Khubah The Wisdom of The Creation of Iblis and Protecting Ourselves From His Plots

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in Al Hamdulillah no matter who want to study, you know who wanna still fiddle. We're not over the villa Himanshu Rudy on fusina woman say Dr. Molina Mejia de Hilah who further medulla woman yodeling who fella ha de la. Wa shadow Allah. Allah Allah Allahu wa Tada Honda Sharika wash had to Anna Mohamed and I will do what I sudo Yeah, you hola Xena, Manu, Topo la cultural quarter. What are some more tuna in LA one two Muslim one. Dear Muslims, when Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to our father, Adam Alayhis Salam, there were creations before him. And one of these creations was the entity known as a bliss. And he believes from the beginning of time as soon as he saw Adam developed a feeling of

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jealousy, and extreme irrational hatred, of feeling of such evil, that IBLEES declared right then and there, that he shall be an eternal enemy, not only to Adam, but to the wife of Adam, and to the future children of Adam, the level of depravity, the level of irrational anger that he believes had is something that is unparalleled in the creation. And Allah subhanho wa Taala warned us against IBLEES from the very beginning of time, as soon as IBLEES rebelled against our father Adam, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions his story and Allah says that he believes said, or a Takahata lady Karim Talia, it believes his challenging Allah and he believes said Do you see this being whom you

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preferred over me? It releases jealous, this being whom you preferred over me, let in a hurtin Eli yo Milka Yama. If you allow me to live until the Day of Judgment, then I shall misguide every one of his progeny. Allah azza wa jal tells us that this was the story of at least from the beginning of time, a believes also challenged Allah and blamed Allah for his arrogance. A belief says Allah Rob, edema, attorney, my Lord because you have deceived me. IBLEES blamed Allah that says arrogance. It's not only angry at us, he's angry at Allah blaming Allah. Rob BB ma white honey Yara because you deceived me. A belief says locker Odonata home serata can was the team I will sit waiting for them

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as they're coming down the straight path his level of hatred he is literally waiting for the rightly guided he's waiting for the pious and righteous He is waiting in anticipation to trap us then from Monday to Jana whom membean The ad him I will attack them from the front one Emani him and from the right one chamade him and from the left What are digital data whom shall get in and Oh ALLAH from now I'm telling you, I'm gonna be so successful that the majority of this new creation, they will not be thankful to you. And Allah azza wa jal warned our mother and father as soon as they enter Jannah Allah azza wa jal bless them with Jana. Allah says to Adam, what Adam was going and I was

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able to call Jana. And as soon as they enter Jana, Allah says to them, but be careful. Be careful Oh Adam, in the hada I do will laka what is Odjick this being over here pointing him out. This being is your enemy, and the enemy of your wife Hawa. The Quran tells us Adam was warned how what was what? And when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala sent Adam down. He also warned Adam at that point in time that oh Adam, the two of you are going to be fitness to each other. Oh Adam, be careful. Warn your children of this entity. Warn your children to not follow this one who misguided you this one who caused your fall in love sent prophet after prophet to warn us about the dangers of Iblees. Allah sends prophet

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after prophet and on the Day of Judgment. Allah azza wa jal will remind mankind, Allah will say to mankind, oh Children of Adam, didn't I tell you Oh, Children of Adam, taboo the Shavon Didn't I tell you not to worship shaitan

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Didn't I tell you he is you're clear and me to you notice at every stage of the creation, at every footstep of the beginning of time, Allah azza wa jal morning Adam and the children of Adam about the dangers of Iblees. So in today's brief hutzpah, let us talk a little bit about this reality this entity known as he believes it, he says, of course, his name Shavon is a description shaytaan is his adjective and it means the one who is obstinate, the one who is rebellious, the one who misguides. Everybody who turns you away from the path of Allah is a shaytaan. There is one bliss, there are many shade ponds, it pleases the proper name of the leader of the shaytans che thorns belong to Jin

