Seeking Redemption in the Last Ten Nights

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The last ten nights of Ramadan are the opportunity to seek redemption. Some recommendations.

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The upcoming weekend event is a spiritual recitation across the world, including massages and a spiritual recitation. The importance of staying up-to-date and experiencing spiritual growth is emphasized. The redemption opportunity is a fresh start, and families and individuals can achieve their obligations through it. Different ways to pray and reward are recommended, including praying in a certain way and writing down personal notes. Representatives offer incentives and support for personal health, consistent actions, and consistent actions with worship.

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Last one describes the month of Ramadan. And the fasting of Ramadan in the Quran is a Yama

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limited number, the

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the read the reasoning is this is a statement of fact, there are limited days there's only 29 or 30 days. But also it needs to create a sense of urgency in us that these are, this is not going to last forever. These are only few limited number days. And we have to make the most of that we have to really take advantage of all of these days.

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But also it gives us the opportunity.

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Because Ramadan being number days, being a longer period of time, gives us the opportunity to regroup in the middle of Ramallah. It gives us the opportunity to recover after maybe slacking off. It gives us the opportunity to re energize ourselves in the middle of Ramadan. If you think if you look at the Hadith about Ramadan, and also just about that, like what is it that we observe? You notice that there's an undeniable energy to Ramadan, Ramadan begins the first night of Ramadan. First of all, we there is a this buzz in the Muslim community that's absolutely undeniable and will not even go to any place in the world. You experience that same buzz there as well as long as it's

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Muslims living there. And there is one lucky precedence between them precedents in the Sharia because the Messenger of Allah wa sallam said, is again up our lane in our daily lives in mincha. The Ramadan, Sophia Sheltie or Mara Jin Woo

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excetera cetera oberliga

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una, follow Mustafa minha

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a very famous Hadith, that when it is the first night of Ramadan, then the the devils particularly the major devils are changed, and the doors of the Hellfire are closed, another door opens and the doors of Paradise are opened, and they remain open. The idea being that the opportunity for good is plenty. The desire to Excel is plenty, and the temptations are lessened. Again, not that they're gone completely, but they are lessened and the intensity is not as much. But the interesting part is the messenger said if I can overrule a letting me know,

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when it's the first night of Ramadan, there is this energy, there's this buzz, and you can feel it, it's in the air, then that energy fades over time and you can also you know, season under work and people start to come to the masjid. It's not as packed anymore

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until we enter the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

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And that for us is the opportunity to become re energized is the opportunity for us to make this month count. I will go as far as say the last 10 nights in the last 10 days and nights are an opportunity for redemption for us to redeem ourselves. If you look at the profit

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he was described in the last 10 nights

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his wife I shall the other one has says that Ghana Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam it's the Hebrew hour Hilary mala is the Hebrew be lady. She also says that canon of use autonoma de la lucha shed de la la who was

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When it was the last part of Ramadan, he would become even more energized. He follows alum who never slacked off. He has never waned. It never dropped off in excellence. Even he being at the peak of spirituality became even more spiritual. him being kinda edge was a nasty place, being the most generous of people. What are you gonna do my

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robot will be even more generous in this time. This was the re energizing experience, or the feeling that we feel in the last 10 nights come about. And again, you can see that in the Walker, you can see that in the, in the hall, the hall starts to pack up more than 27 nights because the, you know, overflowing the masses overflowing. It's the most packed event for many massages. And it's a beautiful sight. And this is across the world. You see videos from all over the Muslim world, and you find the same situation. And it's a blessing. You know, sometimes we derived our fellow Muslim we say all these people show up at this time, these people don't show but other times, but that's

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not what is required. What is required is we appreciate

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The blessings of that particular night. And this particular

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this particular part of the month. The problem as long as we I run into you, he was described as someone who had extra energy and extra focus in the last 10 nights for Salah, he would describe as he described as

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he would bring the knight to life. What does that mean? You will bring the knight to life by worshipping Allah, Allah by staying up to remember Allah, Allah by supplicating to Allah subhanaw taala. That's how he would give his nights or bringing his nights back to life. He would wake up his family to participate in worship.

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Because worship isn't just these beautiful acts are not just, you know, sort of solo show, right? It's not a one man show, we need to involve our families. That's why in the massages, we have to ensure that if our sisters want to participate in this, there is accommodation for them.

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Put aside the Philippine debate of where a woman should pray and this and that just the principle of the Messenger of Allah wa Salaam would allow the woman to make nice a calf in the midst of his Muslim, the idea being that the families would participate in this extremely uplifting spiritual event as a whole, not just individual men, the whole family would participate, what level he will wake up his family so they can participate as well. Part of this spiritual growth is the family grows together because the family that worships a lot together, stays together, stays together. So we see this from the Sunnah of the Prophet Solomonic practice that he will become even more

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energized in the last 10 nights and last 10 days of Ramadan. So for us, brothers and sisters, as we are about to enter

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the last 10 nights of Ramadan, starting on Saturday night.

