Why We Give Up So Easily

Kamil Ahmad


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My dear brothers and sisters, in this union, we train hard.

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We work hard to achieve many goals.

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For those of us who want a certain career or a certain profession,

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we work hard, we train hard. We take courses

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that keep us honest.

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For those of us who want one nice body,

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we go to the gym we training we do

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for a goal that we have in mind.

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But why is it

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that when it comes

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to the commandments of a law, to the prohibitions of a law, why is it that we don't strike? Why is it

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that we may try to strike we may try to struggle, but then we give up?

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The answer is,

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the answer is

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our evil inclining left

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our external enemies

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we are attracted by

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this dunya is visible,

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as opposed to the

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that is invisible.

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I swear by a law that if me and you knew you were to see what Allah has prepared for the believers and the disbelievers in the afterlife. If we were to see with our eyes for even a split second,

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he would not see he would not disappear for even a single day.

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But it is because this dunya is visible to us and the athlete is from the world of the unseen. It is because of that, that

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that striving

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and struggling to perfect ourselves.

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It is because of that,

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that it becomes difficult. And it is because of that.

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That the majority of us. We give anything up and we give up. Give up