Should We Pray Taraweeh And Qiyam with A Break In Between

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During these last 10 blessed nights of Ramadan, we see that most masajids perform tahajjud prayer a while after Taraweeh is completed. Is this part of the Sunnah? What did the Prophet (PBUH) do?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers in detail.

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Should we pray the prayer and then take a break and then come back to pray tahajjud prayer as you see people doing, especially in the last 10 nights of Ramadan?

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In my opinion, actually, no, I believe that this act is against the sin of the progress of the law. He was said, and I know it's very popular today. I know a lot of people enjoy it, a lot of people benefit from it, or what they think they're benefiting from it. But with me, I'll be honest with you.

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As soon as more beloved to me, I am definitely of the opinion that this is something which is a new matter, that's not from the sooner. And that's all you need to know, for the people who are the TLDR generation, the millennials, you ain't got the patience to actually carry on. For those who do want to carry on this is going to be a unique faith IQ video, this is going to be the longest and I want to go into a little bit of detail in this massada in this issue, because it's a controversial one. Okay, all jokes aside, this is a very sensitive issue to a lot of people. Because you see, on one side, you've got people saying, How dare you say that it's the only way out or something that is new

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or whatever. And I'm not saying it's haram to pray this because there are major lemma that allow this prayer, and even encourage it. That's what's caused the problem. But as I'm going to present to you now I find it strange, and I'm not happy with it to be honest. And you'll see that a number of scholars on and here's my justification. First of all, let's deal with the people who say they should be prayed. They say what's the problem? The the promise of licensing said that the prayer of the night is method, a method that is in two units, two units, so a person can pray as long as they want. And the prayer that is established is called turabian. That's about prayer breaks. And so what

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if we take a really long break in between, and as a nation of analysts that said that they are only doing that which they are hoping for good for, and so on and so forth. And the Our intention is only to pray or what am I doing, you know, and so let's start from the top, let's first of all, deconstruct the last few arguments. First of all, and this statement is weak. Secondly, the principle that this is just do you know, this, I'm praising Allah, whatever, then that's old with the ad and justified, everyone says, they're going in a long, one long, blah, blah, blah, making up their own nonsense and thinking they're being rewarded. There has to be a principle, the purpose of

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lies, and them said that whoever does an action that's not from our actions, then it will be rejected. So the concept of it needs to be respected. But let's not take it back and try to understand this issue of whether this falls into the category of a nightmare. And I'm going to give you some history. Now, I want you to remember that the knuffel Press the Super rogatory, non obligatory prayers, in principle is our prayers are prayed alone at all times the prophets lie Selim used to pray the night pray, never used to congregate the people and never used to announce it. And even his family, he never used to pray with us to pray alone, he would take a break, go to sleep, he

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would wake up, and that would be his norm, and then Ramadan, and then especially last 10 nights, he would then take it to the next level. So he wouldn't, he wouldn't go to sleep. And then he would also awake his family. What's that proof number one that he's praying by himself because normally, because now he's waking this family to pray. So that would mean that he didn't have his family with him. And number two, that he is now spending the whole night meaning Now that is a long elongated prayer. And especially in Ramadan is more effort required is more difficult, but it's worth it for Ramadan, which indicates to you that every an incident that we have in the Sunnah of the Prophet

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slicin, and praying with someone else, was only yonny, a gigantic, you know, fetch attend only because it happened like the famous Hadith of the left in our best where he took him from the left hand side and turn into his right when he was praying to hedge it. That was only because he was staying at the house. And otherwise, he didn't advertise that fact, we don't see him calling out afterwards, the Honorable minister, likewise, when he went and prayed to us, and his mother, likewise is a one offs, that was not the norm of the purpose of life. And then we have the Hadees that I showed that when he when she woke up in middle of night, and in the dark, looking for the

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purpose of life and when she felt his foot, and he was praying, that night prayers, prayed alone. And even in Ramadan, this idea of taraweeh I'm just gonna give you some some pointers here. First of all, throwaway has never been called that that was a later name. The name is Leanne

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Baba Ramadan, Emmanuel, Parma, Ramadan, whoever spends the night in prayer of Ramadan, then, you know, imagine if this happened, then his sins will be forgiven. So it's beyond will lead we're talking about and the progress of life and limb for the first three nights in that famous Hades, when he will come come out each night and he led the people in this night PM, the first night, then the second night, more people third night, more people in the fourth night, the machine was overflowing. And he didn't come out until the morning time further. Now, I want you to imagine that people were sitting there waiting into the future all night. Because actually, they were expecting

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the night prayer to be that long, one prayer to not last all the way. And they would only be praying at Dhaka in the first three nights. And that's very hard upon people to stand for five, six hours in only a track a lot of standing. And that's also why later on the units were increased so that you know, people can break up by going up and down, up and down. It makes it easier. Anyway, the purpose of life send them he came up and he goes, You know what, I knew that you guys were all sitting here, but I didn't come out on purpose so that this prayer doesn't become obligatory upon you. And that's so important to understand. It's the obligatory prayers that are congregational. The, the sooner

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prayer is actually in principle, acquire one a private one, an individual one, a hidden one, a one that's prayed in the home and not in the mosques. That's the norm that we should be following and what's amazing

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Is that the rest of the month the proper supplies and then carried on praying by himself and the companions carried on praying by themselves, there was no pm who lay in congregation, neither then and the tower worker acidic and neither in the tunnel say normal until the end of his khilafah. When he started to see the people getting making these little congregations in domestic ozanne, there'll be Hello there, this guy, whatever. He then said, You know what, I'm going to gather these people together, put them under the magma of a wave and qaboos awesome, the best quality or whatever, and let's use him to lead the people. And the purpose in life Center has given him permission to do

