Faith IQ – Why Does Allah Punish People If He’s All-Merciful

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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the punishment laws of the world, including the law solving problems for all, and how God is all. He also suggests that punishment is necessary for everyone to be punished, including those who killed pharaohs and Capitalist leaders.
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Why does the law punish people if he's All Merciful?

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Well, the law is All Merciful, and he'll forgive everybody who deserves to be forgiven. And that means you want to be forgiven. But what do you do with people who don't want to be forgiven? What do you do with people who killed and massacred what do you do with the pharaohs and the Hitler's of the world? There has to be punishment as well. So yes, God is all merciful, but also God is all just so he forgives everybody who deserves forgiveness. And yes, there will be punishment for those who deserve to be punished.

Why does Allah punish people if He is All Merciful?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers this rather perplexing question with utmost ease and puts our doubts to rest.

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