Zakir Naik – Sunnah Acts That Do Not Nullify The Fast

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not using the server during fasting, as it can nullify the fast and lead to problems such as health problems and ridiculous events. They also mention the use of water in the nostrils during fasting, which can lead to problems such as health problems and ridiculous events. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to avoid using the server during fasting and avoid using it during the day.
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are at your mind any

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important suddenness of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that people

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avoid, because they feel it will nullify their fast. Yes, there are a few signals of the Prophet, which many Muslims avoid thinking it will break their fast or dismal chrome and the most important Sunnah of the Prophet which people avoid doing the man is using the Salah, using the tooth stick. Many Muslims feel that if they use this, it is macro. The main reason is there the hadith of masala Hadith, which is mentioned in say Buhari, volume number three,

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Book of fasting Hadith number 19 104, where the Beloved Prophet masala Sallam said, I swear by Allah, in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, peace be upon him, that the breath of the person who fasts

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is more sweeter to Allah than the scent of musc. Now based on this Hadith, many Muslims think that if they use the service, the breath, the bad breath, or the foul Breath of the person who fast will not be there, and it will not please Allah that is the reason to avoid using server. So these people that failed to realize that when we use the stick, Sivak, it does not remove the breath,

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the foul breath, or the breath which people normally don't like, of the person who passed the service mainly brushes the gums, it cleans the teeth, it helps keeping the teeth healthy, but in no way does it reduce the breath especially of the person who fast and furthermore, is the son of the Prophet were Prime Minister of solemn he said

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it's mentioned say Buhari, number two

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Hadid number eight seven

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a beloved prophet masala Some said that

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if it wouldn't have been too hard for my oma I would have made it compulsory for them to use the service the to stick before every prayer or to use the to stick while they would do they have to do is a requirement before Salah the Prophet, it's gonna be too difficult for DOMA, you'd have made it compulsory to do the to stick. And here, he did not mention any exceptions. Or they would have said Allah made compulsory for me, except during fasting, this important so now Surely, if this would have been mcru and fasting or have nullified the past, surely you would have mentioned it. So this prove that this important so now with Muslims should continue doing even during the month of

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Ramadan. Even with fasting, it will not nullify the Fast Start macro, in fact, it is mazahub it's encouraged. And the other important for not which people neglect or avoid, mainly fearing that it will spoil the fast or nullify the fast is putting water in the nostrils sniffing the water normally, especially during the day. So many of the Muslims, even when they do do, they just get the water close to the nose and touch the tip of the nose to the water. That's it. They don't put the water into the nostrils and they clean the nose. They don't sniff it, which is a requirement for thinking that if they sniff it may break the fast water entering through the nose into your throat

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will nullify the fast but the chances are way negligible. What our beloved partners, Allison said, as mentioned sad or without one number two, and the number 2360. Our beloved Prophet said that very do we do sniff the water excessively, except in fasting. So normally when we do Voodoo, we sniff the water excessively, except in fasting, because in fasting if we sniff excessively, there are chances though very negligible for it to enter the throat and nullifying your fast but normally when we put water in the nostrils, there are no chance of it going the throat. Only care that we have to take well first thing is don't defensively but you have to put the water in the nostrils and clean the

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nostrils which is important for now with many of the Muslims neglect and avoided especially during the day and your sins The Prophet clearly mentioned except fasting.

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During the service, he said I would have made it compulsory had it not been difficult from there because he doesn't say fasting it means that server can be used while fasting and sniffing should not be an excessively but normally what should we put in the nostrils while doing so these two important signals which people out of ignorance they avoid during fasting

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