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Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakato Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Kleber to the multiple dweller. Illa Allah the meanwhile should do Allah ilaha illallah wa the hola Sharika Allahu Allah will you know love he didn't wash at the end of the video now Muhammad Abdul rasool Allah Most of it I mean Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdullah Sonica Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine I'm back. Welcome to another episode of How to see your page by page and inshallah Tada. Today we are on page 48, which is towards the very end of Surah Al Baqarah. The third dose of the Quran. Today's verse is a single verse on a single page it is the longest

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verse of the Quran and that is verse 282 of the Quran of Surah Al Baqarah. Inshallah, tada, I will read this verse and we will take it like segment by segment in terms of the recitation and the translation. And then I will just mention a number of benefits from it. Because there is a verse that speaks predominantly about a single issue and that is preserving the rights of others in terms of their financial rights and the whites of their positions and so on. Allah subhanaw taala says are the bIllahi min a shape on the regime?

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Yeah, you Halina man who is the young tomb with a in in Isla journey Muslim men factorable Allah subhanaw taala says oh you will believe when you contract a debt for stated term, then put it down in writing. While yet to be in a comfortable Milady have a scribe write it down justly between you. Walla Baca T. Boone, a Tibetan lama hula, no scribe should refuse to write, let him write as Allah subhanaw taala has taught him well yet to volume needy lady early in her Coven yet up in la hora de hula Yeah, because Bahasa minuti

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let the data dictate and let him fear Allah azza wa jal his Lord, and not diminish the debt at all. For in Canada levy are they he'll have to Sophie and I will not even LIS talk to a human who offended you Neal when he you will be added. If the data is feeble minded, weak or unable to dictate the letters Guardian dictate justly? Was Tashfeen OSHA he then he may be journey come call him to men as witnesses for inland Mucuna or giulini. Follow Judo Umbra journeyman trombone Amina Shuhada

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Houma, to whom alpha to the killer, the human locura

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if two men are not there then call one man and two women out of those you prove as witnesses so that if one of the two women should forget the other may remind her well, I must show her the Douro that the witnesses not refused when they are summoned while others are more tech taboo. Sorry, Ron, okay, b1 ila jelly, do not disdain to write that down, be it small or large, along with the time it forms it do that become a casa de Allah he will occur one Monisha heard that you will

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talk taboo.

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Allah subhanaw taala says this way it is more equitable in Allah's eyes, more reliable as testimony and more likely to prevent doubts arising between you in the corner to jail rotten, how the rotten to the Runa Felisa de conjoin are on alert to boo. But if the merchandise is there and you hand it over, there is no blame upon you if you do not write it down. Well, if you don't either Tobiah but have witnesses present whenever you trade with one another? Whether you will draw raka to one or Shahid and let them harm be done either to the scribe or to the witnesses. When a different roofer in our office will come become free. If you did cause them harm then it would be a crime or a sin

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upon you. What happened law How will your common law then be mindful of Allah azza wa jal and he will teach you what Allah who will be colletion in Earline Indeed, He has full knowledge of everything. This is as we said, the longest verse in the Quran and it consists of a number of benefits Allah subhanaw taala in this list houses that one of the things that is permissible because you will remember in the previous episode, we were speaking about riba unusually and the fact that it is something which Allah azza wa jal has made haram and one of the main reasons for it being Haram is because it is something which causes harm is something which doesn't embody the stomach

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spirit, spirit of loving for others, what you love for yourself of helping one another of being a community of Muslims, that feel one another's pains and do

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difficulties and so on. And therefore we try and try to help one another. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in this vessel, that doesn't mean that you can't give loans doesn't mean that you can't take a debt from someone else. What it means is that it must be done in accordance with the rulings of the Sharia. So if the debt is something which is done in a permissible way, what you're taking a loan when you're giving us an only as something which is permissible, there is no usury, that is being applied to it, it is a fixed term. So we know exactly how long that debt is for and so on. These conditions are fulfilled, then there is something which Allah azza wa jal has said, it is

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permissible. And so therefore, that is something which is allowed. So, therefore, it is allowed for you to borrow money, it is something which you can do when you need to do it and if you need to do it, and as we said, the sharing our journey looks down and frowns upon people who take wealth simply for the purpose of taking what they don't really need the money, but they just like to borrow, they just like it to be other people's money and so on. That is something which isn't good. And therefore, it is something which a person must, you know, must stay away from, however, to take a genuine loan for a genuine reason, in accordance to the rulings of the Sharia is something which is

