Tafseer At Takathur 01

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Verily All praise is due to the almighty lord. We praise Him we seek his aid. we beseech forgiveness to him. We seek refuge of Allah to Allah from our evil souls and our evil actions. Hey, come on lotta Allah guides is rightly guided and am Allah tala misguides can never ever be guided, I bear witness without any compulsion, that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah hota Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is His Messenger, his last messenger and slave, by the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his companions, his family, and every single one that follows their footsteps to the last day.

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A great scholar mentioned

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that the ah man that man has been allotted,

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that man has been given

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his passing away very, very quickly, like the milk in a way of ice.

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If it is expanded, wasted in the wrong pursuits, it will be indeed as she lost for man.

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Nobody creatures

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this planet has seen

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these planets has seen hundreds of nations in the past, rising slowly towards eminence,

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consolidating their powers their strength, slowly

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and then degenerating and falling into oblivion, utterly forgotten. How many nations

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have reached their climax

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and then vanished without a trace.

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Dozens and dozens of civilizations

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saw the light of day

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and after touching the summit of success and fame,

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vanished without a trace, decayed and will be highlighted, utterly destroyed.

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creatures. Billions and billions of people of humans of jinn were born into this world walk on this earth.

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And after passing the stages of adolescence, youth, old age, returned back to their mother returned back to dust.

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Why does the American origin

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well way we came into this world

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for more helpless state, we began our life on this world.

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Have we not acknowledged

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the glorious book of the almighty lord?

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The uncreated word? not forgotten. Holla kochava Katara Subhana Allah, Allah Cana, we will create and decrease Islam a small drop of sperm.

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This is our origin, a drop of sperm. It is so small that you can only see the sperm for a microscope.

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Yet man he's boastful. Yeah, man, he's arrogant. Yet man He's full of pride.

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We are nothing the creatures but the slaves, the one that gave us life. without our permission or choice, you did not come into this life because you decided

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he did not come into this life because you wanted to. You had no choice. It was his choice, his will. Thus you came on to this fault.

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We are the slaves of the one that will cause us to die.

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Likewise, without our permission or choice, you will not choose when you die

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or how you will die.

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Or when you will die.

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You will die when he wills.

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There's organizations of the Western civilization. The right to die organizations

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will lie. It is Allah who wills him to die when he wants him to die.

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I don't know no choice, no say at all. Either when the death is gonna appear

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soon our bodies

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The bones that we are carrying,

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will be buried of its flesh. the veins, the entire spines will disintegrate. And

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bones the limbs, the body the flesh that you are carrying brothers and sisters will become one law here handful of dust

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under a pile of dirt.

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This is man.

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This is what we are

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and this is not long.

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Soon This is gonna happen.

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Open your eyes reflect.

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Look at the surrounding. Look at the world. Look at the calamities the catastrophes,

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the afflictions