Is It Sunnah For Men To Wear Rings – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

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Is it soon enough for men to wear rings?

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You might have noticed, I like to wear my rings.

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There's a difference of opinion amongst the scholars, whether it is sooner or move out whether it is a praiseworthy action or it is merely a permissible action for men to wear rings. And there's difference of opinion about the left hand versus the right hand. Some of the scholars said that in following the Prophet size alone, and it's also noted that many of the rulers, the fuller thought were rings, some of them actually restricted the sun apart to if you are a ruler, and they said it's more back for the lay person. And then some of them said, it's enough for both the ruler and for the lay person and some of them said it's merely MOBA. It's merely permissible, I tend to the view that

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it's merely permissible to wear a ring and it could be sooner with the right intention. Obviously, if a person has something that's meaningful, you know, you don't want to have however like a law on your ring and then carrying it into the bathroom and things of that sort, right. So if it's a form of permissible, Zina permissible embellishment, and inshallah it could be a sinner with the right intention, but the general ruling on wearing rings for men is that it is merely hello and may have lost pants how to make it rewardable if we have the right intention, when we wear our rings as well to follow the some of the profits of aloha Aloha.

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