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AI: Summary © The importance of returning to one's own environment and avoiding spoiling property is emphasized, along with the need for control and avoiding embarrassment. The importance of avoiding negative behavior and avoiding privacy issues is also emphasized. Returning to Islam is crucial for achieving a full body and soul, and individuals need to avoid using their body. Going back to their state of purity and avoiding mistakes is also emphasized.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin David were silly, but it was savage rain, right? Unless you have a data set in that era nearly I do.

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That's why I said we are we belong to Allah, and to Allah is our return. Because I came with regard to the Shahada, and it came with regard to sacrifices and zeba, which happened in our life. And when something happened and there is a loss, whether it's the loss of life or loss of property or something, we are reminded that everything belongs to Allah, including ourselves and that to Allah subhanaw taala is our return. However, if you look at the meaning of this ayah does not need to, we don't need to understand it only with regard to loss.

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This is the reality of the human being

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in Allah He was in LA Raja, we belong to Allah and to our to our last rounds, or is our return. And the reason we need to look at it in this way is because only then does the entire issue of the Koran and the Sharia, and so on Make sense? Because why is Atlas Raja interested in giving us a detailed plan of life? Why is Allah Subhana Allah interested in saying do this is good for you do that don't do that it's bad for you because we belong to Allah.

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We are not free to do with ourselves as we wish, because we ourselves are not our own property. Our body is an Amana

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our soul is an Amana. Neither is a body belongs to us, not as a soul belong to us. And that's the reason why, even though we we look at it as our body but we are not allowed to use his body. You're not allowed to use intoxicants, you're not allowed to use

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drugs and you're not allowed allowed to use things which harm the body, we are not allowed to do anything inside your body body has a right on you. So if you have to use your body needs, you know, certain amount of sleep then

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to the extent or other items that do not even worship every night, all night, and don't fight every day all day for the same reason. Because apart from other people, your body itself has right on you. So don't abuse it, even if it is a prayer is a do not abuse your body. There is no value in Islam, there is no affliction of pain and suffering on the body in Islam, which is one of the

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issues it is one of the practices in most other religions, where self modification, you know, people used to go and fast for days together and sit on some ice box or something or beat themselves and so on. And they thought that this is good for the soul. But Islam says no, it is not good for us, your body has a right on you. So don't abuse the body, treat the body with respect, because this doesn't belong to you. It's from Allah subhanaw taala. And in order to get a spiritual connection with Allah subhanaw taala you don't have to beat us up beat up yourself. Similarly, the roof also has is not ours to do with as we please rule also belongs to that it has to be returned to us. And that is the

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reason why the fitrah of the human being is good. The basic our basic foundations of faith and Islam is we don't believe in the original sin we believe in original virtue with any any child bond irrespective even if a child is born in a non Muslim home, the child until it gains its own decision making power until it becomes valid and mature. That child if the child dies in it, at a young age the child as a Muslim, because the original creator of the person who Muslims when we are born originally, Allah subhanaw taala sends us into this world in a perfect state, the soul is pure and clean it is not contaminated with sugar can be that and then so on and so forth. It is connected

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with Allah subhanaw taala. Now what we do to it, and that every child is born a Muslim, and then the parents convert this child into something else. And because that's the first conditioning that comes from the parent, and that is why the sole also the role is

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that it is not ours to do with as we please. Now what is the food, the food for the body, as I explained the body needs, it needs food, so they are supposed to feed it, good things that you bad and as far as it eat, and drink but do not make it rough. Right? That was beautiful. So similarly, he didn't drink proper things but don't go go don't go to such an extent that the food itself is now harming the body. Similarly, what is the Food for the Soul? The Food for the Soul is about the Food for the Soul is allowed to cook. The Food for the Soul is connected with Allah subhanaw taala otherwise the soul is starved as I say there is nothing that there's nothing worse than the

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bankruptcy of a full belly and empty soul.

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And that's the reality of you know more of this whole materialistic way of thinking and materialistic world that we end up with a full belly and an empty soul there is there is no inside person is there is no what is what is that

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Thinking so he's completely, you know, he's no peace of mind, there's no peace of the heart, but he's the, he's got money and so on. So what we've got, is not starving, he's got all the material stuff. So the soul also needs to be taken care of, just like the body and the soul, the Food for the Soul is, as I said, it is rather, you're just going to do the last round of that. And that is why the Salawat and so on the I've got alive is equally light. Polo, as Roger said that the winner of the color is in the governor's monitor, because that is the food that is the Food for the Soul liquor wellness monitor, so, that is the reason why because in Allah when Allah to Allah swatter

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learning as you are You belong to me, and to me is your return. So while in this period, while we are we have been given a certain

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conditional you know, control on ourselves, that is why this conditional control that we have got limited, you got this data that we have, you know, a B, so called will is not a free will do whatever is it is a limited will I mean, for example, if they are the will we have got is to do the extent of saying what will you put in your mouth, right. But once the food goes inside, then we have no control over this food, we have no control over whether the food will be digested or not. We have no control over what that food will do to us. Whether it will it harm me or benefit me, right. And we can't do anything with it. I mean, if supposing we eat something, which is essentially harmful,

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and then we don't know what I but I, you know, say you're diabetic, for example, and you want me to switch, so I'm going to switch and you know, nothing will happen to you, it will happen to you, and you will get get yourself into trouble. Because you have no control over that, what's the control control is to eat or not to eat in this limited control that we've got. Therefore, because we belong, tell us about that. And we have to return to us whenever it is very important for us to ensure that this period that we have, which is being given into our control, that we do not do anything to spoil the property of others manager.

