Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #376 – Serving Yourself or The Deen

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how a person who is put themselves in the service of the deen is referred to as a "people of fear," and they use this term to describe a person who is putting themselves in the service of themselves. They stress the importance of finding a person who is putting themselves in the service of the deen and that it is their job to help them become more careful and bond with their environment.
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Yeah, Sheikh Abdullah would tell us all the time that there's two types of people. There's one type of person who they put themselves in service of the deen.

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And the other type of person is a person who puts the deen in the service of themselves. And he would repeat this all the time. And eventually we used to ask him like, what? How can we tell? Because we don't want to be with that, that second person, right? We want to make sure that we're putting ourselves in a service of the dean. So how can you tell and he told us that a person who is putting themselves in the service of the deen they don't care where the guidance comes from. If you go down the street, or you go to this masjid, or you listen to that shape, or this video or whatever the as long as you're moving along the path, as long as you're improving yourself, as long as you

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are becoming more pious and more righteous, they're happy. They're actually happy for you. And this is like part of sincerity. You want what's good for the other person,

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the type of person who they're really calling to themselves, and they're using the dean, they're putting the dean in the service of themselves, they're only going to be happy, if you get anything from them.

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If you're gonna get more righteous, it's got to be through them or their crew. If you're gonna get more pious or more involved or donate your time or donate your money, then it has to be through them and what they've got going on and everybody else is

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off the path or wrong or these sorts of things.

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