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Shisha is a common trend amongst many around the world. Is it permissible though? How does smoking shisha compare to smoking actual cigarettes?

Shaykh Ammar AlShukry answers.

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The caller discusses the harmful nature of smoking shisha, stating that it is not as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. They also mention the Center of Disease Control's use of shisha as a health hazard. The caller acknowledges that smoking shisha is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes.

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I don't smoke cigarettes or smoke weed but sometimes I smoke shisha Is that okay

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hamdulillah Salama Rasulullah In short, smoking shisha is not okay, why? Because smoking shisha is harmful and in fact, it's just as harmful as smoking cigarettes according to the Center of Disease Control of the United States government. And there are many reports that they use from the American Lung Association that corroborate that fact. And as such as smoking shisha is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes, than it would not be permissible. It would be held on a loss of hanno data knows best