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The speakers discuss the importance of worship and the use of "we" in the context of worship. They stress the need to conditioning the mind to love Allah's]," and emphasize the importance of teaching children to make it happen. They also emphasize the importance of acknowledging one's actions and not hesitting to apologize. The speakers emphasize the importance of constantly mentioning and talking about Islam to build confidence and build a positive life.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Aisha freedom Gable mousseline, Muhammad Rasul, Allah is Allah highly highly, he will save you send them to Sleeman cathedral cathedra. From my brother, my brothers sisters,

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one of the most important things, if not the most important thing to teach your children is to take from the treasures of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And the essence of this begins with our heat with teaching them that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah.

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And that there is no one who's helped, we should seek other than that.

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This is the essence of Iraq and I was we're gonna stay when we say yeah, can Abu or Allah we worship only you, we are automatically saying the opposite of that also, which is that, Oh Allah, we do not worship anyone other than you.

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We worship only you and we do not worship anyone other than you, that we are going out with. And when we say you're gonna stay in, I seek we seek help only from you. It automatically means we do not seek help from anyone other than you. Now, this is a very important

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and critical element to understand because the essence of what Sheikh Sheikh is to worship Allah and something or someone along with Allah. It's not the denial, it's it's worship, it's not denying Allah, it is worshiping Allah by joining partners. So for example, you who also worship some saint or some, you know, angel or something, or even now will also as a seller, who is

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who is who is, you make sense to him or you worship Him. And this is in along with Allah subhanaw taala. Similarly, this is what the Quran is used to say it is to say that we don't,

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we don't worship those gods, the gods will take us closer to Allah. So we ask, we make dua through somebody,

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we say we say to somebody who in the grave, for example, you say please make dua to Allah on my behalf, please make dua for me, please ask this for me from Allah subhanaw taala This is so this should this is OpenShift this is something for which there is no

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evidence in the Quran and Sunnah. And also the term did not teach us to do this. And neither does Allah subhanaw taala permit us to do this. Unless about that. I said, although only yesterday, blocking Will you ask me I will give you and Allah did not say asked me through this or that or ask somebody else to ask me and I will give you because that somebody else asked. No. You're not talking about asking somebody who's alive. Somebody who is a living person to make dua. This is permissible. Rosaura. Selim asked, said in our little hop out of the run, he said to him, please make dua for me. When we make the dua after

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after that, we are making dua to Allah subhanaw taala for rustlers, salam, we are saying well I give the Mohammed and it was enough for the letter kabasele Maha Maha Mudra Allah give the the grid vasila, give intercession, give for the law Give, give great ranks, and give Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad tourist Salah. So this is a dog you making for the province, we are alive, you're making up for it. But to go to a grave to whoever it is in including the grave of a Surah Surah himself to go to the grave. And then to ask the occupant of the grave to say please make dua for me. This is OpenShift and therefore we are seeing you're gonna do we are denying and we are we are negating this

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and we are seeing or Allah, we ask, we worship only you. And we do not worship anyone other than you worshipping Allah and not evade Allah. And similarly seeking help from Allah and not from Allah, you're gonna say, this is the key thing to be taught to our children. And as I said, we can only teach what we do, we can only teach what we know, we can only they will see what we do. Very good friend of mine, who little daughter was now about

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18 months old or so, just about to start, you should be able to scan and you know, a little bit of walking

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is what I was telling me that every time they put out their Musala, the prayer mat, this little girl puts on, you know, pulls on her hijab, and then she goes and she stands on the masala facing the Qibla and she's holding her hand like this. No, mother says, we did not my father and I we did not teach her this. We did not teach her that she was standing there was ALLAH and she was older and they must do this. They didn't teach anything. She learned how did she learn guys by watching by looking children listen with their eyes, not with their ears. But listen with their eyes. The whole world listens with the sight with its eyes incidentally and

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People don't deserve. People don't care and children don't get what we say until they see what we do. Similarly, either

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they would, or another friend of ours. We were traveling once in his car

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somewhere in New York and his little son was about I think, at that time, his son was probably about three or four years old, maybe what four years old. He was in the back. And at one point, the son said, he asked his father, he said, Baba did Allah put in your heart?

