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Zina, Adultery, Fornication, and Indecency

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The speaker discusses a real sickness issue within her community, which she describes as a gift from Islam and a choice she has to follow. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and reminding oneself of actions, avoiding false assumptions, and being aware of one's own actions. The speaker also touches on the negative impact of racist and racist groups on society, including the lack of diversity in marriage and desire for "quarantine" couples. The importance of speaking up when facing a situation and taking responsibility is emphasized.

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In Hamdulillah, Madhu who wants to you know who and it's still futile. On our own Villa Himanshu Rory and fusina Women's a year Dr. Molina Maria de la Hofer la medulla. Domingo the real who further her de la y shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah wa shadow under Mohammed bin Abdullah he was hula hoop

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for all SQL more a year Yahweh taco Allah here is the origin in wizard of dunya hora, our facility will Allah Ania.

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Brothers, I'd like to talk to you today

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a topic which is uncomfortable for me and for you.

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But it is something that we need to address.

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It is a device that is deeply rooted within the larger society

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in which we live.

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But it's a device that is a growing problem problem within our own community as well.

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This is a sickness that we can duck Duggar heads into the sand to hide away from but it will not hide away from us. This is a problem within which our children are indulge, and also the adults as well. This my brother, and this my sister is the problem of a Zina of fornication of adultery.

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Adultery and fornication is not a problem that is only taking place within the non Muslims books in Billa Hillel de la ilaha illa who it is happening in our own community, it is happening all around us. It is taking place and I tell you from experience from conversations I've had with people, and I'm saying this even from this own Masjid of ours

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where people come and they say Allah He I fell into this I don't know what to do. Well, Allah He this took place. And I'm talking about people who are even apparently religious human beings. Well, that will be the OFC, and I'm not absolving myself for absolving you. And I'm not accusing you or I'm not accusing I. But I'm telling you that this is a problem that we see within our society, so we cannot continue to hide from it. The reason why I'm talking to you about this is because this is a real issue, a very, very real issue. But and Hamdulillah, the person who feels guilty about it, at least he still has a heart. But there is another group of people who don't even feel guilty anymore.

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There is another group of people who you tell them that fornication and adultery is a problem. And they come back and tell you that it's my body. And it's my choice. These are two consenting adults, and they're allowed to do whatever they may wish to do. But the reality is, it may be your body, but it's a gift from Allah azza wa jal to you. And it's definitely not your choice, in a sense that you may get to choose within this world, but in the hereafter there will be consequences. So it's the gift of Allah to you. And it's the choice of Allah azza wa jal that you have to obey. And it's the law of Allah Azza wa, JAL Gernon, that you have to live by. And it's not just your choice in your

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body because by falling within the sin, you end up harming the larger society as well. The greater society, every society within which Zina becomes prevalent. We see sicknesses that we have never seen in human history. We see aids, we see sexually transmitted diseases, they used to show us this even when in high schools, in schools, as we were children, the parents will come to me and say, Why are you talking about this? Grow up, my father grew up my mother will law he if you went to these schools, the same schools that I grew up going into, you would not tell me to stop talking about this, you would know that the topic that I'm addressing is worthy of address, you would know that

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the children that you hide information from they all know that and much more. You would never, ever come to me and say why do you talk about this? Why? Because why am I talking about this? Allah talks about this in the Quran, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talks about this in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Every society within which the sin is prevalent, there are a plethora of different vices that also occur.

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My brothers, my sisters, fornication, in short, is a bad bad route. And this is one

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A point that often ends up going overlooked. Allah says that Walter Carabas Zina do not go close to fornication.

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In the hookah Anna Fisher, this fornication, it is far harsher. It is obscenity. And what he's saying here is even going close to Zina is obscene it even that is obscene. But listen to what he says afterwards was a sebelah. And it's a very bad road to go down. When you look at the statistics, when you look at the psychological disorders, when you look at the sociological data that we have on children that are born out of wedlock, you will begin to see why Allah Allah Azza wa Jalla says that this is a very bad road to go down, you will find all sorts of social psychological disorders related to people involved in infidelity or fornication, or people just switching partners and

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people having body counts, right?

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This is real talk here. There's a lot of problems related to this, you will see that people will be afraid, people are afraid because of the results, the dramatic results, this causes within the life of the two people, you will see that because the father is not there within the life of this child, the child lives in misery, you will see that the mother she sees this child throughout her life. And it reminds her of the trauma that she went through because of this relationship, you will see that criminals are born to these relationships.

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And that is true.