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It's like somebody has given us something to say, you can use it, but I need to have it back. Right? And I would ask for it back. Now what do you do that thing was in somebody else's car, you're driving any any responsible person is borrowing someone else's car, then he will drive it much more carefully than his eyes, Zonca.

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My own garden or something happens is that the well is mine. So what I want to return, I will get back to him and I don't want to you know, put a scratch on it or something and then I have to work done. And even if he forgives me, the embarrassing thing for me, I'm ashamed afterward explain to him what happened to your gut? The Why should I put myself in that position? Let me read this.

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Because it's not my work. So when I'm returning something back to the owner, I have to be even more careful auditing. And that is what I remind myself, I knew that when we when we live this life, that we make sure that we live this life in such a way that that we constantly are aware that this is not mine, I have to return it to the owner who's your wireless router, I got written the body to the owner of a return zone to Seoul to Europe. And the minimum condition is it must go back in the state it can.

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That's the minimum condition because you got it has in a good state. So you can now give it back in a bad state. And that is what happens is that just like for example, there is somebody gives you a plate. And maybe some people return this plate after eating from it, they return this plate or they have already washed it and cleaned it and so on the plate goes back in the original condition. So what do you what does the owner do, he puts it back into the shelf in a nice place. But the same plate now goes back, but it is dirty. So then what was the one or two who first washes it because you can put put dirty plates in the shelf, he first washes and splits. And once it is clean, then

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it's put into the ship. When somebody goes back and it gives them pieces of the splits the blade is broken. Right? It's not as dirty is broken. So what are you going to do? Garbage, throw it. And that's what happens to us hamdullah we go back, you know, these instead cleans did

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you go back you still intact, but you already smell a product or something, then you have to spend some time in the exam to get cleaned up.

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And well a

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product or service is not easy.

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What if you go back in a project

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back into the forest, you know, melted down. So that is why we have to be very careful in that lie when we belong to Allah, we have to return to Allah. And since we came from Allah, we don't belong to ourselves. Therefore we have to be very careful with what we do with ourselves and ensure that when we go back to Allah subhanaw taala that we go back in a state which is minimum the way we came.

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I remind myself and you that will be later let us live our lives thoughtfully and carefully. And that the system of Islam is so beautiful, that if you live your life thoughtfully and carefully, we still enjoy your life and still have a very nice life and it's not as if you're living every now My life is

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You know, do it know exactly it was very nice, good.

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But at the same time when we when the time comes for us, right and inshallah we have the hope of mercy and we constantly make Toba so we go back in the inset. So one of the lava

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lamps and stuff

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala ala l mursaleen. While Ali, he was heavy as rain or bright, las Ronda, in LA when a Li Rajan

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la said, We belong to Allah, and to Allah is our return. And to him is our return. This ayah came with regard to the Shahada, and with regard to how we should see and view any loss, whether it's loss of life or property, but the eye is not restricted, the meaning is not restricted only to loss. The meaning is also a reminder for us about our very existence, that our existence is not, we are not free to do as we please, that we belong to Allah subhanho data, and during the short period that we have been given limited choice. And if they are to do whatever we like with ourselves, Allah, that also gave us a complete way of life, a complete manual of guidance about what is good and what

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is not good. And the reason is because we belong to all of our data. So we are not free to do with ourselves as we wish. Now, a good way to understand is that you understand this is that if you borrow somebody's car, then we any responsible person who's borrowing someone else's car, is going to be much more careful when he's driving that car, than perhaps it would be driving his own car, because you know that this car is not mine doesn't belong to me. And I have to return it to the owner. So I'm accountable for this car. Whereas my own car if it gets scrapped, so where it gets bumped somewhere? Well, you know, it's painful, but I don't have to answer to anyone for it. But for

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my own car, it's it doesn't belong to this car, which I'm driving now doesn't belong to me. So when I have to give it back to the owner, even if the owner forgives me, it's an embarrassing situation, we have to stand before the owner and apologize to him and say, I'm sorry this happened and so on. So it makes much more sense to be careful and avoid it. Now, lots of Hana data centers into this world. And also law firm said, Every child is born on his fifth on the fifth, right Islam and lots of other centers in the world, with a pure body and a pure soul. Now, therefore, the minimum requirement is that we return what belongs to Allah subhanaw taala in the same state that we got it

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in, which is in a state of purity. And therefore, the important thing to understand is that this body of ours is an iguana. And it doesn't belong to us and therefore Islam does not permit us to do whatever we feel with our body. For example, we are not allowed to use the body in any way, either by eating into you know, or drinking intoxicants, or by smoking, drugs, whatever.