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permissible. One of the things that you must bear in mind when taking a loan is that it should be done for a fixed term, a set term that is announced Allah azza wa jal says Illa, urgently, Musa manufacturable to a fixed term that is stated, so I borrow 100 pounds from zip. And I say to him, I need it for one month, or I need it for six months, or I need it for one year, or I need it until the first day of Ramadan, I fixed the time period, so that therefore it is known. Allah subhanaw taala says that one of the weakest or more most beneficial ways of preserving your rights is to write down to have a contract between you and other person, especially if that other person is

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someone that you don't know. Well, that person is someone who may be a distant relative or a friend or somebody close even if the person is your own blood brother, blood sister, someone who's very close to you, it is still a wise thing to do, to write it down and that is what Allah azza wa jal tells us to do, it is not an obligation, sometimes it can become an obligation depending upon the situation. And if you fear that there may be some harm in terms of the wealth or someone may oppress you, then it is an obligation to write it down. But generally speaking, it is recommended in the share that you write it down. And so therefore, you write down who was borrowing the money, who is

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borrowed from the amount, the time and so on, and so forth. Allah azza wa jal said, this should be done between the two people, the one borrowing and the one from whom it is borrowed from, and it should be done in the way with the agile and adjust way, in a fair way. And that is because sometimes one of the two people may not be very well educated, they may not be very well read or written, they can't really read and write very well. And sometimes the terms in that in the contract may be difficult for them to understand and to comprehend. They may not have a great deal of experience in terms of you know, as we know that sometimes they have contracts and there's pages and

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pages of footnotes or conditions or small print all of that stuff. And when it's between two Muslims, it should be made very clear and so it should be done with justice. The Allah azza wa jal tells us that to do so, it is from the greatest blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada and it is from the blessings of Allah azza wa jal because Allah subhanaw taala says Come Alma, hola. You should write it down in the way that Allah has taught them. Allah gave you an education Allah allowed you to understand how business and trade works. Allah azza wa jal allowed you to read and write us those blessings in ways that are pleasing to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And from that writing Allah azza wa jal is telling us is to write in a way that is clear, white in a way that is clear, white in a way that is it is distinct, that there is no there's no ambiguity in it, or write it in a way that people both people know what the terms are, if someone else was to come and read the contract, it will be something which would be it would be something which would be clear to them, and something which they would be able to take from and to benefit from.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us that from the benefits of this also, is that the one who writes if they are owed the one who is given a debt or involved in this contract, if they're unable to write, they're unable to be one of the two signatories. For whatever reason, Allah azza wa jal says, for example, they may be a feeble mind, or they may be weakened, infirm, or they may be too young under the age of maturity, or whatever it may be, or they just can't physically read or write. So maybe he's illiterate or illiterate. They can't read the code, right? And he said to them, Come and sign this contract. It's not fair. What does Allah azza wa jal says, Say subhanaw taala. He says, then

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let that let the one who is the guardian white for them? For Julian Walia, who will let his guardian do this with justice. And that is also from the blessings of Allah azza wa jal and from the mercy of the Sharia. So for example, I'm going to borrow money from someone who has wealth, they have money, but that person maybe is young, eight years old, they inherited a great deal of money. They're willing to give it to me, but they don't really understand the contract. They don't really understand the nuances of this. It's not fair. It's not right that I go to an eight year old child and say, I'm going to take from

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Be 10,000 pounds. And don't worry, I'll give them back to you in a few weeks or whatever. And they're like, yes. Okay, because I don't really understand what money is, they don't really think that 1000s of pounds makes for them like a two pounds sweet or a five pound chocolate is more than enough. And so they don't really understand the gravity of what they're engaging in. That's not just not fair. Or you can someone who's a feeble mind, for whatever reason, they don't really understand this concept. Will someone who can't read and write and you say, Yes, I'm going to borrow from your 100 pounds, and then I add a couple of zeros, they don't really know they don't really understand

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what's going on. For human well, you will be added. And also from the reason Allah azza wa jal then preserves our rights. And this is something we should be done when it comes to contracts, when it comes to these types of agreements. Was this shaky, then in Regina, have two main witnesses present, allow them to witness and sign off on the contract as well, because then they can ensure that both parties understand that this clarity that this person knows what they were getting into that person knows what they're getting into. And so if ever it was good to go to a Muslim judge to a Muslim court, then they would be able to stand in front of the judge and take an oath by Allah's name and

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say, No, he knew that it was 10,000 pounds that he was giving. He knew that it was 10,000 pounds that he was taking, he knew that it was for six months, and so did he. And so now for them to come and dispute these issues. That's something which they, you know, they've either forgotten or they just pretending to forget, but that's a problem. And so therefore, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that we should have these two witnesses, should he then immediately Johnny, come, fill them your corner, Raju Nene. And if you can't find two men, and that's because sometimes people are traveling, sometimes these types of contracts are done when people are traveling. And in the olden days, we

