Study a Deeper Look of Surah At-Tur

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This Quran week is the first time ever that I feel more life you know, sometimes I, I love I cry, but at the same time I understand Quran more in a different more wonderful way. What do Wakita must to

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that when he dissect certain words from a tour, I never thought you could interpret a word into so many things and you can connect so many things from just one small word like after the mountain. The best days are the days when we talk about Jana

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sadhana Manalapan really mentioned everything in Jana in the most beautiful way talking about garden and I cry because of the gardens, you eat and drink because of what you did right? No matter Trouville your deeds are in this dunya at the good bits, it will go unnoticed. So that's kind of like who

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he says Be back on time alone. Eat and drink. Enjoy yourselves really, because of what you used to do, because of what you used to do. My job's big, all it's very, very beautiful is very, very amazing, amazing. And it's it touched my heart, but we already know he put us in Jannah because of what he gave us, what we used to do was never enough. What we used to do, would never be enough to earn this. But Allah took that point 0000000 1% valuable deed that is nowhere near comparable to Jana. And Allah acknowledges that valuable deed and he acknowledges you and he makes you relevant and remember that word, he makes that one action of yours relevant and says because of what you did

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that morning you woke up for Fudger when you were sleepy that time you could have answered back and you didn't answer back that time you could have earned that haram money and you walked away from it that time you gave up that really bad career choice because you knew it was wrong. Every one of those actions Allah says now II You did good. I still can't believe how how how I missed this and and and I just feel blessed Al Quran is a gift for us. For people who live in this earth. It's a gift then we should learn more about what Allah wants us to know more about Al Quran

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