Farhan Abdul Azeez – Sweetness of Hajj – 14 – The Farewell Tawaaf

Farhan Abdul Azeez
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah wala Annie, wasabi. We are now at the last step of hedge witches the Latin word that the farewell to love. So let's cover the fifth real quick. The last thing before leaving Mecca is this is what you do. So when you're going to Mecca digital farewell to Africa going to Medina next thing you do before going to Medina, if you're leaving from Mecca to the airport, the farewell to life is meant to be the last thing you do in Mecca. So you try to delay as much as possible close to the end, what you should not do is go to the farewell laugh. Do you often go to the shopping malls and go

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shopping? That's not a farewell, right? The last thing in Mecca is the wife and you leave the wife and you leave. Okay? So you try to structure your schedule in a way you know, when you're leaving, you know, you have you're leaving in five hours, you're going to go now to perform the life and then you leave. Right The last thing we should have with the beta of Allah is to have the laugh at the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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It's widely upon everyone except the woman on her menses for the woman on her menses she's excused from it and there's no for the aircraft or anything. It's not required of you to do it. But everyone else that's required that the last thing they do is the farewell to life. Okay. This is I think a good time. Oh, by the way, if you haven't performed the wofully falda yet, can you throw off the father count as the farewell throw off and throw off of the father? The answer is yes. Because the goal is to have the last thing be that the life of the house of Allah, not in and of itself an extra life. So if you're the Lafferty father, let's say you're flying out on the 13th and you go to the

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wife and the father and from there you leave to the airport, that's absolutely acceptable and accounts because the goal is to have your last, you know, connection with the house have a lot to be put off. Okay, so you do that off if you want if that's the case, you're allowed to do that. Let's do a quick review of hedge. There's four agreed upon pillars of hedge. We said for one of those three, what are the three for Amara

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for Amara Tom tawaf, and sign for hedge there's four What are they haraam?

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wofully falbo the CIA as well. And what's the fourth thing out of a very good and we mentioned some of the differences of opinions now throughout the day that some scholars hold to be

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pillars and not pillars. And there's a seven agreed upon Why do bats have hedge obligatory things of hedge? What are they to just like just like Amara to where the ROM to enter the state of Iran before the before the what?

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Before the meal hot exactly before the meal pots or at the meal plans. Okay, number two, to stand at an hour until sunsets to be out of that is a pillar, but the stand until sunset is legit. Okay.

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Number three to spend the night in was dead after alpha.

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So, we mentioned some differences of opinion, you refer to the earlier notes, okay, but most scholars is what they hold number for staying overnight in Mena on the days of tissue, right, at least half the night or more, at least more than half the nights on the 11th 12th and the 13th night of other hedger number, what

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number number five, stoning the JAMA rotz soneva, merata Sahaja.

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Number six, shaving or cutting the hair. And number seven,

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the philosophy was that the farewell to life? Okay, so this is a quick review and some of the details that we've talked about, you can refer to your notes, let's talk about the spiritual aspects briefly. The name itself evokes very strong emotion. So often what that what that means Farewell, your bidding farewell to the house of Allah subhanaw taala. After this remarkable journey, right, you've come hoping to have your heart freed, you know, and come return home with the day your mother gave birth to you write some kind of law, it's a very powerful emotion. You know, the most bitter part of hedge i think is when the sun is setting on the day of alpha. And the second most is when

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you're leaving, or leaving Mecca altogether, leaving the house of Allah you don't know if you're ever come back again. To be a guest of Allah is a great honor and you never know if he'll go back again. Right? So somehow the eyes swell the tears flow and that drives from the heart just flowing new when you perform the farewell fell off. It's the exact same thing as the other the last seven circuits starting at the Agile so it took us behind Macumba Brahim, and then you leave, you walk out of the masjid and you leave. Okay, that's the same exact method. Everything that we talked about is the same. Okay. I want to narrate to you a drama that's attributed to a boss that he recited when he

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was leaving Mecca. In his farewell throw off, he says it's a panel that

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I found it very powerful when I first learned it and when I went to hedge back in 2006 and so I was sitting in the huddle,

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trying to memorize it, so I could see it as part of my job before I leave.