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chatons belong to ince. shaytaan is anybody who's trying to take you away from the path, and the leader of those who want to take you away is bliss. So the first question that arises, the first question that arises that we ask ourselves in is, what is the wisdom in the creation of a bliss? You know, many times our young son or daughter comes to us and says, Father Mother uppity? Why did Allah create this evil being close? shaytaan? Why did Allah create a bliss? I mean, forget children, sometimes we ask, why would Allah create a bliss? And the response to this is actually not simple to say. But we can respond preliminarily, by stating, The premise of this question, is the assumption

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that Allah should create us and put us into Jannah immediately, there should be no evil, no pain, no suffering, we want to have ultimate peace immediately. And we say but no, that's not this dunya that's the next life. And we shall get that piece where there is no IBLEES we shall get that place of no pain, no evil, no suffering, but we have to earn it. We have to walk through this life, avoiding the temptations of the bliss. The presumption that there should be no evil only comes from the mind of the one who thinks he's entitled, since Allah created me, this world should be perfect, but we say it is perfect for our time in place, and it is a stepping stone to the real perfection of

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the next. So there must be an element of Allah knows, we might not fully understand. And that's why even the angels ask, why would you do this Oh Allah, and Allah says, I know what you do not know. So we begin by stating We must resign the wisdom of the creation of a belief ultimately to Allah, but we can find some consolation in some aspects. And Ibaka yam for example, in his famous book Allah Tala fan, he actually has 25 pages dedicated to the question of why would Allah creativities and he has wisdoms that are very profound. You will find some translations of this document in English somewhere on online but I'll summarize some of these points. And okay him says that, Allah subhanho

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wa Taala desires the purity of his followers. Allah desires the Iman and Taqwa the STR the Tawakkol, the Inaba, Allah desires, the piety of the righteous, and that piety shall only be manifested by fighting against a bliss, there must be an Iblees that manifests the piety of the righteous people. And so when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has allowed this evil entity to exist, it is not because he likes the evil, it is because he loves the piety that comes in combatting the evil, the righteousness that comes in overcoming that evil, also of the wisdoms is that Allah azza wa jal personified evil can you imagine if evil were some type of cosmic force? If evil were not an actual created entity? What

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would we do then? But we have evil personified in one being one entity. And we thank Allah for this because we can now feel a sense of consolation knowing that evil is manifested in one Mahalo and this mahalo is not all powerful. This mahalo is not God. This Maha Luca is a creation of Allah. And so evil can be conquered when we turn to the One who created this entity. So we thank Allah that evil can be personified in one being we know that being we have been told to take precautions against that being also of the wisdoms is a lesson for all of us in the story of our father Adam alayhis. Salam Iblees is no stranger to humanity. Imagine if we had somebody who showed no enmity to

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us no harm to us, we would say how can we be scared of this entity? Why should we hate this entity, but Allah azza wa jal ninu, in his wisdom, allowed the same entity to be the cause of the downfall of our mother and father, the same entity to do what he did to Adam and our the same entity to continue to fight every

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single prophet and so when we have one particular entity who history has shown has caused so much damage, then how can we not take precautions? How can we not feel a sense of genuine anger at this entity and turn to Allah to protect ourselves from this entity, also of the wisdoms of the creation of this evil known as a bliss is that we see the diversity of the power of Allah azza wa jal, he creates the best of the best and he creates other than this, he creates Jabra Elan mica eel and he creates the bliss and the jinn he creates the prophets and he creates fear around and Ebola and all the rest of them. So Allah azza wa jal pura is manifested, Allah's power is manifested, and in this

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we are in awe at the magnificence of the creator of the wisdoms of the creation of this entity is that we can truly appreciate good only by contrasting it with evil, we can appreciate beauty when we see what exactly is ugly, we can appreciate the brightness of the day only after the darkness of the night. So by having these contrasts and by knowing how evil an entity can be, because in the end of the day, the evil of the bliss is completely irrational. He gains nothing by misguiding us he is going to jahannam anyway, he gains nothing by causing us harm. What an irrational evil is this, and we have done nothing to him such that he's an enemy to us. But when that evil is there, so then we

