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Why is a telco city cited for protection?

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I think cruces decided for protections because the profits or send them approved whatever whatever they allow and told him when the profits are solemn once was guarding the food that is designated for the poor people that supposed to be distributed to the four, it's a food,

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charity, basically food that's supposed to be distributed to that poor and Medina, poor people, many of them, he found someone stealing from it. So he captured the person he stopped, please have children with me go. And he said, I feel bad for him and let him go. But don't do it again. He said, I will never do it again. Then individuals on said he's here, he lied to you, He will come back and three times. The third time she said, Okay, you know what, let me go and I tell you something so valuable. He said what he said if you go to your bed, go go read it. And that night, there is no shame one can come near to you or protect you. Then when he told the process all of that he said

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Sadako Okay, though, he said he told you the truth, even though he's a liar. And that was a part. So from this Hadith, we know that you know, the person approved that but it is a protection from the shell deed. And the reason it is a protection because it contains so many philosophy dollars names and attributes. Actually, I don't know, a single verse in the Quran contain as many names and descriptions for the last part. It contains one of the five great names as the last one that has a lot heyoka you and I need an album that contains so many of our last parotitis qualities and attributes and

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character traits of how dotata talked about his power, his might his kingdom, that everything happened with his well and he is the protector and he is the one aware of everything that he is the one who full of life he's the one who is taking care of the creations that he was taking over everything and controlling everything subhana wa tada aware of everything knows everything, he's the one who give permissions for things to happen is so this is basically all these meetings if you look at it, it's talking about the mind and the power and the control of Allah subhanaw taala the all mighty and it includes one of the names or two of the names that came out of him Allah said it is

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the greatest names of philosophy Tada, which is a law or

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debates between the scholars over these two names and most likely it is basically in this

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between these three names that's also one of the greatest names then the most protected name if you mentioned that it calls protection for you. So my recommendation for each and every one of us to always read either Kersey before we go to sleep and Mario Muslim reported that I'll be able to capital the line and Debbie solemn said yeah, obey. Do you know which verse in the Quran is the greatest? He said you ought to sort of lie a lot in his messenger knows best. Then he basically asked him again and again and he kept saying the same answer. Then individual song said ayatul kursi. And in the resource Allah put his hand on

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an A wave in the cab shoulder and he said Leanna come in. We are about a Monday let you know I will wonder that this is the greatest version on so care for it. memorize it teaching your kids may Allah Subhana Allah protect us. Subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith. IQ does that

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