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Is Mother Sinful If She Doesn’t Breastfeed Her Child

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Is breastfeeding or breast milk is the right of the child, the mother sinful for not breastfeeding her child.

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breastfeeding is a very important thing for the mother to offer her child, her baby. And there is a plenty of research, I'm sure, with a quick research on Google about the benefits of breastfeeding, you will know how important it says to breastfeed your child, you know, there is nothing like the mother milk, there is nothing well connect the baby to the mother will not not only not nurture the baby physically and make him grow physically,

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through the breast milk, but also emotionally and be very stable. And there's many studies in psychology as well about the benefits of breastfeeding versus formula miracle America or using a bottle blus A tons of research about the benefits of the breastfeeding antibodies to protect against illness, stem cells that may support Oregon development and in the same times, you know, white blood cells in the breast in the breast milk, that it will help the baby to fight infections and diseases and protect the children. And then there is many things I'm sure you familiar with. And that all these things take in consideration shows you the importance of breastfeeding the child is the mother

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is the one who must breastfeed the child. The majority of the heart said she's not sinful if she could not breastfeed the child, or for whatever reasons you are not able to do. So she's not a sinful according to the majority of the aha, because Allah subhanho wa Taala said, we're in to ourselves to a totally real life, you couldn't come in agreement on how the breastfeeding will be. So another woman can provide that service. So it's seen as a service to the child. That's why it is obligatory upon the father to make sure that his child is provided for and he is basically eating and growing and protected. So as for the mother, where she is obligatory obligation upon her to do

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that, in the Maliki said yes, but as I said, the majority of us said, No, she is not obligated to do so.

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And that's the correct opinion in general. But if Emma said, if the husband demand and she is living with her husband and the husband demand from her to breast feeding, is she's obligated obligated to obey Him. And those are not. Also there's a debate between the scholars, and in my opinion, the strongest opinion No, because that's her body, and she can do with it what she wants, unless there's no one else will provide for the child and the child life might be endangered. In this case, she is obligated to provide for that child. If she wants to breastfeed, she should not ever be prevented from that no one allowed to stop mother from breastfeeding her child, and I am 100%

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supporter of breast feeding encouraging all my sisters to take to put this as a priority. When it comes to child care. Scientists have shown that there are more than 1000 protein in a breast milk while the formula contain maybe one one or maybe two proteins. You can imagine the difference between the two in regards to your child. That's why I believe breastfeeding is not about a choice. It is about responsibility that the mother feels and have towards her child. So as they say, be a star and follow the Milky Way. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.