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Disproportionately larger number of criminals are born out of wedlock. And this is the problem that this causes to society. This is what Allah is saying, when he says what's the law, and how bad is this path, you will see that sexual deviancy will become begin to become prevalent within society. And that is what we see today as well, you will see that women will begin to become objectified. And that is what we see today, as well. You will see that men will be less likely to take responsibility of these relationships. And that's what we see today as well. You will see that people will begin to talk about abortion because they don't want to have this child. When in human history. Did we have

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such a grand debate on pro life versus pro choice, but we have that today? Because people are involved in adultery and they're involved in fornication and they're involved in infidelity, and they don't want to see these trials. They don't want to see these children. They don't want to have anything to do with these children. This is the reason why we are seeing all these problems. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in an authentic hadith, he said lot Azhar Illuminati be hiding, murder Merle and Miff shoe fee him while Xena that my own mother will continue to be good, so long as the children of Zina and fornication don't become prevalent within society.

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So when we see children of Zina prevalent within society, we are going to see a dysfunctional society. And that, unfortunately, is what we're living through today. One of the primary reasons for all of the dysfunctional factors within this and all Western societies that we see today is because of the children that are born out of wedlock. There are spaces designated in parts of Europe, and parts of the Western world where when you have a child, you don't want to own up to this child, or when

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you take the child and you put them over there and somebody else comes in picks them up.

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What was the sin of this child? Why could you not control yourself?

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The difference between Zina

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and between the halal is one word, why are you afraid to say that word?

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Don't go close to this. Don't even come near it. Don't put yourself in those situations. You don't don't consider yourself strong enough to be able to hold yourself back. Yusuf alayhi salam, a prophet of God, he said one over the OFC in an of Salah Amara Don't be smooth. I am not absolving myself. A soul is always calling to evil. Don't tell yourself I know how to handle myself when Allah Hila de la ilaha illa who you do not know how to handle yourself. That moment will come and then you will say I don't know. It just happened. Don't we hear that? I wasn't trying to do it. But it just happened. I will

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As it wasn't something I was planning, it wasn't premeditated, it just took place and it may just take place and at that point, you will have the feeling of regret throughout your life and stop lying to yourself some people and this is a greater problem, you know someone that commits a sin and they have remorse Alhamdulillah they still have remorse because they still have a heart. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith another Matoba when you have remorse, that is Toba, that is your repentance with Allah azza wa jal, but there are people out there they commit the sin on a daily basis, and they say, I am not a bad person.

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What do you mean you're not a bad person? This is a Satanic trap that we have within this woke society today. Everybody does every evil and then they say I am not a bad person. What does that mean? If you're doing an evil, you are a bad person, you have to own up to that evil. You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you're doing an evil you are an evil human being this is the reality

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are you doing to hell or not? That's up to Allah. But are you doing an evil and are you an evil human being? Yes you are. Allah when he talked about the good people. He says we're loving Allah the rune ama Allah He Illa Han.

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When I have to learn enough solidity haram Allahu Allah will help the world is known. Those people who do not call out to other than Allah azza wa jal, and they don't kill a soul that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala has forbidden except with the right and they don't find a gate. So good people do not fornicator they're not adulterous, they're not involved in this entire process.

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And every step of the way, the prophet considered it Zina the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Elena and it has neon the eyes they commit Zina the hands they commit Zina the mind it commit Zina. But then the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, and it's the private part that ends up bringing the Act into manifestation or not. So every step of the process is a mild form of Zina, if I may say it is a minor form of Xena and there's nothing minor about it, because Allah or Buddha is that he will Jalon is watching you ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to protect us and protect our chastity. I mean, well, sallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he was a big man and

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Hamdulillah He handed us a new hammer, who will you Cafe owners EDA are SallAllahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala early he was so happy he Ultramarine.

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With your brothers, I want to give you some solutions for this as well. Because it's high time that we look for the solutions. But the first thing we have to do is we have to admit to the problems. stop digging your head into the ground. The problem is really there. And the first of those solutions and there's it's a very simple solution and this is a solution that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself gave the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said get married, get married. And he was specifically speaking to the young people and he said yeah, mashallah Shabaab Minister BA. I'm in Culebra at affiliate as a watch. He said that all young people, whoever is

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capable from a miscue to get married, get married, and some of you may say, Well, I'm not a young person anymore, but even the elderly, even the middle aged, if you need to get married, then get married. And this goes for men and women alike. We have to make marriage easier for people. And I know this is said again and again. But then you know what happens? We forget it when it comes time for our own daughters. We make the situation complicated, my brothers until you realize that the problem that you're going through another man is going through as well. Then you will not be willing to understand the statement of the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam who said that when someone

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comes to you who has deen and he has character, if give them the daughters and marry them off in alutech on fitna, don't fill out. If you don't do it, there is going to be a fitna within the world. So just the feelings that you go through. The next man is also going through. If you see a man who has who look forget tribalism, forget race. Forget race.

