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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the common practice of exchanging gifts during the holiday season, which is not allowed by religious practices. They suggest that this practice is not part of their holiday culture and that they should make their intentions clear. The speaker also advises against sharing one's identity during the holiday season and encourages everyone to make their intentions clear.
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My workplace the secret center practice can I participate to fit in? How do I handle it?

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And hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah this question regarding to a common practice here on the last call secret Santa's party where people exchange gifts during the holiday season.

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exchanging gifts with non Muslim generally speaking is allowed and permissible and newbies are suddenly accepted and gave gifts to non Muslims. There's no problem with that the problem is because these gifts are connected to the Christmas or then this is a holiday a religious holiday that is not part of our holidays as Muslims. So outside Christmas becoming more of as I said many times before the Christmas became more of a social events than the religious events. So what I will say that if this gifts in its nature has to do with the Christian religious practices, or basically represent Christians believed wouldn't be allowed to participate in it. Like for example putting it under a

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tree or basically it has a cross on it or something of that nature, while not be allowed, but if it just a matter of the end of the year and this is the culture of the work where people the end of the year exchange gift and give a gift to each others and this is something customly known in your professional work. I hope inshallah tada there is nothing wrong with it. Make your intention that this is by the end of the year, starting a new year and you wish them the best. And make sure that you make the point that I don't participate in Christmas I don't

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exchange gifts during the Christmas specific night or day or Eve. That's not because of that. So you keep your identity as a Muslim and I ask Allah subhana wa tada to guide all of us.

Christmas is a tradition many take part in when it comes around. Certain traditions and practices become part of work at times. Is it okay to join in? Is it permissible to participate during santa gift exchanges?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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