of the people will do it in less than two minutes

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is it that you so lazy to just commit two minutes to say something that very word of it in the be Salah Salim said that your sins will be forgiven even if it is as the form of the sea.

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It just took us to pray or three rock As for

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10 verses to read from the Quran. That laziness when it comes to the bad that is so dangerous. What either camo, camo kusa kasana euro una NASA Corona La La Padilla what I tuna Sonata el Kusama, what are you in for Puna in our home carry Hoon when they come to the Salah when it comes to Salah they are so lazy, dragging their feet you find this young man and younger Mashallah so committed in front of the TV watching for hours playing games, basketball, you name it, you go to the pool willing to do but when you tell them hey, come on, let's pray.

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Oh, we're gonna go to the masjid. Yeah.

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I'm still gonna drive all the way to the masjid. Tell me, let's go to the mall and watch a movie.

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They will be excited. That's so dangerous Allah saying that this is one of the sign of hypocrisy.

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That's serious. That means that the shape on is creeping and going like inside your heart and having a place inside your soul.

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And when you feel that you should kick it out

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when it became lazy when it comes to that about that it's so dangerous. And he says, well, a serious problem when it comes to their work to the worldly matters.

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so lazy to start a new career so lazy to go learn new, you know, science so lazy to develop your knowledge to increase your knowledge. so lazy to explore,

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you know, people on the summer complaining and sometimes I hear the young people said What are you planning to do? All I'm telling my dad let's travel.

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It's too hard.

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Let's go somewhere

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where you're so lazy to think about even somewhere

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so what happened when you became lazy like that you lose even the chance to have fun. You live in the chance to be connected with your family losing many chances you lose it.

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Many people because of lazy and look at your life. Many things when I go back in my life. I think about many good memories in my life personally. I am enjoying it today. As I enjoyed it at that moment when I did it. You know why? Because I had the determination to do it.

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I said you know what? I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna just go do it right now.

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If I said Oh, that's too too hard. This is too much work. This is too hot to go out. Yeah, that's too much work to do.

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You will not accomplish much.

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You will not progress much you will not be successful in your life.

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One of the key element of success in life is to get rid of this laziness. laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before getting tired

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Isn't it just the habit of getting resting before getting tired you're not even tired yet I said I need some rest I need nap the amazing and some are how much people Yanni so lazy

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any people lazy one one young girl one told me she I'm so lazy. Even when I'm sleeping I dream that I'm sleeping.

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sleeping I dream that I'm sleeping. Yanni. Even in my sleep, I'm I'm lazy. What can I do?

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So it's a serious, you know, people who are in the habit of being lazy, they will find any way to be lazy. There is a word of wisdom. He said, if you have a hard work okay.

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And the hard work and a hard job you have, find a lazy person and assign it to him, he will find the easiest way to do it.

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The easy way, just find the lazy person and assign that hard work that he will figure it out, you find a way to do it in an easy way.

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is basically can be also two aspects of it, I want you to pay attention to them. There is one of them also as dangerous as the concept of laziness, which is the opposite of being active. You know what, I'll Kessel fill up that

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when you lazy to think, which is an amazing thing to know. That means it's a strange thing. Some people even not lazy physically, to do things, but also lazy to think.

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So you know what, they just imitate everything. They just copy everything. The lazy to think to analyze, lazy to unit to use their brain.

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And that's dangerous.

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And that's one of the worst form format of being lazy in my opinion.

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You know,

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why people become lazy? There's so many reasons I was thinking of, but definitely one of the first on the top of that list will be procrastination, the swiff the selfies to say, a dis we've procrastination, don't do mundo de blease, one of the shaytans best soldiers.

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We will I will inshallah tomorrow after tomorrow. You know, like this guy is telling me why. He said chef, and he there is a very good wisdom which is don't delay the work of today until tomorrow. Why tomorrow we have after tomorrow and after after tomorrow or next week, the next week and the week after next week. And we have Mashallah the whole summer ahead of us. That's so lazy. You know people always like think that they have Boolean mn you see the lambda code is sort of one of the common words that we hear from early generation to tool ml when people have you know, I have a time I have time I have time and don't worry, I still have time ahead of me. It will corrupt your deductions.

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You're not accomplish much in your life.

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Another reason, which is the lack of motivation. A lot of people they don't they are lazy because they have a lack of money. They're not motivated about what they do, or the thing that they want to do, or the job or the task that they have attained. You need to motivate yourself. If it's about Salah motivate yourself about the Salah. I love this narrations, one of my favorite narration can add a map one of the scholar in the night when he comes when he works up in the night, he will touch the bed and he said you're so soft, you're so warm is so nice when he pushed himself away from it. And he said not an emic man is Anak

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lacking financial after you're hired on whatever, but the beds of gender are much better than you.