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are able to understand that there is a particular being a mahalo of Allah who harbors so much evil, that we have to take our precautions, we have to be careful. And this helps us be more righteous of the wisdoms as well. And this is a very profound point brothers and sisters pay attention to this, of the wisdoms of the creation of this entity known as bliss is that it is actually therapeutic for our own salvation. It is therapeutic for our own betterment. There is a psychological wisdom in having the embodiment the personification of evil how so? Because you don't want you want to overcome the personal problem. When you have committed a major mistake, a major crime, you know, in

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this environment and complex. The psychologist say you can't continue to blame yourself for a past mistake. You have to let go and move on. Right? In our case, we don't have to just let go. We can easily and factually and correctly blame IBLEES for a sin that we have done. And it is correct. IBLEES was the one who misguided us who gave us what's wasa and use that to blame in order to make ourselves empowered to move on to live better lives. Now have to be clear here. We do not blame beliefs in a court of law. We cannot blame beliefs on the Day of Judgment. It's not going to work. But we can blame IBLEES in our personal journey to Allah in our reflections of our own past, and we

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think about what we've done. And we say stop for Allah. That wasn't me. I'm better than that. I shouldn't have done that. Because that wasn't coming from me that was from Bliss and the whisperings of a bliss and if I can cut off a bliss I can eliminate a bliss than I am a better person with the help of Allah and that is factually true. That is factually true. When we have an entity that we can legitimately blame for our own shortcomings of the past. Again, this is not a justification of the current it is not an excuse of the future. Iblees is not going to be able to be blamed on the Day of Judgment doesn't work that way, but in this dunya in our journey to Allah we are not only allowed to

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the Quran and Sunnah shows us we blame IBLEES Listen to me carefully for a past mistake or sin in order to rectify ourselves in order to overcome and be better people. When Musa accidentally asked her that question Musa were made the condition because he made the traditional ask me anything and Musa asked the first time he asked he said Don't blame me shaytaan caused me to forget when Martin Sanyo Alicia upon, this is you. You shot and Musa destroy Shankara Musa Don't Don't blame me shaytaan Cosby to forget when you soften his brothers had a fight, and his brothers did what they did use of being the wise prophet. How did he recover? How did he bring about unity? He said Shavon

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caused you all to do this. It wasn't from you remember the Anessa Shavon? Albania Albania Cote? Now question Who threw yourself in the well, the brothers are shaytaan Well, it was the brothers but who whispered it to them who they yellowhammer Shavon, who beautified it clearly it was shaytaan. Now that use of wants to mend the hearts now that we need to move forward. We can bring in this third party called Iblees. We can say that's not you, you're better than that. That was a belief and you're correct. You're factually correct. When you blame your beliefs. This is passing the responsibility of a past sin. You still have to make them in the eyes of Allah in order that you

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rectify yourself

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And what a beautiful amazing psychological blessing you are better than this brothers and sisters well Allah You're better than this something happened in the past that is shameful you committed a sin that really causes you pain well that's good it causes you pain is good it causes you shame but guess what? You need to stop just blaming yourself and realize yes it beliefs was involved and you can be better and your addiction that's coming from a beliefs that evil that you did that harsh statement that you said the physical pain that you caused the stealing that you did the shut off the helmet, everything that you did, it was at least his fault. Now be better cut him out of your life,

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stand up and be a worshipper of Allah turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala and blame that evil or who do bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim blame him because you are a better person. This is a beautiful wisdom in the creation and in the manifestation of this entity because the the Halacha in Santa Fe Sanita Karim, Allah created us good, Allah created us high up and then shaitan was Swiss and shaytaan misguides. So we get rid of Shavonne and we come back to the Sanita coin and many other wisdoms can be mentioned as well.

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The next point of our hood, but what are some of the tactics of shaytaan? What are some of the ways that he uses to cause us to commit a mistake? Well, the first of them is the gentlest one. And because it is so gentle, Allah azza wa jal has forgiven it if the bliss is successful, and that is the way of forgetfulness, the way of causing us to not remember something and I quoted you the story of Yeshua and Musa when you shot forgot to take the fish out at the right time, right when you share forgot the sign, excuse me. Then he says, Look, we're not assigning you hula shaytaan we're not Cora shaytaan caused me to forget and a time shaytaan causes you to oversleep, Fajr and at times shaytaan

