Should We Let Visibly Non Practicing Muslims Volunteer

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There are always a handful of people in our community who appear as non practicing Muslims. Should we let these certain Muslims volunteer for our Masajids and Da’wah organizations?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers


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The speaker discusses the need for individuals to maintain their Islam image and not wear masks to events, as it is important for their interior and soul. They also emphasize the importance of providing education and input to accommodate their community members and prevent violations. The speaker advises individuals to judge cases by case and make sure everyone has a place for them.

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visibly non practicing Muslims volunteer for mosques and Tao organizations.

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Lao salatu salam ala rasulillah. This question in regard to those, as the question suggested, visibly non practicing Muslim, volunteer for mosques and Tao organizations, I have, you know, a problem of the word visibly non practicing Muslim, because as we know, Islam is not only about our external image, it's also Islam care for our interior, our inner soul on how we are from inside and outside, I understand external image is important to port for a woman to be dressed modestly or every job or to a person to not to wear gold, for example, for men, and things of that nature. I understand that, understand that some of these events, we want to maintain that Islamic image and

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look basically the image of taqwa and, and someone who really care for the rules and all that. But in the same times, I would say, this is can be different from an event to happen in a Masjid, versus an event to happen, for example, and university in MSA is in, I've been in a conference or Convention Center, an event has to do with social events and event it's federal event and basically a decaf event, you know. So we have to differentiate between the events and also the level of the violations that the person may be have.

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And this should be addressed in a very nice, gentle white case by case it needs wisdom, it needs elmen knowledge and patient and education. In order for us to accommodate all our community member. We have to understand that our community is a Muslim community. I'm not only the practicing religious Muslim community members, it's the Muslim community, the one good practice of Muslim and the one was not that good in practicing Islam and we should accommodate everybody and make sure that they have a place for them

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and to contribute, and hopefully by interact with the community interacting with you, they will be impacted by your or influenced by your good manners and they start, you know, became becoming a better Muslim. He shot a lot to honor. So my advice include everybody and judge case by case