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But it's funny because then my

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mind I'm trying to think I'm trying to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala. But I'm memorizing the drought, right? So it was as if I, I didn't want to hear from me until I say it, but

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I'm trying to memorize it, but it's a very powerful to have no one to share it with you. He says, Aloma inhale beta beta, will have the abduch webinar uptake. He says, Oh Allah Verily, this house is your house. And this servant is your servant, and the son of your two servants. He says Hamilton Allah, Allah ma Sahaja naman Holic, Hatha Yoga Sani Phoebe rogic Baba lava Tony be near romantika illa Vedic whoo Anthony Allah cada Amana Suki. He says that you have carried me on what you have made accessible to me of your creatures, meaning traveling there. And until you allowed me to arrive into your land, and you made me reach by your grace your house and you help me fulfill my rites of

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Hajj. Anthony Allah kebab, monastic eolas you You're the one who helped me fulfill the rites of Hajj.

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So then he says, For encantado, Lita, and he says that Hon, says, oh, Allah, if throughout this journey, you've been pleased with me, then oh, well, I asked you, I beg of you to increase in your pleasure with me. And he says, What?

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And if you haven't been pleased with me,

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he says, feminine

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or Ella, feminine. Our line if you haven't been pleased with me, then I asked you to change now and be pleased with me now.

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cabela and he says, feminine earn change. Now. Before he says cobla antenna on basic a diary for in a one on one when Salafi in identity. He says And if not, then I asked you to be generous to me now before my house begins to become too distant from your house.

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For in a wine on Salafi in identity, this is the in seraphina identity. This is for this is that my time of departure, if you so grant me permission to do so. Then he says Iran was 17 because what are the basic what are all the benign kawada and basic he says, never take scenes you buy anything else? Meaning never to have anything in my heart more than you are, he says, nor your house by any other house. And he says

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Allah humma for us heavenly Lafayette, Effie Bethany, while s batarfi Dini weisen mukalla be horizontally llama la Atacama abacha attorney. He says Oh Allah so I asked you grant me safety in good health and my body and grant me safety in my Deen and allow me a beautiful return and provide for me and he says he says what is open a llama la Atacama botany wajima Annie Hira dunya Hydra dunya will our hero in the Kerala coalition Cody he says and grant me safety in my Deen allow me a beautiful return and provide for me and grant me deeds and acts of your obedience for as long as you give me life and give me both the best of this world in the world in the next four truly you have

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power over all things I think you get a taste of his emotions. This is my last time I might never see your house again so oh lord Don't let me leave here allowing you to be replaced in my heart with something else or someone else all our years your my desire and your house I don't want it to be replaced by any other house. Anything Oh Allah if you haven't been pleased with me that Oh Allah be pleased with me now. And after you make your toe off when you make your dryer and all this stuff you pray to like guys behind the coffee Brahim. The last thing the last action of Hajj is you demonstrate your dedication to a Salah.

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The last thing you do is you dedicate your you show your dedication to a Salah by praying to the gods behind the common Brahim.

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And then you leave Mecca and you begin your journey home. Hasson University Rahim Allah to Allah He says that one of the signs of an accepted Hajj hajima brew the one for which there is no reward except for paradise he says. Who Anuradha Sahiba who za hidden for dunya Harare, Ben phylloxera. The one the sign of someone who comes back from hedge with an accepted hedge. He comes back, indifferent to this world. He comes back changed. The things that you say excite him from this world no longer exciting and rather raw he bent phenocrysts hearts desirous of an alpha. Right? Allah says firming Can I Oh, Julie Oh be valia

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valia I'm a lover. No sorry. How

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are you? shitting me I used to be he had a he says he says in the sign as someone who come back less desire to this world or Alibaba.