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know people would be out in the desert, or they'd be traveling by land. Sometimes you're away from a great group of older or number of people, you don't come across a town or village, except after a few days, or after a week or so. And so during that time as you're traveling, maybe the only people in the party, the group that you have is one man and then some women, and so that one man can become one of the witnesses for our job and attendant if you can't find two men, take one man and take two women and make them witnesses of that. Until they learn the humor for to the killer hit that homerun okra, because if one of the women was tificate than the other one may may remember. And that is

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something which we find within the Sharia. And it's something which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, and that is that the that when it comes to witnessing and being witnesses as part of contracts and so on,

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to women, take the place of one man or one man takes the place of two women. What is also important to realize though is that this is in terms of the dunya aspects. This doesn't diminish a woman in terms of a standing before Allah azza wa jal, her piety Hill worship, because the scholars have all agreed by ng Mara we start though when it comes to stomach issues, for example, her narrating Hadith, her teaching and so on, that a woman is equal to a man in this regard, and that is why we take the hadith of Arusha, but the Allahu anha of almost Salomon Brothers, Allah Juana of Hafsa Radi Allahu Allah of many of the female companions are at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, the men never used to come the male companion to the spotters who came after never said or I should marry to this so we can't take the Hadith until half so something similar almost seller or some other female companion or Smith or the Allahu Allah comes in, she says, that I can corroborate this, or two men come No, that's not the way that it worked when it came to these types of issues. And so that's something we should be that we should bear in mind. Those things those issues that Allah azza wa jal has made a woman require us recording to women in place of a man is because Allah subhanaw taala knows best as the creator, how a person can focus on what a person can remember how

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testimony should be done in terms of the Sharia law, which is dictated and legislated by Allah azza wa jal as we can see, this is a verse of the Quran. It's not me saying this or some other scholar or someone coming Allah subhanaw taala legislated this, to accept this is something therefore which is incumbent upon every Muslim, but to also understand that this is our lesser issue than what is more important. This isn't about a woman being deficient, or being less in a snap or not being given her rights, because we as Muslims consider this to be our lesser issue, less less important than the issue of narrating the Hadith, for example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or teaching

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Quran by rewire that you go to a teacher who teaches you Quran and says that I had this for my teacher, this is the way they are essential to my teacher and you have any Jazza that goes all the way back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam those issues a woman is equal to a man in that regard, and the scholars have always done this and so therefore, that is something which should be always remembered and should be borne in mind. And we shouldn't allow people to come and to hijack our religion or to manipulate it or to twist it and to make certain assumptions about it, that are formed from far from the reality that Allah azza wa jal has placed there in

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all also from the benefits therefore we take that if someone in the monster witnesses forget, the other one can prompt them. So we have this contract. Now we have the two people that are involved. It's been written down. We

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of the witnesses. Sometimes one witness forgets in this way, the Shediac stipulates that you have more than one doesn't say you just have one witness, because sometimes a witness may pass away. Sometimes the witness may become old themselves, they may become forgetful, when you have to and both of them corroborate one on the same thing, then it is more likely that it is to be of a short thing. While I assure her that we that Maduro from the benefits of this is or Allah azza wa jal says that if you as a witness to call for to testify, then you shouldn't refuse. Unless you have a valid good reason to do so. You shouldn't refuse. And that is because as Muslims, we want the people to

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take the GRE, we want to help our fellow brothers and sisters. If I refuse to be a witness you refuse everyone refuses, then that's going to be a problem in terms of society. Allah subhanaw taala then says and don't distain don't look down upon any contract because it's too big or too small? What are taboo, something you Okay, beyond Elijah, you may think, Oh, this is only for 100 pounds, you don't need a contract of that. But how many families have split over that 100 pounds, how many families have broken apart because of the smallest piece of land, or the smallest issue that they had a misunderstanding or a disagreement over? Allah Azza just as dumb disdain this, that the

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convexity ring the law because that is more equitable, more just in the sight of Allah better in terms of your testimony. And it is closer that you may look then for therefore fall into that into quantity, Jonathan, how there are Allah azza wa jal says, however, there is an exception to this. And that is sort of generally we're saying every type of transaction should be written down. So when I want a deck, I should write it down. If I want to go and buy something, I'm buying a car, you know, as as we do, even in normal, everyday life, even the UK law and Western law and so on, it's very common that you're going to get a receipt or an invoice, or some type of original contract when