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So I asked his totally valid replied, He said, Yes, Allah put in my heart, I will take you. So I said, What is this conversation? Very interesting conversation between this little four year old and his father, What is Allah supposed to put in your heart? So his boyfriend, he laughed and laughed and laughed, and he said, your baby, my wife, and I will teach him that anything he wants, he should ask Allah. Right, whatever it is, I mean, he wants to he wants a bar of chocolate, he comes to the mother, can I have chocolate, she says, You ask ALLAH, if Allah puts in my heart, I will give him anything at all. We have taught him that he was asked Allah subhanaw taala. So he said this morning,

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I told him that I'm taking you, you know, from where you are to the other place, and his friend lives on the way.

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So he asked me, Can I come with you? And I can I go to my friend's house. So he's there, as usual, I told him, You ask a live and love what's in my heart, I will take the exit, I will drop you. If Allah does not does not put in my heart, then you will just go along for the trip. So he, he's not asking me so Did Allah put in your heart? See, the whole thing is this that.

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You know, no matter what we like to say, the reality is that there is conditioning, there is conditioning in life, your children are going to get conditioned by one way or the other, some body somewhere, society, environment schools,

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most importantly, and most powerfully, the television and of course, whatever gadgets they have everything conditions. So your safety net is to condition the child to love Allah subhanaw taala to lover as well as asylum to love Islam to practice Islam, before the gel gets conditioned to do something else. So this condition is this pro Islam conditioning

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is the essence of good therapy. Right? And please do don't fall into this trap of saying, Oh, you see, the children should be left free to decide on their own. If children could decide on their own, and parents will not necessarily Allah subhanaw taala would not have

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created parents Allah would not have given you the exalted position that he has given by Russell has said the

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gender for the child is beneath the feet of the mother. The father is the daughter of the of the agenda for the child. This is not because of biology, right? It's not because of money. This is because of your effort in raising a child who knows Allah and raising a child who knows. And also Eliza Sullivan, raising a child whose heart is filled with the love and the hope of Allah subhanaw taala and his

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and his Hubby, and his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is the reward that Allah subhanaw taala is giving you for raising children like that. If you're not raising children like that, if you're raising children who are, you know, who are rebellious who are

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who have no clue about Allah or his soul or his love or anything, then this is just a biological parents, you know, the only modern day or fetus there's no John under your feet. So the the important thing to understand here is that this,

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this, this conditioning of the mind, to make the child

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a pious human being, this is the primary and really the only responsibility of the parent. And this is what this is what parents should be about. So teach the children to take from the treasures of Allah subhanaw taala teach the child

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that the key to the treasures of Allah's Rantala is Salah, and that in any difficulty, he must seek help from Allah subhanaw taala through Salah and experience the proximity of

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ALLAH SubhanA danas presence in his life and loss around the resilience of the Batara Fatcow Rooney as gotico was cruelly while at a full year you know, our monastery you know with somebody was salam in Allah Azza Bedi, unless around that I said, Therefore remember me and that's by by worshipping Allah by by Salah through the

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tutors V and so on. And I will remember you remember me and I will remember you were screwed. You were attacked for all and be grateful to me express gratitude to me, and I will never be ungrateful well

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We are slowly one at a full and do not have coolfront and Emmett and do not be ungrateful doing and then Allah subhanaw taala gave

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a command because as we know,

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all the, all the

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the the all the all the help of Allah subhanaw taala comes from, of all orders of Allah subhanaw taala if any any if we really wish begins with you under the armor No,

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all you will believe is a comb of Allah. So it all you believe

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is tangled with somebody who sada seek help in summer, and Salah in De La Mara Siberian truly Allah subhanaw taala is with the people who have some. Now when we look at this ayah of garima Allah's rather than saying this to us as a hug of balancing seek help with Sabah and subtler This is what the child must be taught that the way to go through life is to ask Allah subhanaw taala as hell to Salah. Now the child would therefore then learn how to stand in the night and take from the treasures of Allah subhanaw taala that will be spread before them.

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The child will will experience the closeness to Allah subhanaw taala and that he jelajah who listens when she calls him or he calls him very very important for us to keep these things in mind and this is must be inculcated as I said, the only way to do that is to do it yourself. The child we pray to her child when the child sees you praying that the child remains dry when the child sees you making the child will will ask Allah subhanaw taala and know what other than Allah when the child sees you, the mother and the father doing the same thing. Allah subhanaw taala said in the in Surah Baqarah again, in the middle of the ayat

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related to Ramadan Kareem what he does, okay by the end Neva in nuclear would you without a diary that aren't full yesterday boo Lee will you mean OB La La whom y'all should do? I'm not a writer, I said and when my slaves

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ask you all ourselves LM concerning me, then answer them, I'm indeed near them with my knowledge, I respond to the dua of the person of the moody of the supplicant. When he calls on me, without any mediators and without any shirk, they are joining anybody with me. So let them obey me, and let them believe in me, so that they may be rightly guided. Now we understand the meaning of Assam, to worship Allah subhanaw taala as if we can see Allah and to know that even though we cannot see Him, that He sees us, another hotel when we do this, when we teach them this,

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to seek the clauses of Allah subhanaw taala the child

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will will will learn this and we'll see from our own life, the demonstration of that in our lives, and

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Allah then geladeira who will become real to him, he's not just a name or something becomes real to him.

