O’ Our Lord, do not make us among the oppressors

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AI: Summary © The video highlights a group of people on a journey to write a song to their seats at heaven, while they are in suspense and anticipation. The group uses words and tools to avoid harming their health and reputation, and they encourage people not to make fun of one another and not make fun of themselves. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a photo of a woman.
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reinforcing our sejati I'm Nina may you have the level for them will de la la mejor Linfen her her the Allah why should you hola hola hola hola Chica who wants to do and Mohammed Abdullah su some Allahu Allah He wants to earn he also have you send them

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yeah are you Hello Dina Amador tabula Hapa Takata he was I moved on to Misty moon. Yeah, you have NASA Takota Bakula? The halacha come in FC Wahida Te Waka caminho Jaha Baba Thurman humare Jana and cathedra when he says

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what duckula Lolita, Sir, I don't want to be here. Well Erhan in Allah who can Alikum rock diva? Yeah, you Hello Nina ammonoid tabula will Kulu Golden sadita you'll see like Omar Malcolm Well, Phil, welcome to the Lubicon Well, mejor de la hora Sudha who forgot the first Felsenthal Lima and my bad fitness Sakana Hadith Kitab Allah who had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was shot on a morning to have a cola McDonald's in vida. Aquila, bidet. Ambala Alcala de la written for now? Allah subhanahu wa taala he describes a conversation that will take place

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on the day of judgment

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between the people of Jana

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and the people of hellfire

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and sorted out off in a very powerful passage in the Quran, describing the hereafter and the state of the believers in the disbelievers. And I wanted to highlight one statement from that conversation and today's chutzpah

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and to give you context preceding that statement, there's some ayat that Allah describes what is happening. So Allah subhanaw taala begins in verse 40 For us without off where he sees what

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else have origin at the else Harbin

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garden wotja Then

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then our Boonah help call for heading Weijun to

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help call on Hoonah.

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Then the Boehner who Alanna to law here on Avadi me mean, a Levine I also do now sabini haywire who

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be filthy caphyon Allah subhanaw taala says that the people of Jana the people of Paradise will cry out will call out to the people of a hellfire

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and they will ask them a question.

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They will say that an agenda marijuana Rabona Hakka being in paradise, they believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala Of course. And so they say we have found a promise that Allah has promised us to be true.

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We have found a promise that we have found that was promised to us in this world and the Quran and the books before the Quran that were revealed to the previous messengers. We have found this promise to be true. So have you to Oh, disbelievers found the Promise of Allah to be true.

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For hell was it to marijuana or Bukom haka. So have you found the Promise of Allah that He has promised you to be true? And they will say yes. And then at that moment, a crier will call out and say,

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the curse of Allah is a prophet as upon the oppressors. Those who used to drive people away from the path of Allah and they use this deceit they sought to make it crooked, and they disbelieved in the Hereafter.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, between these two groups of people, after judgment has happened, and the people have been admitted to Paradise and the people have been placed in hellfire. There is still no group of people who have yet to have the judgment placed upon them. And so Allah says, What Bay ina Houma Hey Giba and between the people of paradise and hellfire is a barrier is a barrier that they that separates the two

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and then he says, one hour off at Jan, we are a foreigner called BC Vizima home and upon the out off

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our off is this plateau this elevated piece of land that is between

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hellfire and Paradise and the people who are upon that on this out off. Allah says you will recognize each of them by their marks. So they are able to see the people of paradise and they are also at the same time able to see the people of hellfire.

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And so who are these people, the scholars, the majority of scholars have said that these people on the out off on this plateau are those whose good deeds and bad deeds were equal in this dunya

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So the judgment happened those we know Allah says Samantha calleth Noah Zeno. So when I go and move the home, whoever scale is heavy will be amongst those who are successful. There'll be placed into paradise. Women have Fatima Zeno and those who skill has become lights meaning their good deeds have become light there and their their bad deeds are heavy. He says Foday Kadena hospital and foster home feed Johanna Mahalia dune they are those who have have have lost and they are staying in hellfire forever. So we know the judgment happens and the people whose deeds were bad were were heavier are in place in hellfire. But there's a category of people who The Scholars say their deeds

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were equal.

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So if they have not yet been placed in Jannah, nor have they been placed in hellfire, they are upon this out off or they can see both inhabitants.

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so Allah describes what happened next. These people have the out off they look to the people of paradise, Allah says

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what else have

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come lamea do hoo ha ha me up on my own. They see the people of paradise See, see the joys that they are, they are enjoying enjoying. They see the reward that Allah has prepared for them and so they they call out to the Stasi Saddam when are they called they're like greeting them they're waving to them.

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Peace be upon you. Allah says let me call these people out off they have in the people about off have not entered paradise. Well hold me on to my own, but they're hopeful that they will be able to enter into paradise.

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So they see that people have

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Jana and they're hoping that they could be there and what will you think would be their their reaction when they see the people to hellfire?

