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“Show me a single verse from the Quran where Jesus (pbuh) himself says, “I am only a Prophet” or “Do not worship me”

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Zakir Naik

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A Christian Challenges

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This question is from an anonymous from Kashmir.

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I've seen you seeing many a time that where does Jesus Himself say in the Bible, that I am God or worship Me? I was on the YouTube and I saw Christian demanding over from the Quran in which Jesus himself says, I'm only a prophet or don't worship me in inverted commas

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kindly comment.

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The question posed by a brother from Kashmir is that when I make a statement, challenging the Christian, that there is not a single unequivocal statement, not a single unambiguous statement in the complete Bible, where Jesus Caspian government who says say that I am God or worship me. The counter question is that is there any statement in the Quran where Jesus Christ himself says, don't worship Me? Yes, there are more than once.

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A last word Allah says in the Quran in surah majda chapter number five, verse number 72. Allah says, letter kufra Xena Carlo

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and they are doing cough. They are blasphemy those who say in the Lucha will. If Abu Malema

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they are bluffing they are doing coup for those who say that Allah is Jesus, the son of Mary, and there was continuous

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walk a little messy, but said Christ

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Yeah, but he is right ocean officer. Oh Bula worship Allah or beaver beaucoup who's my Lord and your Lord, in no metric Billa anyone who associate partner with Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah will make general haram for me. mamajuana Jamal is all Milliman and SAR and phi shall be dwelling place and they will be no helpers for him. In the year after year in this verse also reminder chapter number five was number 72 is clearly mentioning that they are bluffing they are doing cuff, those who say that Allah is Jesus the son of Mary,

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but that Christ but for Jesus peace be upon him. Ocean of Israel. Oh, Allah, worship Allah. Yeah. Jesus Himself we see Allah thing in the Quran. But Jesus gives peace be upon him said, Oh Buddha, Allah worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.

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In no metric builder and anyone who associate partner with Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah will make denote haram for him Baba ohana, Mal is all imminent, and fire shall be dwelling place and he shall have to help us in the hereafter. This is clear cut.

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This guy's peace be upon him. In the Bible. Allah says that Jesus said in his word that worship only Allah. It further mentioned in Surah Maya chapter number five was 116 117 that on the Day of Judgment, when Allah will argue this case, please be upon him. Did you tell them to worship you or your mother? Instead of me? And Jesus case peace be upon him replies in reminder chapter four verse number 117. You are my witness. I never said that. But I said, Oh Allah worship Allah or beaver abou My Lord, and your Lord

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clearly mentioned

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it further mentioned in sort of chapter number 6006, that

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Jesus Christ peace be upon him says, that I have been sent to you, as a messenger from Allah, giving light tidings of a messenger to come, whose name shall be hammered. So gdF qsbs, before sender the messenger and he also said that they're the messenger to come,

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who name would be ama ama design in the name for masala sandal. So there are various many verses in the Quran with Jesus QSB upon if you do not worship anyone, but worship Allah. And there are various other verses which says, it says the federal Salalah that Isa is the Messenger of Allah, many verses of Genesis question