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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a recent incident where a woman was praying in a airplane and was denied permission to pray. The speaker suggests that praying in the airplane is considered an acceptable excuse for praying in the airplane, even if faced by passengers in the West West atmosphere. The speaker warns that praying in the airplane can lead to problems and mentions that praying in the airplane is considered a practical matter.
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We know that standing up in the salaah is broken is one of the pillar of the salaat according to one's capabilities.

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In airplane,

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yes, there is possibility that we fall if we stand up. But it is not that risky in many times because it's pretty stable. But what does someone

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like basically what he can stand up in the salon, but because he's frightened, if he starts the salon standing up, people around them who might think the tea is a terrorist or somebody is not safe, and that can cause problem for the person who might be ended up kicked up, out kicked out of the flight or something of that nature. So the question is, is the incapability to stand up is just physical, like being sick or injured, or fear?

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To have many problems because people well, definitely think that you're dangerous to them or to the flight. In this case, would that also consider an excuse for the person to pray? Sitting

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. praying in the airplane, I do believe that it is allowed to be performed sitting, even if you have the ability, or the capability to praise standing. Because I do believe in any time, the airplane can change, the situation can change and can be very dangerous for someone who's standing in any especially in the position of record, and subdued and standing up is not like it's only standing, you know, you can hold on but what if your record what if you are setting is not a safe is not me, it's not meant for a prayer, unless you're in one of these airlines who provide them sablon them like some of the airlines do these days.

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But generally speaking is not a safe thing to do. And definitely, the fear is an excuse for the person not to face and not to pray standing so that roken can be forgiven, I would say even facing the Qibla if that's impossible or not possible for the person if he doesn't, that can cause a damage this case, before we jump to sing praise setting or not increasing the privilege. We say can you wait until you land and you pray out of a nation together or alone and ourselves together? If he said yes, we said okay, in this case you wait. If he said no I can't. I will miss the solar federal will end or our arrive next day I will miss OSHA. In this case we say you pray setting and because

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praying sitting in the airplane very close to the concept of praying in the Safina in the boat and NSF pneumatic of the alarm and lead the prayer with his companion in the boat sitting as abdulrazaq reported

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that he did this and many other companions and members of the some of the early generations. Allah said fit up Aloha, Mr. partem. Now you can live for long enough. So in Lusaka, Allah does not charge a soul except with what within its

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capacity. So in this case, I would say yes, in modern days, I would say that it is permissible for you to pray setting in the airplane, especially for those who live in the West Western atmosphere. So it will not cause problem fear. And that's not shining or being shamed. That's basically being a person who's practical and don't want to cause trouble in the

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in the in the flight especially in the in this recent days in this climate and all what to savani unfortunately the Muslims, I believe that this is an acceptable excuse for the person to pray sitting in the airplane. So long send them Alan

A lot of us travel. A lot of times, we find ourselves on the plane during prayer time. Is one allowed to pray while sitting on the plane? What if they are able to stand and pray but are frightened to do so?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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