Is It Permissible To Have Credit Cards In Islam

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Shaykh Abu Eesa discusses

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Is it permissible to have credit cards in Islam?

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According to the vast majority of scholars and a number of international councils, they're not permissible. There are two opinions on the matter as pretty much on everything. And a small minority of scholars said they are permissible they argued that the main reason why they considered to be impermissible the the imposed condition of having to pay interest if you do not pay on time, they say this is a condition which you can ignore because it means nothing and if you are going to be able to protect yourself from it, set up a bank account set up you need some some ways of making sure that it never actually happens. And you know what, we don't believe in any way, who cares what

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they say, then is a false condition, which doesn't really mean anything. That's what they argued basically. And they said as long as you make all the precautions, then it's okay. The truth is is that in the presence of such a condition and you accepting it, you are basically saying that I will do haram if x y Zed happens and as a real problem.

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Take away interest and this is put the example of I don't know,

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Xena. I will go and commit Zina if I will go and drink alcohol if would you ever imagine ever saying something that you'd have a heart attack even thinking about that kind of concept? So why is it okay for us to why is it okay? If I say I will pay interest when it is a major sin? Yeah. And somewhere of the magnitude towards these other sins as well? Why would you consider that to be okay, and so I don't like it. It's not right. And the majority of scholars got it absolutely spot on, it doesn't matter that you're going to be able to get away with it. And folks, credit cards are we in a is I mean, we've got debit cards. Now, why do we even need to do that we have charged cars that are

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already prepaid and you don't ever gonna even it's not even possible to fall into interest. We have debit cards, which avoid the concept of credit. I hate the concept of credit cards. Yeah, I'm biased if you like I'm a person who looks at society all the time, the desperation of all of the loans industry, the short loans and the loan sharks you see all over TV all over advertised advertising boards, in our sporting events, and in the streets, whatever, we'll give you a loan, you can buy this, you can have that holiday, you always wanted the car that you need blah, blah, blah, basically trying to entice you to get things that you can't afford. And you know what we have to start to

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learn that if you can't afford something, then maybe that's for good reason. And we should not desire that which we can't afford or try to get which we can't afford by a means that's telling us that you can have the money now just worry about paying it back later, only to hit you with x y Zed interest fees and whatever whatnot, it doesn't matter whether they're charging you naught point naught 5% or 50%. It doesn't matter whether they're Christian cause it interest in the Jew cause or usury. And Muslim says it's a Riba and find out all the names that you make up for it. The truth is, is that we've got to get rid of that attitude, the environment and a culture in our minds, that

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thinks that it's okay to be able to buy something and borrow for all the time. That is not a good thing, not a blessing thing, the promise of lifestyle and you know, attacks debt in a big way, if you can avoid it, and you should, and a person who dies in a state of debt will have the up on his neck until his or her neck and 10 is paid off even in a common even when it comes to the ACA, even if it means not answering gender for a person who intentionally tries to avoid paying the debt. So we need to avoid the whole credit card industry and the debt industry in the loans industry if we can. And genuinely it's a safer opinion especially with alternatives that are available such as

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