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During this past Ramadan, there are many people who may have missed some days of fasting due to a legitimate reason such as traveling. If one makes up their missed fast post Ramadan, do they still need to pay a compensation?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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If I miss a fast and then I'm making up later Do I need to pay an expiation fee or compensation as well.

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So this is talking about normal people. So by that I mean administrating woman who obviously missed rates during Ramadan and then therefore she can't fast and then she has to make those spots up later. Or a person who's sick around a woman who's sick or a man or woman who's gone on a journey and they need to take the concession to the office so then they're going to have some fast so let's say they've got five faster they're hoping the sooner is to do that as very quick as possible. These are obligatory accidents we made up but let's see what if one reason or the other you you know you don't get round to it although you've got a lot they've kind of gathered up for whatever reason

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then you really want to be doing it as soon as possible certainly before the end of the year before the next Ramadan starts. I should have allowed that in the famous Hadith from her she said that you know, I was always very busy in the year looking after them and you know, so many issues, but in Shabbat, I would always make sure that I would get them done and so that's just before the next Ramadan would come. So there is nothing to pay no Vidya no compensation is an agreement on that if you get it done in the year, and they all agree they should do as soon as possible. So ensure while straight away, whatever and it also, it's important to try and get those files done before you do

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the six fossil show. Well, that's, that's that's the safest opinion to So anyway, you should do it quick. But let's say you didn't, let's say Ramadan comes again. And now you're now over one year what happens now? Yes, the majority of the scholars now do say that you have to pay an expiation as well, a physio a compensation video is what a person will pay if they don't fast or con fast, for some reason, because they're ill or whatever. And that's about five pounds a day saw the annual food that needs to be converted to food and given to a poor person about eight $9. And that would be in addition to making up the fast and this is the position of the live now burst is a narration from

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humans authentic. And the majority of scholars followed that. I remember hanifa remember Buhari a number of scholars, they said well, no, Allah subhanaw taala says woman kanamori on our suffering, that should mean a rocker and whoever is on a journey, then let them make up those days that they've missed from other days. And he didn't say and pay a fee to unpack if he didn't say that. And they're right, to be honest, yeah, there is no evidence to obligate an extra fine or whatever, making up the first and having to make a payment. So I don't believe that a person has to do that it's not obligatory, I'm comfortable with that position. However, I want to say that all of the scholars

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certainly do agree that if a person didn't delay for over a year, and then decided voluntarily to pay that explanation of that video as well, then that's a good act, a recommended act, he also means that you're in a safe position, the safe zone amongst the differences of the scholars. So I like the idea but is it obligatory to have to pay a cafaro Yeah, and he wants to delay it so far. No is not obligatory is good if you did lead because two minutes while you're doing it for that long for and especially if you only you've got the winner coming up, especially in the west where it's only like 1012 hours fast the only piece of cake walk in the park and you know you you fast so I encourage

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everyone that if you miss fast and fast and in my opinion you are fast straightaway and so well, so you can take advantage of getting the edge of Chahal as well, because really should complete Ramadan. first before you start the fossil show up