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AI: Summary © The conversation is about the issue of getting married between Christian and Jewish couples. The speakers discuss the court system and the possibility of getting married outside of religion. They also mention the crisis of couples getting married and the desire for better husbands for their sisters.
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Marrying Christians and Jews but is that for all times in places?

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So yes, indeed the Quran allows that a Muslim man can marry a Christian or a Jewish lady, if she is a righteous and pious lady, and she is chaste and decent. The Koran definitely allows this. However, it is mentioned in our books of history that when the Muslims who were in Iraq at the time of the Maha pub, they began marrying Christians and Jews, Roma rhodiola, one as a matter of policy, not as a matter of fact, he wrote to them and he said, Don't do this. They wrote back and they said, Oh, Amira, minion, oh leader, didn't Allah allow the men to marry Muslim Christians and Jewish ladies? And Ramadan? No. hottub said yes. So he's not saying is how long he said, Yes. But if you Oh, men

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start marrying the Christian and Jewish ladies, then who will marry our ladies, right? So Muslim ladies, Muslim women, they cannot marry Christians and Jews. So if we Muslim men start marrying people of other faiths, who is going to marry our women? That's the first point. The second point, obviously, when we are living in situations where, where we're living in secular lands, or non Muslim lands, the issue of a divorce taking place and the children and the religion of the children becomes a very big and contentious issue. How many cases have we all seen where a divorce does take place and the children are then raised as non Muslims? And that's not something that obviously we

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are happy about. So even though theoretically perhaps, yes, it is permissible, but realistically or practically, one should think very, very, very long and hard and it is not something that is should be encouraged because there are potentials that the children will not end up as Muslims. And as well, there is already a crisis going on in many Muslim communities have many women not getting married. And it's not fair that our sisters are struggling and they don't have good husbands and the illegible husbands or bachelors are then marrying outside of the faith. Our sisters deserve just as much care and concern, in fact, more so as well. So I would definitely not encourage this but I

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cannot say that it is hot or sinful to do so. I will simply say that this is something that should be discouraged and emphasis should be given of marrying within our own faith and allies.

Is marrying a Jew or a Christian permissible in Islam? What has the Qur’an said about this? What was the stance of Umar Ibn Al Khattab RA on the same? What are the theoretical and practical implications of the same and what should be followed to be within safe limits and preventing ourselves from committing sins?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives us great explanations regarding this.

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