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Things that might give momentary pleasure, but are actually essentially harmful. This is haram in Islam, you're not allowed to do that. We are not even allowed to abuse the body, for purposes of either for purposes of worship, for example, all forms of self modification, and self punishment and self torture, which are the essentials of many other religions, where people are told that you cannot attain closeness to Allah subhanaw taala unless you physically punish yourself or unless you starve yourself unless you you know, beat up yourself or something. This is haram in Islam. Islam doesn't allow you to do that. There's no revenue in Islam. There's no self mortification in Islam,

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Allah, Allah told us to eat and drink from what has been made halal and what is pure, but do that in moderation and nurses that are not smarter does not allow us to do stuff. Because again, if you even even good things, if you

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if you take too much of it, then it causes harm and therefore the body is a Amarna, it's a it's a trust doesn't belong to us, and therefore we need to take care of it because we have to hand it back to its owner. The same thing applies to the soul. The Food for the Soul is about the Food for the Soul is to connect with Allah, Allah. Allah music related my inner guru, Allah said there is peace of mind. And there is healthiness for the soul. There is wholesomeness for the soul in the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala. There is truly Nothing worse and more bankrupt than a full belly and an empty soul. And this is what the current materialistic outlook of life tends to do for us. We have a

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situation where we are wealthy. We have all sorts of material stuff, but our minds are full of stress. Our hearts are full of fear of the macro kind of condition.

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And so on and fear of loss, whereas there is no peace of mind. Because the soul has not been fed, the soul is hungry, and the soul cannot be fed on material things. It's like a person if he's hungry, and you show him three dimensional, beautiful three dimensional digital images of beautiful foods, it only increases the hunger, it doesn't ask for a job doesn't satisfy the hunger for a person who's hungry, it is better for him to get, you know a few pieces of bread, rather than look at three dimensional

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digital images of a chocolate sundae. Because it only makes it worse. And that that's what happens to the soul, that when the hunger is the real hunger is under the soul. And the soul is hungering and yearning for connecting with its creator, to help us rajala. And we think that we want to buy happiness. By eating more and by drinking more and by indulging ourselves more, or by taking a holiday here and holiday there. And this luxury and that luxury. That is just like showing digital, three 3d images of food to a person who's starving, it only makes it worse, it does not help that person whatsoever. The soul needs to connect with Allah Subhana Allah the soul needs the liquor of

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Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why we need to be very clear about what we are going to do with our body and soul. And that's why as we get in a delay when I lay Rajon, it's not ours to do with to do with what we believe it belongs to Allah subhanaw taala and it has to be returned. Now when his return date, for example, somebody gives you a plate and to eat. Now you the plate is given to you and you eat your food of this plate, and then you clean and wash the blood to get back to the person he takes it is very happy with it, and he puts it back in a nice place and the chef

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another person takes the same plate is the food of the blade and returns the blade without washing it. So you've got a blade blade is a jack but it's dirty. So what what does the owner of the blade do, he washes the blade cleans it before he can put it back in the shelf is not going to put a dirty, dirty plate in the shell along with clean gets. Now third person, take the plate eat the food breaks the plate comes back with a with a plate in pieces. So what you want to want to do, obviously, the owner is displeased because you broke his plate. And then of course, that plate can only go back into the garbage it goes back to recycling into the void has to make to melt up. And

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that's the stayed with us. When we reach our last panel data, we reached the state that we were set down in the ninjalah

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it region a state, which is not like the state we were sent down in but it's still intact however, but it's dirty data puts us into the jahannam to clean us before he can put us back into them. But if you go back in a state where we are broken, what our archives are, are full of * and full of God. And we have disconnected from Allah subhanaw taala then the only the only solution for that is to return to the Hellfire and melted down. And that's why we have to be very clear and sure about ourselves and say that I do not belong to myself I belonged in Nadella in the law I'm not I don't belong to myself. And I have to go back to the last round that there is complete accountability and

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transparency in his lab. And that's what we need to be very clear about and say, What is the state in which I am handing myself back to Allah subhanaw taala they have no choice but to hand ourselves back to the owner, because that is the right of the owner to take back what he what he said and Allah Subhana data to make it easy for us to return live in a state that is at least as good as the state that he sent us down in a state of purity, a state of purity abode of both body and soul. And we ask Allah Subhana xara then to cover our sins and our faults with his mercy and to forgive us our transgressions and to enters into the agenda without having to go through the to the HANA to the

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cleaned up Salalah Highlander will very early he was

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