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And Allah Subhan Allah he says, he doesn't say that they look to the people of hellfire. He says what either Saudi episod or whom Tilopa us have enough when their gaze is made to look towards the people of hellfire.

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Allah subhanaw taala he says, What either so what effect Assad or whom do or else have been.

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When they see the punishment,

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and the pain and the agony and the suffering that they are in. They immediately beg Allah subhanaw taala God or Bernard? Dejan

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Avadi me in the bag ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Oh Allah, we ask you at this moment, when we know our judgment is coming, it's one of the two. And they're in this moment of suspense and anticipation Which one will it be? They're hopeful for Paradise, but when they see the punishment of hellfire, they bet Allah Our Lord, our Master, we beg you do not make us from amongst the body mean from amongst the oppressors?

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This Doha Robina lethargy Jana man Coleman Vani MI, O Allah do not make us amongst the oppressors.

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Is it your I want all of us to keep in mind

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because in this dunya, on our path towards Allah subhanho wa Taala on this road, that for many of us, we have covered part of it, many of us we've covered most of it, some of us we perhaps have, or at the last moments, none of us know when that road will end.

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But we are all on this journey. And upon this journey and upon this road and upon this path, you will find that there will be moments when your Eman will be tested. Shavon will come and whisper to you whispers

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he will say you see so and so.

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He took out haram loan to establish his business and look at him now he's flourishing. Why don't you do the same?

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You see so and so.

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They they cheat in their in their business dealings. They bill falsely or they they claim to do stuff they haven't done and they're getting paid for it. And you see now mashallah they're in and they're living in a life of luxury. You see a sister who takes off her hijab because she hasn't been able to get married yet. And she thinks perhaps if I show my beauty, someone will notice me. So she takes off her hijab and she gets married and she has a beautiful family now. You see the brother who you're going to msa you're going to campus you're going to the prayer room and right outside the prayer room not non Muslims, but Muslims who are there mocking you What are you doing going to pray?

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You see the kid on high school who has a girlfriend and it was popular and he's doing all that he's doing and he has the the popularity and the friends and the followers on his Instagram and his Tik Tok and you say maybe just maybe let me sacrifice a little bit.

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Let me that the hijabs are slipping off. Let me miss one prayer here. There. Let me just talk to this girl. Let me take the

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loan then afterwards after I pay off the interest and I'll I'll donate to the masjid

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you were all presented with these similar scenarios every day.

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Every day this was was a comes.

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And so on the Day of Judgment, the reality will be seen.

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And I want you to think that at that moment that people have out off when they see the people of hellfire, and that they chose to this day to reject the teachings of the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam and the commands of Allah subhana wa Tada. And they are now facing the consequences for what they did.

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You will bet at that moment if you are amongst those people that have been on that agenda man come Avadi me, Oh Allah, He asked you don't make us amongst the oppressors. And so this is a Doha we should say now,

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when those when those whispers come, in fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, one atom would then nine acre in Downton Abbey, he has words minims our roads and higher dunya. And Allah says and don't even don't even allow your gaze to look to words that which we have given for these people to enjoy from this dunya meaning if the people of haram and the people of disbelief have been given favors, don't allow yourself to even look too long to wish for for a moment to have that. So you're driving by on the Billboard you see a billboard for a club or you see a billboard for alcohol or whatever it is, you're driving by a place or you see a thing on campus or you see a thing at work that you know

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is not good for healthy for your eemaan that don't even look at it. Don't even think about don't even let your mind stay for a moment or two. If I just did a little if I just took in a little

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don't allow yourself to do that and enough Tina home fee. Allah was testing them with that, what is what I'll be the height or upcard but the provision of your Lord is better and more enduring, if you only knew Subhanallah and that's why the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam

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where he described he says on the day of judgments, you Tabby enter Vietnamese and it dunya man now from the people of hellfire who was given the most of this dunya

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and most imagine every single thing you could imagine from women and money and wealth and cars and the like and whatever it is all the head on the the nodes and to get that

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leading a life that you could only it could be in your wildest imaginations.

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This person from hellfire is taken out and simply dipped for a moment's for a second into paradise and enter into hellfire.

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And what will happen?

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He will be asked.

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Yep, no Adam, hello ATIA. Hi Ron.

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Oh son of Adam. Have you ever in your in this in your whole life seen any form of goodness

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Helen mandala beaker nayeem on top has any bounty ever even just passed you by?

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And he will say Lao Allahu Allah, I swear by Allah. No, I haven't had anything. No Goodness, no joy, no enjoyment, no blessing, no bounty, no health, nothing at all for just a moment, a second and hellfire. And similarly, it will be brought the person who was most tested in this dunya most tested in this dunya and he will just be placed in Jannah for a moment for a moment. And he will be asked have you had any difficulty in this dunya or has any difficulty even passed you by and he will say no Allah? Not at all. Subhanallah

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and so it makes you think if just a moment and hellfire made the made the person who had the most luxuries of this dunya forget everything.

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Then what are we sacrificing?