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Let us regroup. And let us work hard.

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Let us work hard, not just work hard at our school, or our workplace, or whatever it is that we like to do. But that is committed to and work hard in our version.

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If a person has done some good in the first 20 nights, or the first 20 days of Ramadan hamdulillah that's an opportunity to build on that. If there's some good done, not a lot, mostly slacking a little bit of good. The opportunity to do good now and make this month count really, really presents itself right now.

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If a person has done nothing,

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not even the obligatory facts. We don't condone their behavior in any way. But if if even if that's the case, even if somebody is in that situation, but they have missed out on the obligations, this is a chance for redemption. This last 10 nights, this is a chance at redeeming ourselves, even if nothing was done.

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You look at what the prophet alayhi salatu salam says, He says mon sama, Ramadan email and at 700 Mb Tomalin

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at 700. am in the movie, this is

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Mr. Muslim have merited very famous I'm sure you've heard this many times. The interesting part to note about this hadith is what the prophet SAW some is perhaps implying subtly. And some of the shudra of a hadith highlight this point as well. The provinces have said the one person, the person who fasts, Ramadan, out of faith out of conviction, and seeking the reward of a last part, Allah is urban, that person sins are forgiven, that person sins are forgiven, the slate is wiped clean. This is a fresh start. That he says the one who participates in the night of power later to call that person doing this out of faith during this era conviction, seeking a lot of work, not just following

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the crowd, not out of guilt, not out of just to show that he's present when she's present, but truly seeking a lot of reward discipline. opiate along with them being exactly the same statement. That person sins are forgiven as well.

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The beautiful subtlety here is that even if a person has not done much in Rome, Oman, even to the point where they have missed out on the obligation, the redemption lies in their token. This fresh starts lies in the last 10 nights. The opposition

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For a reboot lies right ahead. And the last time I saw them a lot, because the residents also I'm saying exactly the same thing about

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the one who catches it and, you know, participates in it and prays, and does good. has their sins forgiven.

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So there's the chance at redemption, redemption is right there brothers and sisters, and that's how we need to see it. And that is for all of us. Nobody is above that. None of us have done enough to feel confident that comes along good. I've done my part for this month, absolutely not, because the message of a loss of love would be even more committed. And if there's anybody who should have just taken it easy will never pass Allah, but he did it. Here are we the opportunity to really make this month count to really make ourselves whole again, is right there in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And that is the seeking of the night of power. I'd like to highlight one other thing that some of

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the festival or the Shiva have had the exponent explainers of a hadith mentioned here. They say that

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the prophets are some when he speaks about Ramadan, he says the man and why this island repeats this phrase quite a bit. In many many narrations. He man and watch the 700 says a lot with a man called be familia de salami or with some tolerable volume in a lot. He says that Eman means you are convinced that this is a act that is binding upon you. It's a binding obligation. And if this is you are seeking a large reward and hot dog he says something interesting about the idea of the sub seeking reward, he says deserve an AR zema it is conviction. It is you know strength. What strength what conviction is he speaking about

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Allah mana Ravi, by Eva nafsa boo with Alec, he is seeking this reward this person fast. And he's doing this seeking the reward happily,

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happily doing it. Not, you know, feeling like it's a drag, not feeling like they're just dragged through this month. They're holding their breath. While it's not. It's over basically. So they're happy and enjoying and trying to make the most of every moment here. They are very raw mustard in this Yummy.

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Yummy. says it's a person who doesn't make to see

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that this is like really hard.

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And all this is really long. That's not their attitude, even though it is hard. Even though it is long. It's not the easiest thing to do. In fact, it's quite hard to handle. Allah has given us the strength. But the fact the attitude of the person is it ain't hard.

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handled. Allah has made it easy. It's not long, Allah has made it easy. That attitude is what gets the forgiveness. the right attitude when it comes to fasting. So the chance of seeking redemption brothers and sisters, firstly, starts with that attitude, we have to see this as an opportunity for our salvation. And we have to see this as a chance to really reboot ourselves. We can't let it go. We cannot let it go. I'd like to share some recommendations of what to do in these last few months. Because you can go very hard for a night or very committed for two nights and then may you may lose energy towards the end again. So I have some recommendations inshallah they'll make insightful but

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one was one was the phonological process

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smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam O, Allah He, he was.

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The Prophet is also some folders that I have with our Malik ilani as the one who have

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the dearest actions to a loss are the ones that are most consistent, even if they're small. And that's the name of the game. Consistency, quality. That's the name of the game for our worship. So what I recommend is consistent actions in the last 10 minutes.

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And I will recommend three things. Number one is praying the short prayer and the fudger prayer with the congregation.