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And a source of Salem will become the most beloved of people to use the the child

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the day you will learn the value of following the Sunnah of Rasulullah salah, and how that's a source of strength, because it's the only acceptable proof of his love for Allah subhanaw taala How will they learn that by looking at you by watching you, by observing you.

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The Italian will learn to love ourselves and syrup and to feel proud of his identity as an almighty as a as a person of the Ummah of Muhammad salah the child will draw his own sense of identity and belonging from resources and will experience the pleasure of instantly bonding with Muslims irrespective of the manmade boundaries of nationality and culture, bonding on the basis of the brotherhood that our sources have created, and which Allah subhanaw taala endorsed and ascribed to himself and his worship. See the

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beauty of this, but Allah subhanaw taala himself said, Allah's rather has said that

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Allah said we're

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in a hottie on Moto calm Omata Wahida we're an Arab beaucoup fabuleux in another place. Allah's Raja is in a hottie Yuma TSUKUMO moto Amata allmodern Wahida Well, hon goon for Taco in the hottie human to womb. Amato vida, go hon goo for Taco so far we'll do it and for Taco let's why doesn't you this ummah of yours. You are one people you are one OMA and I am Euro. What makes you one Oma? The fact that I'm Euro right and doesn't matter associated himself with the OMA

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Officers are seldom to honor us. And Allah said you are one people, and therefore an I am Europe. So worship me. You want people I'm Europe. So have Taqwa have my Taqwa be concerned only and only about pleasing me be concerned only and only about obeying Me.

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And not anything else. This is what gives us strength. This is what

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makes us Muslim, this is our identity. Now, who are we we are Muslim, modern Muslim, the one who obeys Allah subhanaw taala, the one who has submitted Himself to Allah subhanaw taala. This is a Muslim, a Muslim is the one who has submitted himself or herself to Allah subhanaw taala. A Muslim is one who has no desire other than what Allah subhanaw taala desires for him or her, this is the this is the message to be can be communicated and conveyed to our children, that Allah subhanaw taala comes first, everything else comes next. Allah comes first everything else comes this, this is the this is the key, this is the essence of the message that we need to convey

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to our children. And as I said, I am sorry to keep repeating this, but there is this, there is no alternative, we have to repeat it again and again. So it gets into our skulls. The problem is not the children the problem is the parents. The problem is the other generation. It's our generation, this world is what is the way it is because of what we did not because of the children, the children had just come into the world, they are inheriting this

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garbage heap that we have, we are giving it giving them. So let's make a lot of history, a lot of power. And we seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala for not doing our duty, right, if we had done our duty, if our parents had done their duty, then is what would have been his band and their parents had done their duty this world would have been a very different place. But anyway, may Allah forgive all of them. And may Allah forgive us also. But let's try to do our best to ensure that at least we do our best to say that we did whatever we could do to handover a word which was which was, it's a little bit better than what we inherited.

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And that the way to do that is it begins and begins and begins with the connection with Allah subhanaw taala. The one who does not recognize the loss of habitat and recognizes nothing is blind is a completely blind individual, the one who does not recognize his own creator, what else doesn't matter what he knows or does not know or what he recognizes and what he does or doesn't recognize whether he is a mathematician or a scientist or is a technologists or astronomer or he's whatever makes no difference because he does not recognize who his creator is. Yet we don't want to be like that. We hamdulillah Allah has given us the man but that doesn't see it doesn't simply end and begin

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with simply saying Lila. Ema means that we recognize Allah subhanaw taala and we recognize Allah subhana does position in our lives, which is number one and supreme and that is the thing to be communicated to children.