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causes you to do things you don't intend to do them. Well, if it's accidental, if you really forgot, then Allah forgives you. You just make it up in your personal life. There's no sin on you. But this is of the tactics of Shavon you're supposed to pray for her. You look at that time you say Oh, two hours left, inshallah I'll pray, then shaitan comes check this email, Do this, do that next thing, you know, it's out of time. It's also time, stop for Allah, I missed it. If you genuinely had the intention. This is a tactic of shaytaan blame shaytaan say I will build administrate or regime take precautions for next time and then move on. But this is of the tactics of the bliss, of the tactics

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of a bliss is to catch you at a point of weakness to see monitor. Maybe you metaphorically put your foot on a slippery slope. And perhaps it would have been good enough if you did it. But at least knows this is a slippery slope. And right when it was a slippery slope, he pushed you a little bit more. Of course, I'm being metaphorical. Here. You were in a situation of weakness. And if you were on your own, you would have overcome that weakness but the bliss comes and a bliss pushes you metaphorically a bliss causes you to slip Allah says in the Quran, about the Battle of oil, and about the fact that some of the companions withdrew when they should not have withdrawn, withdrawn.

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Allah says in the musta Zela, homeless Shavon Shavon caused them to slip slip, meaning they they put their place on a they put their foot on a place that shouldn't have. But if shaytaan were not there, it would have been good enough they would have moved on. But shaytaan saw a weakness, a moment where you let your guards down a little bit, just a little bit. You could have overcome but shaitan monitored shaytaan saw and all of a sudden he pushed you more. This is the Zelda This is Zelda. This is a mistake that is a one off. Well you learn from the mistake and you move on. The third tactic, which is the most common tactic of shaytaan is what Switzer and what Switzer means to whisper into

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our soul to give us ideas and thoughts that we would not otherwise have. What's what's a here means he will literally implant ideas that we would otherwise not have. Every one of us sometimes we think of something and we say stuff for Allah. Where did that idea come from? Where did this evil thought come from? And it is not from us. It is shaped on putting ideas into our heads. Shaitan has the capacity Shavon has the physical capability of whispering into our soul, just like humans can whisper into the ear Shavon can whisper into the soul shaytaan cannot read your mind by the way. shaytaan cannot read your mind. But shaytani can see you're alone and you have the opportunity to

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steal some money when you're alone. And there might be a non Muharram was was you're alone or whatever it might be. This is Wes wasa. He will give something in your mind and head or will entice you keep on putting something Why don't you do this, do this do this until it becomes something constant in you. This is one of the tactics of shape on the fourth tactic of shape Han is Zakharova to make something more alluring than it actually is. And he employed this tactic with our father Adam. It was a normal

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Free a normal whatever Apple whatever it was, we don't know what it was something it was there. And shape on added some free deals complete lies. If you eat of this tree you will get eternal life. If you eat of this tree, no pain and suffering, no doubt who was a sweet fruit is from Jana. But this added lies this beautification. This blatant false marketing. This is Shavonne and ShaVonne. Always markets falsely, all of his marketing is blatant lies, all of his marketing is blatant lies, he will come and make something more alluring, or more tempting than it actually is. Or maybe even it's not even tempting at all, but he will make you think it is tempting. And this is the called ze Yena or

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Zarafa, to make it more beautiful than it actually is. And this is something we find it in the Hadith that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when a person of the opposite gender leaves the house shaytaan makes that person look more beautiful, then that person actually is you think that person is more beautiful than that actually is, and you start feeling what's what's up. And that's why our profit system said, subhanAllah, if you feel something about somebody you shouldn't feel, then go to your spouse, go to your halaal partner, because in reality, what the other person has your other partner has as well is just shape on making you think, Oh, this one is

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10 times more beautiful, or 10 times more handsome, whereas in reality, this is from the west Versa, and the Zarafa of shaytaan. So we learned this is a tactic of shaitan don't buy the false promises of shaytaan. Don't fall prey to the marketing of Shavon Shavon is a liar He does nothing but lie he has been lying since the creation of Adam up until our times. So when you see the forbidden fruit when you see that which is haram, and shaytaan comes in makes you feel oh this is this and that realize this is the lies of shape on it's not that tempting. It's not that sweet. It's not that beautiful. In reality, this is the Zarafa of shape. One of the tactics of shaytaan is to make you

