What Rights Do Our Neighbour Have Over Us

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim answers

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What rights do our neighbors have over us?

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It's a wonderful, wonderful question, really. And it's a question that we should ask a lot more as Muslims. Whether we live in the west or in Muslim populous countries are not.

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The prophets I seldom would say, add more water to your meat to your broth to your cooking as you're boiling it and think of your neighbor. In another Hadith the prophet SAW Selim said, Lisa mean, now they can't be a true believer, they can't achieve completion of faith, let me know I hadoken, who feels their belly, they are content with their food, and their neighbor goes to sleep hungry. Now, those are really really big, big statements. Also, we hear the Sahaba they would say that in the very, very early days of Islam, even in the very early days of hedgerow that they thought the neighbor was going to be given a share of inheritance if someone passed away. Like if I was living

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and my neighbor lived next door to me, the neighbor was such an important part of life, that if I died, it used to be that they would get a share they will have a thought that they would get a share from my estate. That's how important the relationship with Allah subhanaw taala in the hotel and often he says, well, Jada, the quarterback, well jobs job, you know, the job, the neighbor that is next to you and the neighbor that is nearest to you has a right Listen to these words of the prophets. I seldom have the last name as rude. You know, he reports that the one who recites as a courtesy in their home in the evening hopefully though a JATO their home is protected by law and

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their neighbor, you know, so there's my neighbor Steve, he's next door The only reason he doesn't get robbed is because I'm I'm keeping things tight. I'm reciting a little courtesy in the evenings. Think of the the blessings that we interchange with one another. Also, I you know, I leave you with this imagery.

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augmented rock metal, la la, had this really, really good neighbor and his neighbor, you know, he needed money. So he had to sell his home. And when he found out that his neighbors moving out, he said, Where are you going? He said, Well, you know, I need money. So I sold the home so mom and dad bought the home, so that he could keep his neighbor there in it, because he said I'd rather lose money than lose you as my neighbor, Allahu Akbar. So choose your neighborhoods, well choose who you live next to and if you are already in a place now begin to open your heart to those who are next to you. And may Allah subhanaw taala bridge those gaps. And if you don't have a neighbor that wants to

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treat you in the same way that you're treating them, it should never let you stop being kind to them. That's the way of our Nabhi subtle, a lot of us