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you buy something like a car or something else. That's the way Alaris will do the thing that is better for you. So if someone comes and says, Where did you get that car from? Where did you get that phone from? You pull it out, and you say, That's my receipt. That's my contract. That's what I signed up on. That's what we agreed upon. And therefore there is no doubt. However, Allah azza wa jal says that the standard is a practical religion in the entire quantity, Jonathan Hadera. But sometimes, then you want to buy something, you don't have the ability to write down you can't find witnesses, or it's not something which you necessarily need witnesses for, because it's so small in

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terms of the amount you go shopping, you know, you go and buy something very small, or it's done at a time when you can't find other people and you need to engage in that transaction here. And now, Allah subhanaw taala says, Felisa, Alikum generic on a letter to Booyah, then there is no harm if you don't write it down, who actually do it at the bottom, but you should always have witnesses. So even if you're not going to write it down, at least have witnesses and that is always the best and the safe thing that you should have. What are you Barbara catabolize Shaheed Allah azza wa jal says, The one who is described should not be harmed, Nor should the witnesses who are being called to

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testify be harmed in any way. You shouldn't intimidate them, you should not harm them, you shouldn't try to do anything. So to in order to change the contract. So someone goes to the witness and says, I know that I took 10,000 pounds from that person, but tell them is 1000 say that, no, there's actually 1000 That's what I had. And maybe they just wrote it down incorrectly. It was an error in terms of a you know, a typing error or something. And actually, it's 1000. And I'll give you some money. A lot of this is something which is a harm towards the one who is now in debt, or you just try to intimidate the witness because you're trying to get something that it's not from your rights

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or whatever it may be. Allah azza wa jal is saying, These people should not be harmed, they are fulfilling a voluntary role out of the goodness of their hearts, and someone who does something out of the goodness of their hearts, then those are people who shouldn't be harmed. And from therefore advocates of this, as some of the scholars mentioned, is that if someone is to, as Elijah just says, In the Quran, Madeline Messina and Sabine, you have no rights over those who are voluntary, voluntarily helping you no expectations. So if someone needs to come to be a witness for you, and you say to them, I need you to testify for me, but I need you to go to London, and they're in

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Manchester, or they're in Manchester or in London, and you say, No, you need to go to Manchester, or they're in the UK and you say no, but I need you to go to Pakistan, or to Somalia or to the US or wherever it may be. Then surely, from the etiquettes of not harming them is that you provide their expenses for them. So yes, Allah azza wa jal says that they shouldn't refuse. Well, I have a shahada, the one who is a witness shouldn't refuse to testify, but Allah azza wa jal says also don't harm them. And if now they have to pay 1000s of pounds or hundreds of pounds in order to fulfill what is something for you, then there is from the etiquettes of not harming them that you at least

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fill, fulfill their expenses for what is a benefit for you. And not necessarily for them. They don't take anything from it. They're not engaged in the transaction, didn't borrow the money or going to give the money back will receive the money there. Just simply they're fulfilling a role as your fellow Muslim brother or sister. And so therefore, you don't harm them in any way, shape or

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form are interfered with. But if you do so Allah azza wa jal says, then that it's a crime upon us meaning it is a sin upon you, what type of Allah Who are your ultimo Kamala And fear Allah and Allah will teach you, Allah will give you knowledge and the scholars derived from this end end of this verse, that one of the greatest ways of seeking knowledge. One of the most amazing best ways of seeking beneficial knowledge is that you have the fear of Allah azza wa jal before you that you remember Allah subhanaw taala you're conscious of Allah azza wa jal and if you have the Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. Then Allah will teach you Allah will increase your knowledge and Allah azza wa

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jal will bless you. Indeed Allah azza wa jal, he says as he concludes, this first one Allah who be cliche in him, indeed Allah azza wa jal has knowledge of all things. So this is an example it is the longest verse of the Quran. And it is an example of the beauty of the Sharia, that Allah azza wa jal went into this level of detail, and this intricacy when it comes to preserving whites and helping one another. And this is the difference between our contracts and our transactions in Islam, as opposed to those contracts and transactions that are not from the Sharia. It is all built upon upon helping one another, assisting one another. And yes, you can make a legitimate profit and make money

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and be wealthy if Allah azza wa jal has decreed that for you and you can do in an Halal way, there's no problem, but you don't do it on the backs of others, harming others, oppressing others, trotting down upon others. That's not the way that the shinier works. And notice it's something which is best beloved to Allah azza wa jal, because as Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the last verse that we mentioned or discussed in the previous episode, we should fear the day that we returned to our Lord and that Allah azza wa jal will hold us to account for our sins. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us and may Allah azza wa jal keep us safe, and may Allah subhanaw taala safeguard us from that which is

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haram and that which is doubtful, and always guide us to that which is beloved to him Subhana wa barakato lofi comm also Allahu ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was on big money was sent out Bobby McCullough, he

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