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During a woman’s monthly cycle, she may find it difficult to maintain her memorization. How can she stick to a routine during this period of time?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers

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The speaker discusses the importance of memorizing the Quran and not allowing students to make mistakes. They suggest that practicing memorization is key to achieving the intentions of the message. The speaker also emphasizes the need for students to stop practicing and work on their new plans.

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How do female students maintain their memorization? during the times where they are not praying?

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I said I'm white Akin what I meant to law. This is kind of a rookie question. And I say this with love. It's it's rookie, meaning, you're probably on the outside, you're like, well, I could do this, but I don't know what to do, then I don't know what I'll do when I'm not praying. It is an I give you the answer that I learned directly from my teacher and all of an as they have taught us, as we've grown during the intention for memorization. So to all the gals out there who are taking this answer, once you have made a mental commitment, so I'll quote my teacher on this, you do not try to copy the Koran, you do it. So once you've made the commitment, I am now in the state of memorizing

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the Quran, could take a year could take three could take five, I'm not I could take seven Good for you. I am now more concerned with the routines and the rituals that you're putting in place. So during the time where I am not praying, I am not memorizing new lesson and that could be up to your teacher, you could be memorizing new lesson. But I am spending that time and because I'm in the state of memorization, as my teacher has given his opinion, and other scholars of the past have done their same. You will even in the time when you're not praying even in the times where you're not making the prayer, you will continue your memorization without direct contact of the Muslims. You'll

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be going over the Moraga and in the cases where your teacher says you can continue, you continue memorizing. I'll throw the smallest example at you. I remember a student, a colleague of mine, we were all studying in the respective guys and girl school. And she was about like Three Jewels away. And she really wanted to finish and she felt very, she just kept telling us what a great blessing that we have this allowance and this is something that's there for us. So girls don't feel handicapped by the end to me, it's just the excuse. If you gave it to a guy, he would come up with some other excuse. This is why I can't memorize Quran. So to everyone out there. Once you've made

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the intention, the right way to go is move forward. Keep going through keep your memorization in those days if you want to stop new lesson because Allah hasn't put pressure on you to pray. Then go ahead stop the new lesson and work on the previous lesson. If you could take that timeout right now from feminism chauvinism, and we could just be human for a second. Don't you think Allah subhanaw taala is taking the receiver off for a few days a month. He's giving you a break is giving you an opportunity to take the receiver often non stop movement. If your Lord has built this into the system, then I feel comfortable and I also tell my students, you don't have to move forward for 10

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days, seven days for new lesson. That's up to you. Now that we've taken these training wheels off how many of us are set to make the intention? I'm in the state of memorization