True Gratitude

Riyadul Haqq


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The speaker discusses the importance of expressing gratitude when making gifts, rather than just verbal thanks. They stress that gratitude is of different forms, such as giving birth to a child or buying an item, and that it is crucial to appreciate and value the gift in the way it was given. The speaker also emphasizes that gratitude is not just a verbal statement, but rather a manner of action.

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So gratitude to Allah subhanho wa taala. For the gift of time, for the gift of days and nights for the gift of life, for the gift of opportunity is an obligation on the believers. And part of that gratitude isn't that we just express our chakra and gratitude verbally by saying Alhamdulillah etc. Rather, we should express gratitude.

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By action by D, not just verbally, and gratitude is of different forms. A person can express their gratitude and show appreciation and say thanks simply verbally.

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But the real gratitude is by deed.

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If you give someone a gift,

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they may say 1000 thank yous to you on the spot, which may momentarily please, but how would you feel if as soon as you turned around, you laid to learn through someone else or through other means that they actually

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disposed of your gift, or discarded it? Or even if they didn't dispose of it? They merely put it to one side, ignored it neglected it, never used it again. How would you feel?

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Gratitude isn't just variable.

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If you purchased a gift for someone,

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the gift is of a certain nature.

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If it's flowers, they are to be placed in a good spot, looked at appreciate it. If it's an item, it's meant to be used in a good way to remind the person off.

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If a person says thank you verbally, but then either discards the gift, neglects it, puts it to one side, or even disposes of it, or worse, abuses it, and does not use it in the manner or for the purpose that you gave it to them. How would we feel is that gratitude regardless of what we said at the beginning, regardless of the verbal, thank yous, similarly, ALLAH SubhanA who would add as gifts to us, part of our chakra and gratitude to love for these gifts is not just to say Alhamdulillah repeatedly, but it's also to use the gifts in the manner that Allah subhanho wa Taala expects of us,

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not to be ignored, not to be neglected, not to be discarded, not to be disposed of, and most not to be wasted, and most importantly, not to be abused.

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to abuse the gift of Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna,

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to abuse the Benefactor through his gifts.

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That is the greatest instinct. So part of that gratitude is to appreciate and value time to use it in the manner that a lot of Spanish Allah subhanho wa Taala expects of us that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us