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phylloxera more desires of the era. Allah says, Whoever seeks looks forward to meeting with his Lord from uncanny Otto Julian who looks forward to meeting his Lord, then let him do righteous deeds and not associating the worship of his Lord, anyone. So you leave there inshallah Tada, hoping to meet a lot of hands on the hero theme is not just a theme of fear, but it's rather a theme of longing. Because you love to meet the one you love. So if you truly love Allah subhanho wa Taala you'd love to meet him. You never saw him on Instagram when he was presented with death. The Angel of Death takes permission from the prophets before he takes their soul. The Angel of Death takes permission,

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right when the process is seldom when he was on his deathbed and his head was between the chin and the chest of our Isha. Now he says he raised his hand and he said Allah,

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Allah Murphy's Law Murphy's Law I want to be with the highest companion All I want to do at the highest companion, I should say is I knew when he said that, that he was bit he had been given the choice between going to alone or staying in this world and he chose to go to Allah subhana wa, it's odd. When the angel of death came to Ibrahim alayhis, salaam.

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Ibrahim asked the angel of death he says, He says out of a 200 and you meet to Halina. I don't understand. I'm the hunted of Allah.

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Allah I love Allah. And Allah loves me. Do you understand the scenario in which the one who loves another will cause him to die?

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You're causing me to die.

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For Oh Allahu Allah. He Allahu inspires Ibrahim Yeah, Ibrahim or a to Habib and, yeah, cronica Habibi. Oh Ibrahim, do you understand the scenario in which is one who is in love with another? dislikes, meaning his beloved?

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You come back from hedge or all have been filled out, hoping to meet Allah Subhana Wits are looking forward to AlQaeda enjoying and you know, hoping for the joy of seeing a loss face the greatest reward of Allah being admitted into the paradise with for which there will be no, no No toil or no worries or no no fear, no difficulty, right Subhana Allah and then you leave right as you leave.

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Hajj is now complete, and you begin your journey back home. And brothers and sisters, what we covered in this series today is just a small taste of Hutch. There's no way you can cover the lessons and the spiritual benefits and everything in one session. Everybody has unique inspiration and unique lessons that they take from highs that change their lives. Right. What I hope to at least highlight to you is some of the aspects of spiritual change that we can have and communal change that we can have spiritual change and communal change as well. But if you don't come back changed, if you go to Hajj and you don't come back change perhaps is that your body went to Hajj by your

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heart didn't go to Hajj, perhaps your body went to Hajj, but your heart was still somewhere else. Still shackled to its whims and his desires and evil attachments. And perhaps his journey that was meant to free your hearts. Allah subhanho wa Taala ended up being just physical toil and difficulty. Right? How does the journey of the heart that requires preparation requires sincerity requires a lot, a lot for a lot to accept you. Right? And for those who haven't gone brothers and sisters, if you've never gone to heads before, the ultimate question you have to ask them you have to ask yourself is where is my heart in relation to Allah subhanho wa Taala because perhaps you can have

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someone standing on

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who's there for the wrong reasons, whose heart isn't there and he's there and he's standing but his heart is distant from Allah subhanho wa Taala and he doesn't care to make drive to Allah subhana wa tada and you have somebody else at home, you know, miles of mountains and seas and land separate the two. Somewhere across the world. He's at home, he's not there with the head judge, but he has a heart who's striving to get closer to Allah subhana wa tada every day. And maybe that Allah Samantha accepts this one, and rejects the one who is in hajj. So ask yourself even if you're not in hajj, where is your heart? Is your heart free to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala? Or is it shackled down

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by its desires? Before closing brothers and sisters,

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I want to highlight for you a few things.

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A re highlight a few things for those who are going to hedge. Again I emphasize so much the importance of

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the importance of and one of the take home things you come back from hedges to keep that connection throughout with Allah subhanho wa Taala but don't just ask Allah for dunya fermina nassima yagura Tina for dunya mama Who? Allah, they ask Allah for dunya but they don't ask Allah for anything from the Alfredo. But Allah subhanaw taala says, woman whom a boon or a Bana Tina dunya Hassan Warfield irati Hassan atone joaquina

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casa la who said he or she

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but there's others who say oh law Grant has the good in this world and the good in the hereafter and save us from the punishment of the Fire. Allah says for them there will be a lot of shear for what they have

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And Allah is swift at reckoning.