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feel scared of something. The whiff of the tactics of shaytaan is to make you feel scared of something. And the Quran mentions this that in nomadic most shaytani will hold folia this has shaped on making his allies and followers feel scared Don't fear them only fear me. And of the classic examples is the Quran. The hadith mentions this when we want to give charity when when we give charity shaytaan will come and say don't be a fool. Your family needs you. If you give charity, you will be poor. Don't be a fool. You're going to become poor when you're generous to others. This is a scare tactic. And of course we are told to be moderate and are giving we are not giving everything

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but neither are we supposed to be stingy and shaytaan comes and doesn't want us to give anything. And this is something very explicit in the Quran. That shaytaan Yeah, I do. Kumon *er shaytaan threatens you you're going to be poor shaytaan makes you scared you're going to be poor don't give to charity. And Allah azza wa jal says and I am promising you it's not a threat. I am promising you you shall be Masha Allah Allah Nia meaning you will have the wealth of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada you will have the baraka of Allah subhanho wa taala. So these are the tactics of shaytaan of the tactics of shaytaan as well. And this is of the most evil tactics is that he causes certain people to speak

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without knowledge and to misguide others. It's one thing to be misguided yourself, but there are people whose profession is to misguide others, they are shayateen. in human form, this hadith the Prophet system said that there are people calling to jahannam Shayateen fie Surah ins they are Shayateen in human form, meaning as we said, shaytaan is any entity that is misguiding you from the true path and there are che thorns of the jinn. And there are shaytaan of the ins anyone who is calling you to disobey Allah, anyone who is trying to get you away from the path of Allah subhanho wa taala. That is a type of shaytaan and Shavon has allies. He has representatives, he has sales

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person for his merchandise amongst us. And these salespeople. They tell you to embrace evil, they tell you to give up religiosity, they make fun of religiosity. They say if you are religious, you are backward, if you pray, you're gonna give up your career, et cetera, et cetera. And these are people sometimes you are mesmerized by their speech. Sometimes you think they are the most intelligent, but you cannot be intelligent. If you don't know the purpose of your life. You are not wise if you haven't figured out what you're doing on this Earth doesn't matter what degrees you have and how much income you have. If you don't know the purpose of your life, then all of your wealth is

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meaningless, so be careful and don't fall prey to the whisperings of the human Shayateen the whisperings of those who are making many problems of our times whatever philosophies that might be there. Whatever ways of opposing Islam might be there. They're trying to beautify it and sell it to you. This is of the tactic

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Have shaytaan and the final point we'll mention and as usual, all of our members are short, they cannot go into all the detail. These are short lists. The final point we'll mention which is so pertinent to our communities have the explicit tactics of shape. One of the explicit tactics of shaytaan is to disunite the OMA and to cause friction between brothers and cousins between people of one family between people of one community between people of the Kalima. This is explicitly mentioned in the Quran. In the shape on yinzer Hubei Nahum shaytaan causes disharmony between them. What did shaytaan do with Yusuf and his brothers member the Anessa shape Albania will be iniquity

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shaitan caused me and my brothers to fall into this this fight and Allah azza wa jal mentions that shaytaan wants you to gamble and she Athan wants you to drink Why Why does chiffon want you to do this in nama you need to shape on and you will die but what you will build off shaytaan wants you to fight and get into problems when you are drinking when you're gambling. shaytaan wants to break up the ummah. So anytime you see a breakup happening anytime you see that you're falling out from a friend from a family member that a community is breaking apart, realize shaytaan is getting happy. We know from the Hadith as well. shaytaan loves to break up a couple that's married. This is one of

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the biggest tactics of shaytaan he wants to cause divorce shaytaan loves to break people up whether they're couples, whether their families whether their communities, and this is one of the worst and most evil tactics of shaytaan we have to be on our guard against them brothers and sisters and be aware of the tactics in order to combat shaitan insha Allah in the second part of the hotbar we'll talk about some of the ways we can protect ourselves from the evil tactics of shaytaan May Allah subhanaw taala blessed me and you with her through the Quran, and May He make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I asked Allah's

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forgiveness you as well ask him for his liver for under Ramadan.