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And of just a moment in Paradise made you forget a whole imagine a life full of difficulty and trial and illness. You're unable to walk perhaps you're not able to use the bathroom by herself you're paralyzed you can't get married you have no kids, you have no family or abandon your your turn away from the people imagine all the difficulties you can imagine.

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But then you stayed firm.

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And you made it to Jana.

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One second of Jana

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will make you forget everything of the difficulties of this world. So we ask Allah to give us Sophia to be amongst those who will not be who will not be among the oppressors. As the people about awful say, Oh Allah do not make us amongst the oppressors.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala he goes on to

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Describe what is the end of the people have out off after talking to the people of health after after making dua after seeing the people of hellfire they will then call out to them what

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else have out off et je ID phone at home BC ma'am. Whoa mama

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Jim Roca

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Toontastic be rune they will then ask the people of hellfire a question they will tell them mountain and come Gemini will come. What good? Did all that you gathered in this dunya do for you now? Why am I condemned to stick with your own and your arrogance that you show towards the truth? That I know better? The teachings of the Messenger of Allah it's time for the past I know better.

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Am I going to stick with the rule?

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And then the IEA goes on to say in most scholars he refers to Allah subhanaw taala talking to them. And some say that actually that the out off are telling the people of hellfire, Allah says

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in the inner sanctum

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long will be Allah.

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Allah says to the people of hellfire are these people that people have out off the ones that you use to swear Allah will not grant them their mercy. The people who reject Allah, they mock the believers. You're hoping for a paradise you're hoping for oh nine you're hoping for this? You hear these statements? Allah will ask him at this moment or the angels will ask him at this moment. Did you are these people who said Allah will grant them their mercy that Allah will tell the people about off or the hood will Jana enter into paradise? Now hopefully, they come with a antimetastatic or no fear upon you, nor will you be sad at all. Well, we know Cody had was so funny when he

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confessed to a funeral who in our photo right.

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Similar to him or him from the Laravel Alaminos such as Mr. Tsuda Allahu Allah and he was savage mine. They will say Robin Allah Jana Mang Palma volley mean, oh our lord or master do not make us amongst the oppressors. And the oppressor is sometimes we think oppression, we think physical oppression, we think governments and, and, and,

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and the like, but oppression is of different different categories in different types. When Allah described and sort of hundreds, commanding the believers not to make fun of one another, nor call each other by bad nicknames no nor mock, you know, you know, he says, women lemmya took photo like Homer Vani Moon who doesn't whoever doesn't ask Allah for repentance is amongst the oppressors. So there's psychological oppression, there is emotional oppression, there's physical oppression, and oppressing who you can oppress others but by any by definition, any sin that we do we only oppress ourselves because we're we are subjecting ourselves to the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala. So

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to not be amongst the oppressors.

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We have to take account ourselves and what is it that we're doing in our life? And obviously we make mistakes, but we immediately go back to Allah and ask Allah for forgiveness. And that's why Allah says woman lemmya to vet with a comma, Volume One, whoever doesn't ask Allah for forgiveness, whoever doesn't repent to Allah, they are the wrongdoers.

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They are the wrongdoers and that's probably someone he asked the Companions, who is the one who was a bankrupt person, they said the one lead that drama who Latina, Latina or whatever, he just has no money. And he said, No, the bankrupt person is the one who comes in with a judgment with Salah and fasting and Zika. But he he you know, he insulted this person and he stole money from this person, he spilled the blood of this person, he harm this person and the like. So he say so he gives people from his good deeds, he gives away his good deeds and he gives away his good deeds. Until Until what happens all his good deeds are gone. And then if he doesn't have any more good deeds to give you

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will be taken the bad deeds of other people will be thrown in hellfire when I was a biller.

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So brothers and sisters, a reminder to myself and, and you all

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that this dunya it's allurements are many, its paths away from Allah are many. And our iman is apt to to our heart is apt to be be attracted to some of these things. And when that happens, remember the day of judgment. Remember Allah subhanho wa Taala and make dua to Allah, O Allah do not make us amongst the oppressors, those who oppress themselves in this world by harming themselves and those who oppress themselves in the hereafter by subjecting themselves to the punishment of Allah on a day when the Mercy of Allah or as his wrath on the day when 99% The Mercy Allah has created has been saved for that day. Despite that, they subject themselves to the punishment of Allah subhana wa Tada

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We ask Allah for protection Allah Allah I mean in Allah Hamada Ecto Sadananda bi already in Amman, Osamu Allah you are standing with us Nima Allama, Sanjana, Muhammad, Allah and Muhammad Kamal Savita level Rahim Allah Ibrahim in the Camino Medina

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Hello America Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Ali Ibrahim finance Amina in the comedian Majeed Allama filled with Simeon when musty mouths when won't be, you know me, La Jolla iminium William Watson acai Robina Samia Rueckert even Mooji without Allama Isaiah Simon was steaming was illustrated with machete cane with them in Dhaka Dean watch American even Sanam has been heavily out of anatomy and wealthy Minnesota