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Forget all the other factors that you factor in Walla he our community is a racist community.

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I'm saying this because just last week, we had

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Have a summit on racism. And I know that our community is a racist community. Ask yourself, my era brothers. If a DC was to come to you and ask for your daughters, would you say yes? Would you say no? Ask yourself my Desi brothers. If a person from the African Canadians were to come to you, would you say yes. And would you say no, I know that many of you will say no, because it's a racist community. You have to stop this cut it out. In Montina, the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, this is very stinky. This is full of stench. This is evil. This is Jay Haley. Yeah, this is pre Islamic.

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Falsehood and ignorance. This is not Islam, Salman al Pharisee. He was a Persian man. And he was faced by one of the Arabians Saudi Arabia, your costs, and he told Salmaan tell me your Anessa tell me your lineage. Tell remind me of your lineage.

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So he said, I am selling my liberal Islam. I'm selling man, the son of Islam.

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And he said again, no, tell me your lineage. He said, I am setting man, the son of Islam. And when the news got to Omar Abdul hubub, he brought sad in front of him and he said into Serbia said, Tell me your lineage or sad. Tell me who you are, where you're from, what your roots are, what your Aslan is?

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And he said, I've understood my lesson or Amira remote meaning. He said, No tells me tells me what is your roots.

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He said, I've understood my lesson. And then he reminded him again, tell me and he told them and then he said, I am Omar YBNL, hubbub, and he gave his own lineage. And he said, everyone knows that have Bob and the forefathers of Bob are considered the greatest and lineage in Arabia. But I am also aroma, eternal Islam, the brother of Selma and liberal Islam. We have this while Islamia do not sever it, make marriage easier for one another, make it easier for people because love is inevitable. Your daughters and my daughters and I have daughters who are going to be of marriage age and just a couple of years, they will go to the same colleges and universities and they will go

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And they will go and some of them may fall in love. It happens. This happened at the time of the Prophet in an authentic hadith in Muslim, El Faro, authenticated by ethnocracy. And I met a group of people they came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They said, Oh prophet of Allah, we have a daughter, and this daughter. It's not their direct daughter, one of the girls in their care. This girl has two suitors. One of them is a rich man. And another one is a poor, impoverished man. And listen to these words. They said what he had done, what didn't work, and she is desiring These are the words. I don't want to sugarcoat or miss translate. I don't want to say love when they said

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desire, she is desiring.

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The one who is impoverished. These are words being said in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he responded to this, and he said that marry her off to the one she wishes. Lim Yura lil moto has been me through Nikka. There's nothing better you can do for two people who love one another except that you marry them off. And this shows you that the Prophet saw that something must have taken place that they have some sort of feelings for one another, let them get married. What's your problem? Who is biting you? Why are you causing a problem for this soul that has come into the world and she and he have a desire, make it easy for them.

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Think about your situation when you used to be a child, don't just take their feelings and put them away and you're just a teenager right now and you don't know how things are going and you'll grow up and you'll grow out of this. Allah He they will have resentment for you for the rest of their lives, and they will never forgive you. You will never have a good relationship with your children because you didn't consider their feelings at the moment in which their feelings were very heightened people forget everything, but they never forget the way you make them feel.

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My brothers and my sisters, another solution is that you remember Allah. Remember Allah. If you're not able to get married and the situation is too tough and it's not working out and you've tried everything then keep in mind that Allah Allah is the De Waal Jalil is watching you

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This is for my son. This is from your excellence with Allah, that you remember that you are being watched by Allah and caribou de la haka Edna Katara HuFa, Atlanta, Contura HuFa in Iraq, that you worship Allah, as if you are seeing Allah but many of us will not reach the status. So remember that at least Allah is watching you, when you think of the maraca but Allah that Allah is consistently a Rahim, Allah is consistently I'll have him. Allah is Elbasy Allah is Allah Aleem that Allah is the ever knowing Allah is the all seeing Allah is hubiera Allah knows the detailed things and the fine tune things and the fine realities in a lobby if the things that are even hidden, he knows him, then

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you will begin to live by this. You are being watched by Allah you are being observed by Allah and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam he said to me, he said it duck Allah Hi, Salma. Configure Allah and be conscious of Allah no matter where you may be. Remember that Allah is watching you in every single situation.