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Alhamdulillah Hill wa had it ahead of Summit Aladdin Amelia Dwolla mula Willem Yoko local one ahead. What do I do? We talked about the tactics of shaytaan. And we talked about why there are some wisdoms in the existence of shaytaan. But we now need to move on to a very practical point, how do we protect ourselves against this entity? What are the most effective mechanisms to fortify ourselves against this evil entity? Well mentioned six or seven points number one of the ways to protect ourselves against shape one is to have a purity of intention to want to please Allah subhanho wa taala. If you desire to please Allah, and you don't care about the fame and the praise

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of mankind, you have erected one of the most powerful fortresses against you and shaytaan. If you don't desire, fame, fortune, money, if you want the riddle of Allah, you want the pleasure of Allah, then automatically you have weakened the forces of shaytaan. In fact, shaytaan himself told us it's in the Quran shaytaan himself told us, You shall not find most of them thankful I shall misguide most of them, then shaitan made one exception. In a burqa min whom will move your scene Illa Ibadah coming home, we'll move on to saying that except for your servants who have a class, I will not be able to touch them. Subhanallah shaytaan tells us he's telling Allah and Allah is telling us he told

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Allah you have one category, I will not be able to reach them, Oh Allah, Who is that category? wokeness you have to have a floss what you do for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of the people. That's the number one mechanism number two of the ways we protect ourselves is overall the vicar of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and this is of the most powerful antidotes and mechanisms to protect ourselves against shape on all types of vicar of them is the Quran, which is the greatest dhikr our Prophet sallallahu sallam said that shaytaan does not come inside a house in which total Bukhara is recited. Brothers, why aren't you reciting Surah Baqarah in your house shaytaan will not come inside

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that house. I'm not saying you have to reset all in one day, every day 234 pages so that there is a continual recitation shaitan will not enter the house where Bukhara is being recited How can we not you know we have alarms in our houses we have the ADT sticker we have this and that well Allah He don't we need protection of shaytaan more important than protection from entities of mankind. recite the Quran in your house and the angels will fortify it of them is the Athan when we give the Advan shaytaan runs away fleas when he hears the Athan shaytaan cannot bear to hear the Adan. So imagine your child is giving the Athan every day in the house imagine you're just praying your Salah come

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together for the her children come together from all of them and they give the damn

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A common shaytaan we'll run away of them is the STR the Rudy bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Allah says in the Quran if you feel anything shape onic if you feel chiffon whispering into you were in my Enza, Nicola shaytani does one first there is Billa se Udo Billa, Allah hears and ALLAH knows and Allah sees, any time you start thinking of an evil, any time you feel inclined to go on the wrong path, say, Ooh, bIllahi min ash, shaytani R, Rajim because that inclination is not coming from you, it's coming from shaitan we talked about this, you are better than this brother and sister, you don't have to go down this path. It's not you it shaytaan but in order to overcome shaytaan you have

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to go to the Lord of the heavens and earth rule do bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime of them is to say, Bismillah of the of God to say Bismillah frequently, constantly when we say Bismillah when we enter the house shaytaan will not come there. When we say Bismillah before we eat shaytaan cannot eat when we say Bismillah before we change our clothes shaytaan cannot see us even before being intimate with our spouse, we think of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala shutdown will be eliminated. Constantly say Bismillah before we do any deed and all types of of God will protect us from shape. One of the ways that we protect ourselves from Shaytaan as well is overall piety overall Taqwa just extra

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ibadah, extra tahajjud, extra sila, extra sadaqa, extra Siyam overall, the more we are pious and righteous in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala then the more the barrier will be between us and Shavon. In fact, our Prophet system called the vicar of Allah, the worship of Allah, he said that it is like a his noon house scene. It is a protected fortress between you and shaytaan, protected fortress, all of the rituals that you do the Ibadah that you do, they will be a barrier between you and shaytaan. And so brothers and sisters, just like shape on can attack two people with the same ferocity. One of them has a wall of protection, and the other doesn't who shape shape aren't going

