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Only While Travel Portion Or While I Am Away?
Answered by Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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When can I combine sulla only during travel portion, or while I am away,

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out of Las pantallas mercy, he made it easy for the traveler by allowing the traveler to break his fast. I also allowed the traveler to shorter the prayer as it came in handy to actually allow on how on law that assala started as two records, then after that it was approved to stay to for the traveler and to be complete to for me in the hall and also on Asia, for the residents. So for the traveler, they are allowed to shorten the prayer, and they are allowed to combine between the pairs as well. But also I would like you to remember that combined between prayers is not only restricted to the traveler, as the strongest opinion among the Redeemer, that travel, you can join prayers

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together. And for a need, like storms or Hagar rain or snow storms or big time of fear, war. These are basically scenarios where it is allowed for the person to combine between prayers. So combining between prayers, even sometimes when a person is in a hardship cannot actually pray on time. Let's say a person doing a surgery taking an exam, you know, a police officers or somebody work on the border. People are nurse people like those are teachers, he cannot leave the class. And those people will say, you know what will be allowed for them to pray, Lord on us on motivation as not as it's not regulated, became the norm and the proofer that basler they allow on wildlife and Bahati and

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others that he said that didn't to be so so long combined between the prayers, and an ambassador was asked, Why did he do that? It was not for fear for rain for anything like that. He said, because you want to make it easy for his own muscle allottee isn't it? So the answer for this Yes, for the traveler, the majority of the human law allowed for the traveler to combine between prayers, the only one with the Hanafi allowed only in the day of alpha. But they said for the traveler he could do Jim story which is he pray Lord by the end of the time, and also in the beginning of the time, but there is plenty of ahaadeeth wood and Nebula sun and proven that he used to combine between

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parents was traveling like in your model the 100% and he said that didn't me so I'm used to combine between our sort of motivation while he is traveling, or some of the loss and amount and abuse.

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