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Children must be taught how to make dua. Right? So maybe you bring this into yourself and say, I will teach my child how to make dua and how to make dua you make dua by connecting with Allah subhanaw taala. You make dua by by humbling yourself before most American I was right then I taught us this thing and the attitude of mme was like really salami dua to Allah subhanaw taala Allah said, Neither and Coffea he asked in a very small voice, so teach will not make dua sit them by your side as they may raise your hand as to ask Allah subhanaw taala and and talk to another manager in a humble voice Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah I have yours Jana but anime here can I have the way I can stay in

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the Allah I do not worship anyone other than you? Yeah Allah I do not ask help from anyone other than you Yoruba anime. Give me your Allah I am your slave. I have nowhere to go. You are a banana mean you are the you are the rubble Mustafi and you are the rubble Masaki you are the rubble Masumi you are the bride me and you are the you are the rob the creator the protector the sustainer of the poor of the of the miskeen of the one who has nothing of the one who is weak or the one who's oppressed You are the love of all of creation all that we know and all that you don't know your use your strength, your power, your glory, Your Majesty your treasures, nothing has any boundary

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everything is completely and totally, totally boundless. Or like you've been all ah Who am I am am one not even like a dot, right? This whole earth is less than a grain of sand on a beach on this earth is me one individual That one individual my whole life there is this one need. Yara MALAMI what is that it for me as a little as this drought. It's something big but for you what what is it? Allah give me

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give me make your own. You know, there is of course great blessing and and virtue in doing the drugs which Allah

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anatella taught us to do in the Quran. For example operatin after dunya has an adult Orfila karate as an adult Machina is one of the most beautiful and complete dice that you can possibly make one like give me give us the best in this world and the best in the hereafter

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and save us from and save us from the fire. Rama Rama Allah to the Kulu bada Bada is Hadith Anna Baba Miljan Garaventa Cantero Hawala do not allow our hearts to change after you have guided us, and so on and so forth and may do as in the Quran, so there is great blessing. In making these doors, there is great blessing in making the doors of risotto Salam. And I'm used to make dua for every single thing in life, he may die to enter the house and we left the house and enter the magic lamp during the magic

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was to add the devil Budo. Do other little dua, before going into the toilet coming out of the toilet.

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Before you start eating food, during that during the eating for laughter for for every single thing, as soon as salam used to make dua, and a HANDLER handler, all of these doors are preserved and we have them so it's a very good thing to love them and to make these doors. But in addition to all that, the essence of the is the direct connection between the Abdun Islam

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between the slave and His Creator, and therefore never lose that. To ask Allah subhanaw taala in your own words, ask Allah to give you the words that he wants you to use to

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beg him

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because he wanna give me the words

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What do you want me to say? Make me say those words. Because then those words are sure to be accepted. Because these are coming to me from you.

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Ask a lady onwards, has a Mozilla holiday, standing on his masala

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to start his Tahajjud prayer and he said Yara the whole world is sleeping. Even the stars have gone to sleep. There are only two who are awake. There is me here on this earth and there is you on your ash

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now the thing is that you know this is the this is the the ABS talking to his job. This is a slave talking to his Rob

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and that's why it's so important to build this connection where we talk on us banter, teach the children in da the most important the very first door that Allah had done a dot either a Salaam and Hawala, salaam, our mother and father, our ancestors are the the the parents, from whom all human beings that are descended

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a very first door and those around that I taught a human being to say is what Robin was alumna, well loved Aquila, notre hamdulillah Kwinana mineral Cassidy. This is the key to Jana. This is the key to the reentry into Jana, from where we came. And what is that, Oh Allah, we have transgressed against ourselves. We have made zulum on ourselves. We are the oppressors, and we are the oppressed, we are oppressed ourselves, why? committing sins, and all that if you don't forgive us, then we will be lost, then the web and the losers will be lost. Now see, the beauty of this thing is the very first door. What does it tell us? It tells us that all goods goodness starts with a stuffer. All goodness

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starts with acknowledging that I've run

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across in Lebanon,

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teach your children not to hide what they do. Because nothing is hidden on us right now not to hide. I don't mean go and announce it to the public. I am saying that try to understand is that there is no such thing as a hidden sin. Every single thing every single thing is seen by Allah subhanaw taala.

