When Should I Stop Asking Allah For Healing – Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed

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The speaker discusses the challenges of healing from the past and the need for hope in the present. They explain that the most difficult point is the never losing hope of continuing to have hope in the present. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of praying at two hedra time to receive healing from Allah subhanaw taala.

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At what point should I stop asking a lot for healing?

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Well, at what point should we stop asking a lot for healing? Never. We should never stop asking Allah Spano Tata for healing, we should never stop asking Allah subhanaw taala for what we need and for what we want one of the biggest, you know, challenges in our in our journey through this life and to return to Allah subhanaw taala. One of the biggest challenges is that is the never losing hope, the challenge of of continuing to have hope in Allah subhanaw taala and not losing hope we have so many beautiful stories in our history about people, amazing people who never lost hope. Look at the story of a uvala who sent him a year after year after year, he went through this trial, he

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was sick, he lost his money, he lost children. And he was about to have his wife walk out at this point after years and years and years of this trial of being ill of being sick. He calls out to Allah subhanaw taala any messenia Dodo and our hammer raha mean, indeed, difficulty adversity has befallen me, and you are the Most Merciful of the Merciful. Look at his hope. Look at the fact that even though he had lost so much, and he had been through so much for so many years, he continued to have hope in Allah subhanaw taala. And even in the midst, and this is by the way, his most difficult point, this is like the belly of the whale moment for him. This is his most difficult point. And yet

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even in that moment, he continues to have hope in Allah subhanaw taala His mercy so powerful, and to our humble raha mean, that and you are the Most Merciful of the Merciful, he says, and so he continued to ask for healing he continued to ask and have hope and Allah subhanaw taala even despite how long his trial went on, and so we should never lose hope in asking Allah we should never lose hope and asking Allah subhanaw taala to heal us. One of the best ways to ask Allah to heal us is to pray at to hedge your time to hedge It is like a hospital for the for the emotionally and spiritually wounded. It's It's It's the ER it's the emergency room. It's the time when Allah

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subhanaw taala comes down to the lowest heaven and he calls out and he says Who is calling on me that I may answer their call, who is seeking for me that I may give who is asking forgiveness that I may forgive Allah subhanaw taala it's coming and looking for the for the patients that need help, right? We are all patients who have wounds, we are all you know people who are desperately in need of healing, and everyone has different types of wounds and everyone has different types of scars. But we all are in desperate need of healing from Allah subhanaw taala and that's one of the best ways to seek that healing from Allah is to ask for it at two hedra time and the last third of the

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night. Call out to Allah cry to Allah beg from Allah call out Institute and Allah subhanaw taala will send that

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