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With the jamara in the MOS, that is, should be in terms of prior prioritizing acts of worship. This should rank number one. Now for some of us praying, the Muslim might be a little harder because of the playoffs. But I would encourage you to not do that. I encourage you to pray in the Muslim irrespective of what's happening, okay? Why? Because the incentive is so great. The incentive is so great. The incentive is, every step that a person takes towards the month, or every revolution of the of the wheel, every unit of distance traveled, there is an Asscher that's written for them, and the sin that is forgiven off them and their level and paradise during

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every time a person comes to the mosque, and they end up being early. And they're waiting. And they're waiting for the prayer. That person is actually accumulating good deeds, as if there

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was a person prays in the congregation, they get 27 times a reward as if they prayed at home 47 times that's not in a number of mobile Allah, you know, the number of

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hyperbole are numbers of hyperbole in Arabic are seven, or 70 or 100 or 1000. Okay, generally, these are the numbers of hyperbole. I know I've told you hundreds of time.

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For example, even

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though you, Mara, lo Yamato, Elsa Santa, one of them wishes that he can live for 1000 years, the 1000 years. metaphorical he wants to live forever. Okay. 27 is not a metaphorical number. It's not hyperbole, it's an actual number. It's as if one jamara one prayer in germar. It's like one person praying by themselves. 27 slots, that's the reward.

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So the reward is so much greater.

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So much greater. When a person finishes their solo, and they're sitting,

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while the person is sitting, the angels are asking for forgiveness, not speak, this person is sitting and remembering the law not talking. They're still in the loop. The angels are asking for forgiveness for that person. once they're done, the sooner they get up and they say Salaam Alaikum. salaam aleikum to the brothers shake their hands, their sins are falling off, like the leaves fall off the trees, when a person shakes their shakes hands with their fellow Muslim brother.

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So Pamela, the incentives are so great.

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And on top of all these amazing incentives, the fact that the Messenger of Allah saw some said, the one who prays Asia in the messages is can who can have a solid understanding. This person has prayed half the night. And the one who prays the Azure prayer, this person is like the one who's praying the other half of the night. So the one who does both has prayed essentially, what the whole night.

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Imagine brothers and sisters, just doing this for the rest of your life. And then meeting the last month on the Day of Judgment with a whole lifetime of a rather than a night while you were sleeping peacefully.

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Imagine that showing up with a lifetime of nights worship, just because pleasure and ratio will create an image just by mere virtue of them.

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That is priority number one for a person to be able to do that.

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That checks off the box of worship at night for them, that allows them irrespective of the schedule, the difficulties they might face, the time that they might have, whatever they didn't commit, this is something that's right there to be done.

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So that's recommendation number one, and do this for the rest of the night and inshallah we are going to continue doing this until we die.

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The second recommendation is consistently giving sada today we have our brothers from Asana believe you can support them inshallah, but just consistently, even if we were if a person was to give a fixed amount of money every single night of the last 10 nights, every night we give $10. And

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that person is guaranteed to have given sort of on on that.

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Just by the fact that process of elimination, there's nothing else left every night they were given something, they will catch them together. That consistency is very critical. And this idea of being charitable in Ramadan is from the son of the prophets of Allah. He was even more generous in Ramadan. Usually he's the most generous in Ramadan. He was even more ganda who as if he was Rehan masala, like a blowing wind, bringing relief to every person. Quickly, quick relief to as many people as he could on the south coast.

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Allah. So for us the opportunity to consistently do something good and consistently contribute to charity is a fantastic opportunity. And you're guaranteed to catch the last night of power.

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The last recommendation brothers and sisters, is, this is the time this right now.

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The this last 10 nights are fasting in general, is the time to supplicate to Allah make door Antoine? This is, these are the moments

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when I show the love on her as the Prophet alayhi salam, the jasola if I know when is lead to other matter of UI her

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she said something interesting. She said what he was saying in it? What do I say it meaning what should I make? God knows it's time for

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this these nights are time for supplication. It's time to connect. So last month, she wanted a recommendation. And the recommendation for the Ralston was Aloma Nagar boon to paypal are one by one that was often recommended to her for the idea of England sisters, this is that time, I would encourage you to write down, write it down the list of things that are that you want in life, the things that are bothering you in life, things that you want to be resolved, write them down, it's a personal note. You don't have to share it on Facebook afterwards, it's for you only, okay, and that you ask a loan or loan give me this Ola save me from that order resolve this for me.

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Because the Dora that really counts is the door that comes from the heart

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in the law is that you will die with the law in law field law does not respond to the drama of a person who's distracted from a person who doesn't hear what they're saying. But here when you ask for these things, you care. You're not distracting that brother and sisters that is the opportunity that lies ahead for us these last 10 nights, the last 10 days of Ramadan are an opportunity to seek redemption to make ourselves Whole Again, whatever shortcomings we've had whatever good we've done, whatever it could have been left undone. This is the chance for us to make it all worth it

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by seeking the light of metal color, and I recommend doing that even consistent action because that is what Allah loves the most. We ask those ones that give us the trophy to pray and suffocate on the other. We ask Allah to give us the lead rather, I mean, no matter when you ask us what to do not deprive us from the blessing of Nathan's mother in law, my

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mother in law in Arizona.

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He was around when

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I was a kid.

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Dr. Hassan Hassan Okinawa