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The Qur’an and Adhan are beautiful audios we love to hear. Is it permissible to have it as a ringtone on your phone? Is this appropriate?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers.

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Is it permissible for us to use the as an operon as ringtones for our mobile phones,

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see, Gone are the days where the old Nokia tune and the old Ring ring was the only thing you hear on your phone now is crazy. These phones are stereo music systems in themselves, you cannot absolutely everything and anything, you can record your own voice and whatever. And you do see this kind of tendency that when suddenly someone starts practicing becoming religious, then the ringtone becomes something kind of semi religious as well. And I just want to say that, you know, that's a great sentiment and you know, we should be welcoming and embracing these folks but really, as Carr and the dean is not to be using this frivolous kind of way, you know, as car is not a ringtone. And the

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Quran is not meant to tell you that someone's calling the Quran is the word of Allah that wants to be read for you to apply in your life, not for you to know that your mates outside the fact that the only the Adhan will start or the the the Quran will start or the DA will start and you will just you know it cut it in half way or mid sentence is a huge a real disrespect to any of the ethical or the other other AI so not only should you not use it your own self but you should also ensure the others around don't as well advise them in a nice way and make sure that they don't honestly Ring ring and you know simple ring tones. There's What is it in it. And I just want to say also that you know,

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when it comes to massage, then they're real big crackdown on phones because everyone hates it now when a ringtone goes off, I was amazing is that we've now developed over the last 510 years where our hatred for it is now very much the dodgy kind of creative expressive songy type of ringtones and I dare say that if a person and you know how everyone you know, has daggers at the person who's let their phone go off and forgot to turn it off or we want to kill him afterwards. Yeah, is the human reaction. But he was amazing. If someone's phone now goes off that's just Ring Ring even if it's loud, you know people don't really feel that kind of bad anymore. They've almost accepted that as

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background noise that shouldn't really affect the Imam or oneself. That's not to say you should be easy on that you should definitely turn your phone off when you go to the masjid but there's a lot of blessing and just keeping your phone which is an essential product in a very simple way simple ringtone and avoid all this religiosity based or religious suffocation or whatever whether you want to say Islam or sizing your ringtone avoid it.