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Data Jeff Junu boom

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boom, whoa.

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That's what motivates them, they leave bed because they have this great hope of the reward of a loss panadol in great fear from the Day of Judgment, great fear from their sins, from their you know the obligations that they have not fulfilled the rights of a loved one or that they have not fulfilled that what motivate them to wake up in the night and to pray and to make sure that they pray

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you know if you can have the lack of motivation just remember your calling Nabi Salam la carta in federal the two rakow for fetcher the to rock Arsenal Federer Nadal Federer itself senator Vetter how you Romina dounia Murphy her better than anything in the face of this earth? What do you think of Southern frigerator

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motivate yourself learn how to motivate yourself. The Sahaba said Yasser Allah had invested but he this far we come all the way How about if we put a mustard next to us some of the Companions for Calvin he said a man

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he said actually, or we move near to the must near must individual doesn't want the Medina to be so crowded and he also want the city to be organized for Calvin selama the outer conductor but I found him when he said I'm a stay with you at every step that you take to the mustard. It will be a reward for you.

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It will Masuda my Semyon ha that would have been mustard heard that every step to the mustard. It means one reward can either utter it

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Part of a being a hopper Lahti, when he comes to the mustard, he takes baby steps. So he increased the number of steps literally feed SME apartment by the by the farmer called He will make bigger ones to catch the soil from the beginning. That's motivation you know motivate yourself look at yourself. For example you want to be motivated about being healthy or being whatever read the issue that's religious or non religious just get motivated about what you want to do. Okay. Also the lack of disciplines definitely that's one of the reasons for people to be you know lazy there is the don't discipline yourself no self disciplined

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and the more you became disciplines The more you push yourself the more you will get to the habit of doing things. Ci

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your soul and your body very much connected. You know, your muscle, your muscle, if you exercise, you start lifting weight in the beginning when you start lifting weight What happened to your muscles,

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fatigue, tiredness, right? You know when you carry things, it's hurt. But after a while what

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used to it and it grow and you can even carry more weight that's right. This is same thing that's the same thing your body. If you get to the habit of being active in doing things and being you know going to the message you will get into the habit of that then you will be part of who you are.

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Honey Hagia Sophia 30 gehad tokuyama Lael Shri in Asana. luckiness tempted to be here actually in Asana.

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I struggled with gamelan 20 years, but I enjoyed it 20 years some of them struggle will have the Quran 20 years 10 years. One of the Sahaba is spent 10 years struggle sorted bacala yeah for

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10 years.

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It when he finished it, he sacrificed a camel on one ration a cow a whole cow the engine

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be so happy 10 years or so terrible?

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Until he was so happy with his accomplishment, but it takes him 10 years but you know what, after that his progress was so good and the door open for him.

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And one of the reason I thought I I was wondering if you would agree with me it's one of the reason for people to be lazy. Sometimes people seek perfectionist perfection that's why they kind of lose that interest and they became lazy because they think it has to be absolutely perfect.

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This perfections people usually don't accomplish much and they became lazy they end up being very lazy. And we try our best to do things good and act with excellence but there's no need for people to be you know, a perfectionist or the stress out some people stress out so much when they do things they end up leaving everything the one other thing that I some of the points that I want to mention as

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as a tips for us maybe we can try

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number one keep you whenever you feel lazy or about to do something and you feel like lack of interest. Mikko Where do you get that from Ibiza solemn said when you wake up in the morning young young guys back there

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as is can you go to least eight no talk no talk when it's called a give it no talk and you guys back that no talk on the Habib give the hold while we don't talk.

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Good, thank you.

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when Nabi Sallam said when you wake up in the morning, for Salah, the SharePoint, keep telling you sleep, Don't go Don't wake up sleep and he put like three knots around your neck. And there is also said when you make although one of these knots goes away when you make thicker one of these knots when you pray to a cow, you will be completely free. Okay, so that's from this study to understand that the Quran Allah and will will will give you that would get you away from that, you know, laziness, so make sure that you make will make sure also one of the things that keep you active especially that to counter that laziness would come to the Salah. Make sure a commitment especially

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in the summer to pray in the beginning of the time. Don't delay Sultan Asia. Don't delay it because Asia is like what, almost 10 o'clock frame domestic 10 o'clock in the house that's very near to that. You know, don't delay. Don't delay mother. Don't delay vahana. Don't delay fetch. Just pray in the beginning of the time. Make sure that you start your day

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From by praying fetcher on time, pardon me sir lamb when someone Miss fudger prayer and wake up and pray after the sunrise, others call us the hobbies enough seek Aslan, this day this person the processes will be lazy.