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Another thing that I want to say

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is that, why is it so hard to make this halal? Why is it so hard to make your relationships halal, because the difference between Halal and Haram is just a single word that you utter. Just a word that you utter. Sometimes people they get carried away into relationships with even non Muslim women as well.

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And even that, all you have to do is uttered the word and it becomes halal. That is what makes the relationship halal. I'm not encouraging marriage marrying non Muslim, Christian or Jewish woman but it does happen. And it did happen at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it happened after the time of the Prophet because Allah allowed this, Allah permitted it even the third of the caliphs with man, it finally got married to 911 till four Alpha LKL B. And she was from bento Kalb, and by NorCal. We're all Nosara. So she came, and she got married to Earth man while she was still a Christian. And then later, she accepted Islam. And the day in which this man was murdered,

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murdered, he was in the house of na ALA. And she was one of the only people who stood up for Earth minded more fun. And it was a story of love between the two of them. She was a very loyal wife to him. But my idea here is that these things happen. And when they happen, all it takes is for you to have a word, a witness, a group of people who see that you're doing it publicly, and you're married. And that's it. Now you have no troubles with Allah, my brother, that's all it is. I'm not going to be the one over here to tell you to live in the utopic lifestyle, because I know you will not. Not everyone will. If you can you live in that utopic lifestyle Alhamdulillah I don't set the bar so

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high that no one can accomplish it. But at least we need to know the bare minimum. So we're not at fault with Allah. Who is it? Well, Joanne, and I have two messages, I have a message for the girls. And I have a message for the guys.

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My dear sisters, and my dear daughters.

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There is no guy out there who is your friend.

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If you are fooling yourself into thinking that he is just a friend, there is no friends, guys are not looking for friendly relationships. Their goal is not to become friends with you. This is not something on the mind of a guy. And if you were to be honest with yourself, if you have a guy friend, then you will know that slowly but surely, or at one point or another he is going to have hinted to you something from what you recognize that he wants something more than just a friendship. So there is no guy out there who's just going to be there for you. Just because well you and him are just basically friends. That's not going to happen. So stop fooling yourself. Either that guy wants

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something for you, for from you. Or you have other reasons to be communicating such as work or, you know, school or so on and so forth and even try to mitigate that. If not cut it off completely. But I know that sometimes you have to. But remember, he is not your friend. He's not looking for a friendship. If he's asking you how your day is or what you ate, or how what time did you wake up and what did you do? This means that he's trying to get beyond that friendship. He's trying to get out of the friendzone that's what he's trying to do. And for my brothers, stop fooling yourselves as well. When you tell someone she's just like my sister, you know deep down inside, you're not going

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to befriend a woman who you don't think looks cute and beautiful. Because you have some sort of feelings for this is a reason why you keep wasting your time. And this is the reason why you keep chatting and this is the reason why you

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Keep talking.

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So I have three last words, my fathers and mothers make it easier for your children, Allah, He make it easier for your children. If you think that they're not doing stuff behind your back, stop lying to yourselves. I'm not telling you to start doubting your children are I'm doubting the chastity of your children. But I'm telling you that we're living in 2022. And things happen.

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And my

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guys take responsibility. When you take a woman, that woman is your responsibility. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never divorced a woman except for one. And that woman, he never touched that woman when it came to the Prophet on the first night of his marriage, and she said, Oh, do we love him and I seek refuge in Allah from you. And the prophets. I said, Lim said love for diversity. We have him, Ill healthy Alec, you have sought refuge in a great being go back to your family. But once the Prophet touched any of his women, the Prophet took responsibility. He disconnected, but he was always there to bear all of the trouble that would come in that relationship. So when you get

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into a relationship, it's a burden on your shoulder. I know but you have to take full brunt of that responsibility. And sisters, do not be fooled into believing that you have guy friends, you don't have girlfriends. Whether you like it or not. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect our Chasity Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hello, Vana. Hola Hola. Hello, hello lubaina will have seen Illa Hama, Fallujah. Anna, what has seen Allah Houma Pharaoh Jana, Rob bene habla as well as in our 3d yachting. Kurata

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Cana Imana or bene attina for dunya Hassan or Phil karate Hassan Burkina other than now, what is the hidden agenda Tim and Abrar? Yeah, as he's we have a firm what a prima salata in the salata didn't have any refresher, you will Moncure well adequate, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah momentous in a room