Do Women Praying At Home Get Same Reward As Praying In Congregation?

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Sh. Waleed Basyouni

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A sister site discusses the benefits of praying at home, including a higher reward for women and a better overall experience. The sister site also mentions reports on the importance of praying at home and being allowed to pray. They also mention the use of the "has" in praying and encourage viewers to subscribe to their channel.

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This question is from a sister site. I read all this a hadith about the virtue of praying in congregation.

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And for me as sisters,

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part two go to the mustard pray at home and do I get the same buddy word

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as if I go to the mustard or pray a domestic Do I still get the same reward like men so the men get reward multiplied the 20 plus times with the woman also get her Salah or her reward, multiply the pray to help.

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The Tinder we saw some of them said that if a woman pray at home, like

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up to like the Masood, or the allow and waterbar that Tinder be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Harrison and obito determinados that the woman when she prays at home, her reward is more than praying at domestic. So she praying congregation and she takes that multiple rewards multiplied rewards by going to the message and pray congregation if she pray at home by herself, that her reward is way more and only Hamid, the wife of me the side of the line and she came into the prophets of Salaam and she says Allah I love to pray with you. And listen this is she saying that to the present message Rasul Allah, where the Salah is 1000 times double. And she said that the Nebojsa

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Salam said, I know that you love to pray with me, but I want you to know that praying at home is better for you. more rewarding for you.

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Hi, we're lucky milotic if you missed it, so to give you an exotic hiromasa latifi

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v datakey, wolfi datakey hiral luckyme Mr. Dickey. So the hurry goes and telling her that she's praying at home. The bottom line is better than praying at the most.

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So, these Hadith and this reports on all these authentic these Hadith shows that there is more reward for women to pray at home. And also I want to say one more thing. That if this ad is mean does not mean that women should not come to the masjid or pray to the masjid or stop from coming to the master because it is also do not stop them from coming to them. So they're allowed to come and to pray and to witness the journal.

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Another point Also, many people ask about if she pray at home, which you get the same reward that is required, or these rewards which is conditional to pray in congregation. So for example, the businessman who ever pray in the masjid and stay free masala until the sunrise take the reward of Agile aroma and had unsanitary media it's been reported that the process of that raw data can only be so solid.

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What is she playing at home? Shannon Shannon basil himolla said he used to he said

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man Josephine was a lie state where he prayed or in the Muslim line the mustard and he said for a woman that Masjid it's in their homes so that's why they take the same reward and the Hadith apply to them as well. And then a mathematic Rahim Allah have something similar to that malaria card also mentioned something related to this that overheard that says you pray the messenger you stay until this and that adger comes for you if you stay in the message and wait for the next Salah that's applied to women when they pray at their home and the place where they pray there are masala at home take the same rules when it comes to the word but not the same rules of the masjid when it comes to

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a tea Caf or you know that the rules and regulations for domestic no business transaction take place that doesn't apply to the masala at home but that he or she will be inshallah rewarded for that same we say for someone who can come to the mustard for a valid reason like sickness or something of that nature will still allow cinnamon and to be you know, subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ does that