Will Angels Not Enter My Home If I Have Pictures In It – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

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Will the angels not enter my home if I have pictures in it?

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So it makes this issue complicated is that the word tusks, we've had a very specific connotation. In the time of the Prophet sighs I'm gonna refer to sculpting. And it referred to drawing full figures, and, and weaving or sewing full figures. So photography doesn't really have a full equivalence, and it goes to the ruling of photography as a whole is photography, which is the capturing of a reflection or light, is it the same as drawing something in its totality, and hanging that up or giving it an honorable place somewhere and at home or elsewhere? And the majority of scholars will say, No, it's not the same thing. There are some elements, there's some lessons we can take from

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that, which is, for example, if you were to place a picture, if you were to blow a picture of a human being up and put it in a, in a place in your home, where it's given a little bit too much in terms of sanctity, then it could be serving a similar function to that and so we should avoid that. But having pictures in the home as in photography is permissible in Charlottetown. And it does not invalidate anything. And it does not remove the blessings of a home. But again, a person should just be careful not to place them in a place that it would give it too much honor and sanctity, to where it would it would serve the purpose of a sculpture or something else that was that that is analogous

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to what the prophet sallallahu wasallam was speaking about in the prohibition of testsuite or logout.

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