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Real time Allah subhanaw taala is there. What will Marquina come to visit with you wherever he is with you wherever you are. So Allah subhanaw taala is witness to what we are doing. It is his helmet is his summer it is his patience, it is his magnum is magnanimity that Allah does not immediately punish us a lot has not immediately sent his punishment on us, even when we openly and blatantly sin and openly and blatantly we defy

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Allah subhanaw taala as authority unless my dad leaves us alone, he does not he doesn't immediately punish us. But this bus does not this does not make us within courts brave that will be very, very foolish because I lost my dad has the power to incidentally punish if you want to. The fact that he did not do that one time doesn't mean that he cannot do it. So this is something that children will be taught that if you ever make a mistake immediately own up before Allah subhanaw taala

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This is where all goodness trucks

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call goodness starts with owning up that I'm wrong. And then

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after it's the one is the one is to turn towards a much smarter stop doing that. Because it's still far without always alive.

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I see I'm sorry, but I'm doing the same thing again. That how am i Sorry, what is this sorry. So if you're if I if I'm sorry, if I'm truly sorry that I was stopped doing whatever it is that I was doing, or whatever negative stuff I was doing, I'm gonna stop doing that. Otherwise, the whole business of sorry has no meaning. So, this is something to be taught and this is something to be inculcated is something to be practiced and demonstrated to our children.

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the beginning of all goodness is is too far. And Toba, which is to turn towards Allah subhanaw taala.

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Then teach them to make to ask Allah for everything, whatever they whatever they want, or whatever they have. This is the connection with Allah subhanaw taala and teach them that this comes with Salah absolute adherence to praying at its correct time.

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Ensuring that you pray that you pray and you don't delay the Salah and that you put your whole being into the salah you put your entire concentration and your dedication into the salah. This is something this is the absolute fundamental boundaries. This think about this, how much time do we spend in teaching our children these things?

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For the vast majority of people, the parents don't even teach the children this. Children learn just by watching. And at the most we'll have the new local imam for the mojito somebody who comes and teaches the child how to you know how to pray, and that's it.

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Where is the child would get the sense of, of,

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of the of, of, you know, of being in the presence of oneness, the sense of LSR where our sorrows are set up set to to worship Allah as if you can see him and that would Allah Ghana Katara boil up double Donovan and though you cannot see him know that he's seeing you, where are they going to get this the sense from unless they see it in the behavior of their parents, and to extend that it's not only on top of the law, garden that Katara is to worship Allah as you can see, but also to do everything in our lives. As if Allah is Seeing us and we know that Allah is Seeing us even though we cannot see

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so our conversations our social life, our business, our work, how we treat each other how we treat especially those who have less than we do, how you treat servants, how you treat people who take care of your take care of you and your needs in your home. Right then extending further, how do we treat the environment how do we treat you know your if you are in a place where there is a garden how to treat the garden how to treat if you have pets, how to treat the pets, it goes throughout which all is because we are saying that here is

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this deen of Allah subhanaw taala where

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where we

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where we are focusing on something which is beneficial and

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in the sense of the framework is that everything I do I do with the awareness that almost monitors watching and that is the beauty of this of this Deen ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to, to live it and to practice it to perfection. This is what must be inculcated in children that the presence of Allah subhanaw taala in their lives. I want to close with this thing there's are two very major benefits of this. When when a person is aware and even you are aware my children are aware of the presence of Allah subhanaw taala real time Presence of Allah and Allah that Allah is with me. Allah is watching me and looking at me Allah is with me. And this is not a figment of my

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imagination. Allah subhanaw taala said this one Anwar caribou Allah He may have little worries unless it is closer to you, then we are closer to you than your jugular vein. Oh Mark via quantum Allah is with you wherever you are.

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Too many benefits. First big benefit is that it is protection from sin. A person who is aware of the presence of Allah subhanaw taala in his or her life is incapable of committing sin, you'll never do anything wrong. And if something happens if something by our human weakness, if we do something wrong, immediately we will seek forgiveness of Allah, we will make Stefan Dawa and the second big benefit is it gives you a huge confidence is my Rob is with me. My Allah is with me, who can help me What can help me Nothing can harm me. Nothing can do anything and nothing bad can happen to me because my rump is with me. My Allah is with me. This is a very, very important thing to cultivate

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In our hearts and minds, and to bring this into our children's children, hearts and minds, and that is by constantly mentioning and talking about the greatness and glory of Allah Samaritan and the presence of Allah subhanaw taala in our lives in ordinary everyday things

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continuously. It builds him lives by saying Bismillah for everything's Alhamdulillah

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nothing goes goes wrong with a stop for Allah. Something about the future was He Allah

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make this into an absolutely these are things which we must continuously and constantly do, and inshallah thereby inculcate the sense of the Presence of Allah subhanho

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wa salam ala Bukhari Marathi, he was happy to go