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Lastly, some recommendations for you before you go. Chef Jacobi has a series under app. It's called weapon of the believer it's a book and it's also an audio series. Before going to hedge, I strongly recommend you go through this series, either the book or the audio. There's a free PDF is available online and the audio is also free online. The reason why is because you will be making so much that you need to understand the etiquettes the appropriate way to make how to call upon a left panel it's either in addition to preparing your list number two Sala you'll be praying so many Salah there. So I would recommend you know a little kind of shameless plug but sweetness Upsala, the series

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sweetness samsara available on unplugged calm, I lm Li x, just like Netflix netflix.com has sweetness of Santa, I recommend you check it out, and you so that way, when you go to Hajj, you're having spiritually transformational prayers, in addition to the inspirations we're getting from hedge.

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Thirdly, I recommend you learn the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala the C fats of Allah that spotlessly vats of Allah subhanaw taala so that when you call upon Allah and you call upon him with the names that are appropriate for what you're asking for, you're asking for to get married or to have a child or to get you know, went to law school or whatever it is, you say, yeah, we'll have Oh, the one who gives gifts yada Zack, the one who provides right when you're asking a lot of data for his love, yeah, we'll do the one who's overwhelming when it with his love. You call upon our love by his names and his attributes that are befitting of what you're asking for. That really helps

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transform your diet makes you appreciate a connection with a level you haven't had before. Lastly, if you found any benefit in this series, if you found any benefit in this series, that I humbly ask you to remember me, if you go to hedge, remember, we do that gentleman there my family, my kitty cats,

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my parents, my teachers, my my role models, my mentors who helped Jani Teach me and all these things, please remember them in your diet. And more importantly, before I even say that, remember the woman in your diet. When the Prophet said himself, amen. Amen. Amen. was a mother to the Messenger of Allah. And I said, No, she was the first person to hold the Messenger of Allah when he was born, the first person to hold the Messenger of Allah when he was born, and she was a black, Indian woman. The President said, if you want to see a woman from the woman of Paradise, then look at him. Amen. Amen. held the Prophet I sent him at his birth and lived past him past his death.

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And whenever I sent him he even called her when Amina died, his mother died, she was sick, she told him a man who was her servant, who she was a servant of the father of the law. I mean, as husband, the father of the house, I send them and then after Abdullah died, she became the servant of his wife. I mean, when I mean it was dying when her husband was 60 years old. Amina told her old Amen albaraka Her name was Baraka. She says, I fear I'm gonna die so be a mother to Mohammed Salah be a mother to my son Mohammed when I sent him and she served as a mother to the Messenger of Allah I said it was stayed with him. And the Messenger of Allah even called her Yeah, only he even said Oh,

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my mother, and once one time he asked me man, he says, Yeah, me. How do I find you today? Oh, my mother, how are you today? You know what she responded. She responded I am well, so long as the oma of Islam as well. I am well so long as it almost of Islam as well. So this concern for the oma brothers and sisters, when you go to Hajj, dedicate part of your hygiene part of your job, to the to the lifting of the suffering that the believers are facing throughout the world. And,

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and, and pray for us not to give you Sophia and to give you acceptance inshallah to Allah. With that we conclude the Xochimilco head on for your time for joining us today, inshallah Tada, the intention is to have this series available online. Sweet. flicks calm and shallow sweetness of hedgy.com will direct you there. And Flix calm is a website run by chef I'm gonna say man, I lm flicks FL ix they have a whole bunch of different series so shout out if you know anyone who's going for hi just keep a lookout if you're on if you're on Facebook, inshallah, I'll be posting on my Facebook account and on Twitter. If you know anyone who is going and you think this may be beneficial to them, then I

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just request you share it with them. The idea is a shelter for everyone to benefit as much as possible, desirable no later on, if there's any mistakes is for myself and any benefits from Allah subhanaw taala Welcome to day one. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Tara Baba wabarakatuh

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