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Lazy, that's how the problem said. But when you pray for it, you will not have that state of laziness. So make sure that you pray fudger make sure that you make the account the morning Vicar and the night picker that they could have before you go to sleep and in Ibiza solemn cetera Fatima and does it too early before you go sleep say Subhana Allah 3033 times and 100 letter three times Allah Akbar 34 times, it will give you the strength to accomplish all your task and you will not need help. And you know, the Alon And Fatima said, we tried that. And absolutely, we never needed help. We accomplish all the tasks of the day off on our own, or

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any without any help.

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Also, make sure that you exercise you stay healthy. Take a walk, you know, make sure that you have to do list that will help you to be active. Make sure that you have clear goals, what do you want to accomplish this month, before the end of June before the end of the summer, before the end of the week. always remind yourself of the value of time. And make sure that you know that try to lose weight. Try to watch what you eat. Because if you eat so much, it makes you lazy. Also, one of the thing that will help you a lot to stay to get rid of laziness was SR to never get another email one of the beautiful advice from the process on why he lattice and inasa shaiya. Don't ask people for

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help do it yourself.

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And I said I serve the process of 10 years he never asked me to do something for him. He will do it himself by Arturo sobre la Jerry Pooja, he said, I give the best also I will not ask us on something, I will be riding a camel, my steak that I got in the camera will fall off. And somebody walking next to me I will not ask the person to give it to me. I'll stop the camera go down and I go down and pick it up

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in the visa cell I'm going with his friends, he will go collect the wood and put it and start the fire with them.

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He was carrying somebody said so let me carry it said no, I will carry my own stuff.

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Don't be in the habit of this.

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You know or doing this and doing that for you. Yanis pauwela, especially parents, any you know, I know your kids, any your kids, they're not your It doesn't mean that you you always ask them to do things for you.

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Your child, they will get Agia for doing it. But also you'll get other if you do it yourself to

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keep yourself busy. You know, keep work and

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play separate.

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Any make sure that you understand that it's a time for fun and play and goofing around. But also that it's time for work, then it's time for focus this time for reading and teach your kids that especially from a young age. There is no one is too young for that. If there is some of us already old isn't it is not too old. But let's invest also more than the young ones. You know that you have. with you at home. I asked the last panel Dianna

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to give us any strength and ask our last panel to Allah to help us to get rid of laziness, Acoma, Sumitomo stopped for the Lady 100 Lego salado cinema.

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Viva, one of the things that also I want to say

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make sure that you don't ever rely on substance.

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You know, energy drinks and all these kind of things. Absolutely harmful to your body. We have a lot of beautiful smart doctors in our communities, and people in health care and nutrition, they will educate you just with a simple research and online This is terrible. This will take five hours, whatever energy drinks and stuff like that's not how you became an actor into consuming coffee all the time. You know, not saying coffee is bad. I I'm one of the people who consider coffee as a vitamin but caffeine is one of my vitamins but you know too much of it is that's not how you get active substance not what meant to make you active. Okay.

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So this one thing that you should pay attention to it. Also

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make sure that you

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One of the things that I will help to help me a lot, sometimes I made the decision I will do 20% longer before I give up in anything. So I'm trying to keep up with that habit. I always tell myself I'll do 20% more before I give up. So if I read a book, again, I do 20% or more before I give up.

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That's why sometimes you see me I extend the hot wallets a bit more but I'm trying to keep it on time. Okay, but with this, I'll interpret that's a good advice by the way to keep it up just 20% more, you know, just don't do that in food. Don't do that in the wrong way and the wrong things. Do it in the right things exercise, walking, reading, you know, good time with your family, just 20 or 20% or more when you do something beneficial. Just always tense up I'm going to push myself 20% more or 10% more and you'll see how this will make you more active inshallah to Allah. Y'all have this okay I've been filled out when Naja y'all have the gentlemen and more Philippine for dunya and alpha

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alpha Luna de loop and our love and alignment in a circle who del took our FF all along and then over the weekend we had a jewel castle moment and oh the becoming a jewel castle. Will book on your property other than a common law Minnesota California Aafia I thought that that was the one I know how to loosely mean alarm we'll talk a bit about the can modelu mean if equally McCann alarm off from a biological mother will mean if you could live Mecca, la home they are built for Kobe one and Miss TuneIn and mobile omean if you could Lima can allow hammer hammer home along more humble Mullah Mohammed Omar you might find home along there they'll generally what economics aromatica nasaka, a

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vertical mustafina novel luminae other jelajah econ few Mashallah will have the O'Malley be higher up the young people with the poverty kasamh orfan

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Allah mofa Diwali Dena long overdue Alina here on what? Medium Minato Muslim enormously Matt Allah immunovet Ahmad Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salatu salam