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that, because the purpose of life send them also said to us, for those people who are not very good with Orion and don't have the confidence to provide himself that one comma, one comma Imam had to answer if possible, okay. I'm Layla, whoever prays with the Imam until the the Imam leaves, then he will be written for having having prayed the whole night anyway. And so that's what our aim should be to actually stick with the Imam if we pray with an Imam. And other than that you want to them pray by yourself, pray by yourself. Now, let's not talk about this in ourselves, what have you learned, you've learned that the signal of the prophet SAW Selim was not actually a congregational

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prayer, but he allowed it. And it was then our model that established it as a congregational prayer every night of, of the Ramadan, he called it, because he increased the units to make it easier for the people so you can go up and down, and he would still keep it very long hours. And in between each couple of units, there would be a law, and that's why the prayer was put away. So there will be a break, relaxation, whatever. So people today they arguing all the time about units, that is it's 4820 visitor is nothing about that. It's about praying as long as possible as high quality as possible and making it relaxed. Now, you know, that over the time, people start becoming lazy,

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started, people becoming tired, they're not very connected. And so the unit's decrease, the time decreases, and people trying to make things easier. And the new ideas came in one of our teachers check out the asylum law. He is a body of Medina, and he told us specifically that in the mashup nearly 100 years, there was only one single prayer that differed in units, sometimes 20 sometimes they expired last all night, no breaks, no nothing. I want you to know, by the way, the inner chapters are thick. This is not a call today, to hedge it, or the you know, you pray with it. And then you go and and sometimes you pray with them, and you don't and then you come back later. This

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is called the issue of Jackie, Jackie and Jackie. Okay, as as even Kodama. And even as you said, they said that it's a novel prayer that follows through whether the woman has been prayed or not. So the normal is what happens these days, person goes to the message or the email, and sometimes the Imams you know locked on and he doesn't pray with her because he knows they're going to come back later. And sometimes he does pray with him because he knows people are not going to come back and then the person who's who's then in that congregation, they either pray the wizard with the Imam or they pray the return of the Imam and they add another guy to keep it even or they just walk out they

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don't pay the winter because they know they want to come back again. So I want to say to you this coming back again was not the sooner the peroxisome neither of the components neither the tablet in Sofia and a third of the amount of tablet and he What did he say? He said this is this is this is something new and invented. So even jubair used to say this is macro

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has nothing abasi didn't like it remember the one narration is true. The humble is themselves as a myth. Have they considered this this parade to be allowed? But if you look at the majority, the companions this coming back to pray again, it doesn't make sense. Not only is it going against the idea that, especially if a man has prayed with her once shouldn't intentionally be setting up a jamaa. Now, I just want to say that if you pray with any mom, if you want to pray the rest of the night, what you should do, okay? Let me actually finish off the word Shahada 100 years, one prayer, and then for two 300 years, then there was an approach Yani by the Imams to keep the student alive

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of 20 hours or more, and to keep the sooner of or the opinion of the molokhia, who are the dominant method alive of 36 DACA. So how did they achieve this, they said, we'll pray 36 into two parts, they will pray 21st of all, then they'll come back and pray another 16 and the latter part of the night, you can call out that we and the 100. And then they would pray through the car with her. And that can get continued for a number of years. And then for about 200 years ago, a lot of emails will get involved in different methods and it was chaos. And everyone was praying this that whatever until the house of surgery took over in the last 100 years. What do they do they said enough that we only

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have one Imam, he's going to pray 20 Dhaka in the first part, and then we're going to come back and pretend and then for a 30 with 3d counters or 33, where the number comes from no idea it doesn't matter because numbers are relative, but this process of making two prayers that has stuck until today in Medina and Haram in Makkah, that conduct carries on today. I want to say to you this is not the sooner as Imam Abu hanifa said as in one narration as as even a chef with me who was asked this question as well. If a person wants to go and pray Okay, they're more after the Imam First of all, you shouldn't you should trust in the Hadith the prophet SAW Some said if you pray with the man, and

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he punished the wizard with him, then you've got the whole night anyway. But let's say you want to pray then pray by yourself. Then die prayer is meant to be in principle by yourself the purpose of life send them I want you to see that even though he went back in again. He didn't he didn't come establish the dragon. It carries on

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By yourself so you pray by yourself quietly no problem and if you need to pray the wizard is not a disaster you know a number of scholars allow a person to pray with a pray with the Imam and then prayed extra effort by themselves later on if they get the opportunity, you know, suddenly they are awakened they want to pray. We're not going to say don't pray. So if you're an authority allow the lemon water command Malika akufo magnitudes are as I've always said tournament, you know, I will use it as a voice as well. And I've always gravitated with you as well, a number of scholars. And that's because the Hadees that talks about Witter that says there are no to return. So don't pray to Witter

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twice, but at the end he says make the Witcher your final prayer, but it didn't say don't pray after with her. So if you do pray with her, and as the final part of what you thought was an AI president later on an opportunity comes to pray because you want to pray then find any people who know the Quran, they shouldn't even be praying with the Jamaat they should be praying themselves but for the masses, okay, Tara has very good to go. They get the Imam the reward of praying with the Imam and they're going to put you into to pray later as well. That's what they should try to do. But I don't like this practice. I'm not gonna say Tom because a number of them are allowed it and you know, we

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can't go up against that. But Am I clear that this the position of the majority of the companions is as soon as the host ask them to only pray one prayer as long as possible? Definitely. And Allah knows best