Did I Take a Break From Studies to Focus on My Kids & Their Education Q&A

Fatima Barkatulla


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The speaker discusses how they had children and learned Islam through learning and listening to lectures. They also talk about how learning about the school program and the importance of motherhood for their children is seen as beneficial. The speaker also mentions how they lost their job due to the pandemic and how they lost their job due to the pandemic.

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First question from sister or mama. She says, uh, Salam aleykum, did you take a break from pursuing your own studies to just focus on your kids and their Islamic education? So that's a very good question. And I guess what she's alluding to is the fact that, you know, I, myself before I had children, I was a student in Egypt and lots of other subjects that allows her to her college of Allah's, her university, and at various centers in Cairo. And then I basically got married and,

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you know, I had a child about a year or so afterwards or two years afterwards, actually. And then, you know, since then Al Hamdulillah, I've had four, four children, and Hamdulillah. Most of them are, well, all of them are actually Islamically adults now. So, time has flown. But as system I'm asked, Did I take a break from pursuing my own studies to focus on the kids and their Islamic education, because I had begun studying before I had children. And because I see studying the deen as a lifelong thing, you know, it's an ongoing, lifelong process, I actually didn't stop because actually, at the time, when I got married, Cetera, I will, when I had children, I mean, I wasn't in

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a formal institution or anything like that, at that time. And so what I did is when it became possible, and when you know, things settled down, et cetera, first of all, even even while I was like nursing, my children, you know, my first child, the learning never stopped, I was still listening to a lot of lectures, and these were like, lectures in Arabic. In those days, it was cassettes, okay, or CDs, right that I had. So I was still still listening to those lectures in Arabic and continuously improving my Arabic My Islamic knowledge, right, even while I was breastfeeding, believe it or not, okay, so I wouldn't be up at night, obviously, nursing a newborn

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child, you know, those of you who are mothers, and that will know exactly what that's like, one of the ways I kind of got through it, you know, got through the sleepless nights and the, and the toughness of like, the early years was by keeping my mind busy with positive messages, you know, and seeking knowledge, whether it was knowledge of Arabic, or, you know, any aspect of Islam, any of the Islamic sciences, I was keeping myself busy by listening, right, because obviously, you can breastfeed, and you can listen to something at the same time. So that's what I was doing whenever I could. And then as my children got a little bit older, you know, I enrolled into Islamic programs,

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courses, sometimes ones that were intensive, sometimes those that were online, because that's what fitted around my children's lives better. But you know, I never actually stopped. And that's because what I saw my Islamic education is actually beneficial to my children. So for example, if I was attending a course about the Sierra, right, and if I had, the more I was learning about the Sierra, for example, and I'm talking about like, an advanced level, then I could bring that home, and I would bring that home, and I would be telling my children those stories at night, right? Bedtime Stories for me, if I was excited about knowledge. And if I was absorbing that knowledge, my children

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could only benefit from that they were getting to soak that up as well. Right? Even when my son was a baby, I was memorizing Surah Baqarah. At that time, I remember and you see, I saw that as immensely beneficial for my son, because as I was reciting, and repeating, you know, he was on my lap, he would be absorbing that, no doubt. In fact, even in pregnancy, I think, you know, children absorbed something of their mother, whatever the mother is doing. Right? So, yeah, it never really stopped. But it did change in its in its mode, you know, the mode of study changed. And then as they got older, and they went into school, or you know, sometimes I even hired a sister to like a

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childminder, sister to come with me to courses, okay, so sometimes they were like, these intensive weekend courses, and the sister would come with me, and because there was like a break room, she would be in the break room with my daughter, and I would in the breaks, I would breastfeed.

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Also, I would spend as much time as I could with my daughter in between, but during the actual class times, the sister would look after my daughter right next to me in a row, right. So yeah, it was interesting, like the way I guess I tried to manage things. I didn't do that when they weren't absolutely newborns. You know, this is like when they're a bit older.

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Because I do think that you know motherhood requires a lot of focus and it does deserve our attention, right undivided attention, but I didn't see seeking knowledge as something that would have anything but a positive impact on my family and on my children especially