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to harm more who shaped aren't going to harm more, the one who doesn't have the wall of protection, we build that wall of protection by all of these good deeds. And the final point that we'll mention. And of course, this is a partial list. As always, the final point that we'll mention is a very important one, and of the tactics of shaytaan. Our Prophet sallallahu I do send them said, stick with the community of believers for shaytaan can attack the solitary Muslim the solitary person, and he is farther away from attacking two people and even farther from attacking three, stick with the group of righteous people. Don't break away, be a part of your community. pray regularly in the

00:32:37--> 00:33:14

masjid, attend the Halaqaat have pious friends around you and be amongst the company of the righteous and automatically you're going to build defense mechanisms against Shavon. But if you're cut off from the Muslim community, if you don't have righteous friends, I will process them literally said for shaytaan is more capable of attacking the solitary person just like the wolf can attack the solitary sheep and the sheep that are all together. The wolf cannot attack them. So to the righteous Muslim with the righteous community of friends and a good gathering and a good community shaitan has more difficulty attacking so stick with the GEMA of Muslims stick with the

00:33:14--> 00:33:51

community of Muslims and it will protect you in this journey of that we're working our way towards Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters remember remember on the Day of Judgment shaytaan will give his final farewell address the Abraham calls it the heartbeat of shaytaan Abraham causes the heartbeat of shaytaan and I've given a whole host of about two goodbudget on you can listen to him but what is the hope of shaytaan one one line memorize it one phrase memorize it shaitan will say to the followers of his we're heading to jahannam because the father was will say Oh Allah, it shaytans fault. And I said to you you cannot blame shaitaan on the day of judgment that's not going to work.

00:33:51--> 00:34:37

shaytaan will speak to his own followers and shaytaan will say to all of them when Makana LEA is a common salon. I had no power over you. I didn't force you. You weren't my puppets. I didn't force you that whatever I said you had to do what Mr. Connolly alikoum and so on. But I only did one thing ill and doubt to come. I invited you. I called you out to us was Zakharova I gave you the tactics. I invited you for storagevault Totally. You were the ones who listened to my invitation. You believe my false promises. You listen to what I'm doing. So shaytaan says filata pneumoniae stop blaming me will do more and full circle. blame yourselves. This is a part of the out of shape bond. Brothers

00:34:37--> 00:35:00

and sisters in this life. We have the capacity to repel shape on to fortify ourselves against a bond. That's what we're supposed to be doing. We are better than this. Allah created us to be pure and good and she upon is misguiding us so my advice to myself and all of you rise up to the potential that Allah wanted for you and Allah created you for cut off from shaitan turn to Allah give up the lifestyle that is an evil

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

lifestyle and insha Allah Allah Allah in defeating shaytaan and in overcoming Shavon that is how we will return to the abbot where we were before shaytaan cause our mother and father to be expelled from it, Allah who many died for aminu Allahu Allah that I've held on to them and a love of artha wala Herman Illa for Raja wala Dana and Allah Kadota whatever de la ilaha feta when I see it on Illa you're sorta Allama Filipina whether it's one another Saba Hoon Eben Eman whether hyndland is in Amman Rob Bella in Nicaragua Rahim. Allah Houma is Islam and one Muslim in Allah Houma is an Islamic Muslim in Allah Humam and Aradhana Oh, northern Islam and Muslim in Ebisu in Fayetteville huben FC

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which outed me on fetal BT Jaco as he is about Allah in Omaha to our American women in better behavior NFC with an IV well i Could you could you say with a letter become a you have not mentioned anywhere in football as an accordion Alima in Nola woman Okaloosa Luna other Nebby Yeah, it will lead in Amanu Sallu alayhi wa salim with a steamer Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Well, anderem and Abdi Costa Rica Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marion rebels Allah and Allah to Allah yet mouldable Adley with ehsani waiter at the Cordoba Wayan Halifax che will muncul Bazi you're looking at looking into the Quran oh the Quran Allah has come where which guru he he did what are they

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called Vita Akbar

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Anjali either

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be Ermis the Hayden doll seni one tells

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me what to feed

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at what

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feels cool to me.

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